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50 Deadly Rivalry

 Day 2 3:55 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground Bunker

Duration of the Night Rage: 3 hours and 5 minutes left


The people who are previously gathered on the table inside the room where the newly awakened Steven has been laying already dispersed. The plan that Kyosei proposed is quite dangerous but also the only way to ensure that they will get out. It is also a test to know if the theory about the Night Rage is quite true. Cindy is still pondering on this as she looked at her watch.

"I didn't know that we are still alive until now," Cindy mumbled to herself.

If she hadn't get rescued in time by Kyosei, she might be similar to her squadmates in cheerdance who died and got torn to shreds like pigs being slaughtered. She was grateful to Kyosei who rescued her that time. Sure that he is an *sshole in attitude but he is only quite direct, and he is quite straightforward. She prefer to have someone like Kyosei as a companion in a situation like this rather than those people who tried to take advantage of the situation.

Earlier, before she was studied in the stage railings, she was pulled away by a few boys to run away with them. Those boys are some pretty boys that many girls and gays fantasized to be their significant other. But for Cindy, she has no care about them. She prefer those people who are responsible and can be trusted rather than keeping their face. She have seen those types of people in. movies and usually, those people only use their companions as cannon fodder and bait to escape death. If she followed them, she is sure to be one of them.

Her line of sight landed on Kyosei who is currently eating food in the table alongside with Miyuki who is also eating. For some reason, she felt something heavy in her heart that she wanted to let out but has no idea what it is.

"What is happening to me?" Cindy clutched her chest.

"Huh? Cindy? Are you alright?" Sena who is just passing by noticed Cindy who is currently clutching her chest.

"Muh? Oh, yeah. I am alright. Nothing to worry about," Cindy forced herself to smile.

Sena looked at the nearby place, and her line of sight landed on the two youths that are currently eating and she nodded while giving out a creepy smile.

"Hmhm, didn't expect you to fall for him, I see," Sena nodded while rubbing her chin.

"Uh, what are you talking about?" Cindy was startled and confused at the same time.

"You need to work harder, lots of girls are attracted to Kyosei secretly and all of them are a catch. You need lots of effort to catch his attention!" Sena grinned.

Cindy blushed but she is showing an angry face. "What are you saying? Its not like that!"

"He he, oh well, work hard girl. Miyuki has the upper hand than you but don't be impulsive enough as Kyosei disliked that. Just work hard and catch his attention in the easy way," Sena tapped her shoulders while grinning.

Cindy do not know whether to laugh or cry. But she is not quite sure if what she really feel is jealousy towards Miyuki.

"I guess I am jealous."


Later on, Miyuki finished her meal along with Kyosei. Though Kyosei did not talk much, Miyuki is still happy that Kyosei agreed to eat together in a single table. Kyosei is not talking at all and was like some sort of person who treat others like air. He only listens to his headphones and has no care of whoever is around them.

Miyuki smiled while munching the steak. Despite changing his attitude, Kyosei is still the same approachable person. He is still not changing internally and only his attitude is changed slightly. She hoped that she will be able to get a conversation with Kyosei longer. But she was disappointed as Kyosei only answered in short phrases like "Its okay," or "Yeah, that's it," and one word length answers like Yes and No. It was quite a disappointing outcome but she hope that Kyosei will say a longer sentence when talking to her. While walking back to the bed, she saw Cindy who is holding a male uniform approach Kyosei and hands it to him while striking up a conversation.

Miyuki stopped and looked at them first without being noticed and she find out that Kyosei is talking in longer sentence to Cindy. Miyuki felt a small tinge of jealousy to Cindy and then give herself resolve this time.

"I won't lose to you Cindy. If you think that you can get him, you still need to face against me," Miyuki nodded as she regained her new rival. For now, she is looking for possible things to learn a more proper way to get Kyosei's attention...


While the two girls are bent to capture Kyosei's attention, Kyosei is not aware and is currently much focused on his plan and survival to escape the school. His mind is currently occupied on what weapons and possible materials to use and possible safe routes to use as a good way to escape school.

The first target is to secure a car. No one else have the ability to drive yet, only Leo. Luckily, Yao Lei finds out that Leo's injury is not that serious than Okabe's who is almost got crippled if not for the abilities of Yao Lei as a good surgeon. Leo can walk again after a few hours of rest unlike Okabe who needed enough time to recover back his strength.

To secure a car, Leo is needed to be in charge of driving. Haruna has a driving experience but she won't do as she is not that good in combat which leaves to Leo.

Kyosei is still deep in thought, not knowing a new development of feelings on the two girls which he might have no chance in knowing at all. Perhaps in time but for now, he might not notice it at all.


Day 2: 4:10 A.M

Kirishima High School - Near Gymnasium

Duration of the Night Rage: 2 hours and 50 minutes left


Among the pile of charred corpses that Kyosei killed earlier, a hand is slowly trying its best to get out from the heavy pile of corpses. The hand is also charred but unlike the other lifeless, this one is filled with hatred...