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49 Operation: Escape School of the Dead

 Day 2: 3:40 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground Bunker

Duration of the Night Rage: 3 hours and 20 minutes left


Steven slowly opened his eyes. He felt his consciousness spin and his body ached all over. The first thing he saw is an unfamiliar ceiling that he has no recollection in seeing ever in his life.

Getting up on the bed, he realized that he is somewhere unknown as he feel alienated on his surroundings. He scanned the area and they even though there is no wind, the temperature is so cold that he practically shiver.

He saw his sister who is sleeping beside the bed and look so tired. He pat her head as he try to recall what happened and why he passed out but whenever he try to recall the events, his head hurts and he can't concentrate. The headache is like a barrier to stop him from recalling the events.

Nathalie woke up when she feel a movement on her brother's bed.

"Brother?" Nathalie confirmed that Steven woke up from his slumber.

"What happened? Where are we?" Steven is looking confused.

Nathalie didn't answer at first and fetched a glass of water. She handed it to Steven which the latter grabbed and dranked faster than a thirsty camel. After drinking his fill, Nathalie returned bringing a few plates with bread inside which Steven quickly gobbled.

"Okay brother, first things first. We are in Japan, currently in Osaka. After we crashed in the undead infested area, a group of students rescued us both," Nathalie started.

"Undead? You mean, the zombies?" Steven asked.

Nathalie nodded, " Yes, apparently, they don't call them zombies as they are not slow. They have many variations of name calling which are usually freaks and infected but most of the time, they call it undead. Even the international news that I saw earlier calls them that."

Steven continued listening to his sister who is explaining everything she had learned so far. After finding out that they are inside the underground bunker, he sighed in relief knowing that they are safe for the time being.

"But, the food supply might not be stable at all since outbreaks like these will usually cost people to loot buildings and supermarkets for food. We can't keep on freeloading here!" Steven said. Before Nathalie can respond, a male voice casually answered.

"You have a point, staying here is not an option as we are only temporary in here," the owner of the voice is none other than Kyosei.

"Oh! You are awake!" Nathalie said in surprise. She already forgotten Kyosei's behavior and she comprehended it that she is also in the wrong. She was also grateful when he rescued them from the teacher who almost molested a fellow teacher. Her respect to him rosed a bit due to that.

Kyosei is already awake, he is still wearing his headphones and bonnet though, he no longer wears his uniform and only a black shirt with some sort of tribal logos imprinted on it. Also, Kyosei is eating a lollipop with some sort of weird handle similar to those cigarettes. Its very elaborate that if no one really focus their attention to it and if Kyosei won't reveal it, many will think that this is a true cigar in his mouth.

"Mm, I can't keep on sleeping after a few annoying people barged inside the room where I was in and started chatting like nobody is sleeping. I pretended that I was asleep since sleeping again is worthless anymore," Kyosei answered straightforwardly.

"..." Nathalie

"Anyway, I approved his suggestion earlier. We can't keep holed up in here. You said earlier that you are planning to find your father or whoever that was who got separated. We are also going to find a good place to settle down and find new weapons and resources. Afterwards, we are going to plan on finding the families of the others," Kyosei said in English, allowing the two Americans understand every word he just said.

"Yes, we are indeed planning to do so. But if these " undead" things are dangerous as you what my sister said, then we need to properly gear up. We can't stay holed up here forever," Steven said.

Kyosei nodded and opened his phone.

"I have no contact on the person that helped me earlier and he will be delayed to rescue us for another day. He might be underestimating the enemies and due to this, he just leisurely left on his own. If we continue to wait for him, we are surely going to be relying on him to much. I can't keep on hoping others to do it. So we will take action to leave the school as soon as the sun rises and the effects of the Night Rage is depleted," Kyosei explained.

"I see, I understand the gist of it since my sister explained some of the terms she just learned from your team. But if you plan it out, you should have to tell it to your teammates," Steven said.

Kyosei looked at his back and the others are already nearby, like they are some sort of people who are trying to find some good scoop and yeah, they really have one.

"I don't need to explain it to them, I am quite sure that they will agree," Kyosei said.

Everyone nodded. What Kyosei said is true. Staying there inside won't guarantee a good safety measure and instead will lower their capabilities on adapting in the situation. Also, they are quite serious on finding their parents. They are willing to risk everything to find out the fate of their relatives or whoever is related to them.

Yao Lei has no objection either. He prefer to stay alone, out from danger and spend his remaining lifespan inside his underground bunker rather than risk his life, only turned into a walking dead after. He quite know himself well and if he venture out with them, he is quite sure that he will die.

"So, since everyone did not object, what is your plan? If it is plausible and safe, I won't object it," Steven said.

Kyosei sized Steven and despite being siblings, Steven is quite a calculative person unlike her sister who is an impulsive person. He prefer to work with calculative people than impulsive people as they much easier to talk with.

Kyosei moved and picked up the paper lying around the floor. It is an old newspaper however, due to the amount of time it passed by and the ink used in its printing seems a rather low quality, once it is exposed to extreme temperatures, it will sooner fade slowly, returning to its paper state. However, not all newspaper nowadays are ink thrift that they will save small amount of ink and use a very tiny amount of ink, enough for words to be printed.These types of newspapers are not a good quality since even the letters are barely visible, the photos are also barely visible thus being sold in the market at almost low price.

Kyosei pulled out his trusty pen. He always carry ballpen in his pocket as it is good for writing and also good as a hidden weapon as it is hard to find fault to an ordinary ballpen. After pulling out the ballpen from his pocket, Kyosei calmly draw out the layout of the school. It is a simplified drawn version as he is wasting time making it more elaborate. He just put squares and rectangles on the paper and label them depending on what place it is called.

Soon, a small draft appears out of the newspaper. Explanations are also included. Of course it is written in English. When everyone saw it, everyone also knew that this is the most probable but also a dangerous mission to escape their own school infested by the dead.


Day 2: 3:40 A.M

Osaka Streets: Blue Mansion

Duration of the Night Rage: 3 hours and 20 minutes


Kato is holding the sniper rifle in the rooftop and are sniping the dead that are loitering around the perimeter of the house. After killing all of the undead and making the house secure for real, the old man Matsubara is now sleeping in a comfy and soft bed in the second floor. He is not sleepy at all and also, he is in need to practice the sniper rifle to act as a professional marksman and as a silent killer. He also acts as a sentry so that no undead will breach the gate.

Kato sips on the cola beside him and put it besides the boxes of ammunition for the sniper rifle. Kato is thinking about what happened on Kyosei. He quite knew that he will not be in the school anymore during the third day as he quite knew how impatient this guy is. He also knew that Kyosei should keep his bond with others intact than to keep being an antisocial.

Just as he was thinking those things, he spotted several soldier which has a high probability to be the SDF soldiers that Old Man Matsubara contacted earlier. He grab his communicator and radio Old Man Matsubara.

"Old Man, spotted several SDF soldiers. I am quite sure that they are still being chased by a few tangos. Should I open fire and help them get rid of the tangos?" Kato asked.

The old man radio back in.

"Permission to open fire, granted. Be sure to hit only the tangos. I will welcome them in so you provide support."


Kato grinned. Ever since he was adopted by Old Man Matsubara, he has now good access for using guns for real and not just those guns used for airsoft but the real deal. Reloading the gun, shoulder check, posture check, scope check, muzzle check, single bolt fire check. He quickly took action and pointed it to the enemy.

"Let the blood party started!"