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51 Preparation for the Deadly Morning

 Day 2: 4:10 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground Bunker

Duration of the Night Rage: 2 hours and 50 minutes left


Kyosei put all his weapon arsenal that he is planning to bring along for the plan to take a car that can get everyone in. He is trying to take the van or the school bus used for field trips and they also need to get the keys which is difficult since the faculty is the first one that is striked hard by the Outbreak and the key might be misplaced after the panic.

In the table, different weapons are laid down and are differentiated from easy carry to weapons that can cause cumbering. There lays the Taurus Series Magnum Revolver, the Colt 45 that Souichi returned after reuniting, the chipped cleaver, modified baseball bats, brass knuckles, some house keys, a pocket knife and a few Molotov Cocktails. Kyosei is not satisfied in his arsenal. There are only few bullets left in his guns and all he can do is to get melee which is dangerous in crowds. He also need crowd and distance control to perform good against the hordes.

He sighed and equipped a few of his weapons back. Since the outbreak started without any signs to allow everyone to prepare, his arsenal is very small and insufficient to take enemies fast enough.

After his inspection on his weapons, Kyosei gather the duffel bags and put all of the supplies in the table. There are different packs of bread, canned foods, bottles of water, cans of soda and different items like candies are also in. He also inspected the medicines that he looted in the infirmary which is very beneficial for wounds and different sickness like cold, cough and fever. There are also different brands of energy drinks and protein.

After confirming everything, he repacked all of them inside. Supplies will be scarce and these supplies he gathered at school is not sufficient. He is thinking of a way how to earn supplies when Nanami called him. He entrusted Nanami to find the routes and good places to find the vehicle they need. Also, he also asked her to spot most of the items scattered in the buildings so that it can be looted before their plan to escape the school is executed.

Kyosei trotted over to Nanami who is looking at the projector that are divided into different squares which represents its camera locations. Kyosei noticed that the few cameras are filled with undead swarming on a squirming guy. He remembered this guy to be the right hand of Takasu and earlier, he didn't see him when he confronted Takasu. The guy is screaming in the video but to no avail as the dead ripped him into two, causing his intestines to fall into the ground. The undead quickly gathered and goes into festive mode. This scene might be too gory for others but for Kyosei, its nothing.

"The dead are all cramped up in the route that you wanted to take, I suggest to go to the long way instead as the way to parking lot is more congested with undead. Furthermore, I have not spotted the keys at all," Nanami explained.

Kyosei nodded. The route towards the parking will be a dangerous but short road while the long road will take him more time to reach his destination but much safer due to the fact that there are only a few undead in the area. But for some reason, Kyosei feel bad on going to the safer area. It is like it is really meant for a trap due to the lack of undead in the area.

"Just keep monitoring the place. For some reason, I feel that there is something wrong in the route where there are only a few undead present. I guess you need to be observing the situation for a while," Kyosei said as he returned to his work.

Kyosei ponders over why he feel the oddity of the safe route. Maybe its due to his experience which every safe place is the most dangerous place...


Day 2: 2:28 A.M

Osaka Streets: Blue Mansion

Duration of the Night Rage: 2 hours and 32 minutes left


If the undead in Kirishima High School are all crowded in the school ground, you can't see a single straggler left in the blue mansion where Kato and Matsubara previously coveted in. After rescuing the SDF Soldiers are rescued from their empending doom, the two cleared the bodies of the killed infected and burned them to ashes.

Kato is now with Old Man Matsubara who is now talking with the surviving soldiers.

"I see, so the quarantine airport where the survivors are being transported everyday. I didn't expect that the outbreak can really do that. This is not we expected," Old Man Matsubara said as he touch his beard.

The captain of the SDF Alpha Team named Haru is nodding.

"Affirmative sir, after we receive the report, a huge volume of infected rushed and chased us out of our hiding spot before losing a few comrades in arms," Haru said.

"Did you meet a few abnormals?" Old Man Matsubara stands up and beckons Kato to turn on the projector in which, the latter immediately carried out.

The projector reveals a video of the sighting of Juggernaut, Hurlers and Mosquitoes. It was quite a dangerous way to encounter these abnormals on a daily basis.

"These are one of our tangos that we killed earlier!" Haru exclaimed, pointing at the face of an enlarged Juggernaut.

"Those guys are being killed and unlike the normal undead, they are deadly and has unlimited potential to kill, eradicating them are close to impossible. But its not really impossible to kill them due to the fact that they are already dead.."

Old Man Matsubara said.

"...according to the theory, the danger is almost over as the sun will rise up, sooner or later. Night Rage will soon be over. All we need to do is to wait.."

Matsubara continued.

"Wait?" Haru is stunned. Even the others are baffled and could not react at all.

"According to my theory, the way the dead moves at night is different. We have not noticed it yet since the outbreak just begun. But in movies with apocalypse genres, usually during the first day, its not like this worse and worldwide scale. Look, the infection is now scattered worldwide in just a single night. It's quite weird and look at Japan, the dead almost overwhelmed the living people. I personally call it as the Night Rage. The behavior of the dead changed when the clock strikes at six in the evening. If my theory is correct, the dead will return into sluggish behavior once the clock strikes at six in the morning," Matsubara said.

Haru never expected this. This information is very precious as it will affect the way humans adapt the different behaviors of the dead. Now that the theory of Matsubara seems to hold some backbone, they are now waiting to find out if the theory can be used as the main information that might be the key to live in this new era...


Author's note:

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