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52 A Talk on the Dead

 Day 2: 5:50 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground Bunker

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 minutes left


Kyosei opened his eyes. Apparently, all of them are taking a nap as a conservation energy method in preparation to venture outside the underground bunker. Kyosei was supposed to stay awake but after a few scoldings from Yao Lei, Kyosei decided to just follow him and take a nap for a while. He felt groggy and his eyesight is a little bit blurry. Rubbing his eyes, Kyosei picked up the weapons in the table. He take all of his weapons off so that he will not feel any uncomfortable feeling while taking a nap. After gearing up, Kyosei looked at his wristwatch and seeing only ten minutes left before six in the morning, Kyosei scratched his head. He just can't escape on beating up the dead but since this is the case in the world, Kyosei has to adapt. It's not that he don't like the feeling of adrenaline rush every move but due to uncomfortable way the undead are moving.

When a rumbling sound is sounding in his stomach, he sighed and go to the kitchen. On the way to the kitchen, he saw the others in the living room, currently occupying the sofas. He didn't see Leo and Okabe which might be sleeping in the rooms since they are still suffering from injuries due to the incident regarding to Sendo. He passed by silently without waking the sleeping survivors. It is really clear in their faces the signs of fatigue and stress that got accumulated overtime. Apocalypse takes a large toll to people experiencing the events. Kyosei might be invulnerable to it, but that doesn't mean that the others are not suffering.

After passing the living room silently, Kyosei make his way towards the kitchen. Even though the distance of the living room and the kitchen, Kyosei can faintly smell the aroma of food, wafting in the air. Kyosei can guess that somebody is using the kitchen. Kyosei did not mind if there is someone occupying the kitchen as long as they wont bother him much.

Arriving the kitchen, Kyosei saw Miyuki who is currently cooking food. It is some sort of vegetable with meat but he is not aware what food is this since it looked similar to stir fry, only with meat. Kyosei did not bother her and go directly to the refrigerator. Miyuki noticed Kyosei and she smiled at him, the only thing is that Kyosei did not smile back but looked at her, before grabbing an orange. Kyosei's limbs are sore and to reduce the sore feeling, Kyosei decided to eat orange since it reduces the soreness of the body. Furthermore, it also rehydrates the body which is very useful to eat after intense workout.

Miyuki continued on stirring the vegetables on the frying pan using the spatula and engage on a conversation with Kyosei.

"You are awake already? Shouldn't you rest for a while? It's almost a day that you keep on fighting against the infected. A human body should have sufficient rest," Miyuki said as she continue on cooking the food.

Kyosei did not answer but continues on peeling the orange and after peeling it, he grab a piece and put the juicy flesh of the orange to his mouth.

"Why Kyosei?" Miyuki muttered which caused Kyosei to look at her.

"Why are you avoiding me? Is something wrong? Do you have some sort of problem? You can tell me since we are friends," Miyuki said.

Kyosei swallows the orange before he look sternly on Miyuki.

"I already severed my ties to my 'friends' and no longer treat them one. You are one of them so I have no care to it. I am not that close to you so even though I have any problem, there is almost zero chance that I will tell it to you," Kyosei directly answered with his poker face.

Miyuki trembled a bit. She already know that Kyosei has some sort of grudge at her but she has no idea what caused him to be like this. She remembered that Kyosei turned into a delinquent when she was elected as the student council president. She also remembered that during the day that she ascended and accepted the role of the student council president, Kyosei was sent to the disciplinary office due to the case of beating up delinquents. After the incident, Kyosei officially cut off ties with his friends and now he treat them like thin air though he will still talk to them but with cold and sarcastic remarks that really is not that nice.

"Did I do something wrong that caused you to this? Please tell me so that I can fix it!" Miyuki is desperate.

Kyosei looked at her with the same cold expression.

"It's too late, mending the relationship we had is no longer repairable..." Kyosei said and after finishing on eating the remaining oranges, Kyosei snatched the spatula in her hands and took over in the stove and continue the work.

"Go rest, I will handle this," Kyosei said without looking at her.

Miyuki turned gloomy. What Kyosei said makes her heart ache. Kyosei never treated her as a friend again. Furthermore, their relationship is no longer repairable and even though she has no idea why Kyosei no longer have the same friendly vibe he had in the past. She already miss the old Kyosei who she love before.

As she was thinking and reminiscing, the bell in the clocktower rang. Everyone woke up, one by one due to the sound of the bell. They look on their phones and the others look on their wristwatches. It is confirmed. The Night Rage is officially over... for now.


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