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48 The Ragtag Group of the Dead

 Day 2: 3:20 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground Bunker

Duration of the Night Rage: 3 hours and 40 minutes left


Miyuki sits beside the bed where Kyosei is sleeping. Earlier, he collapsed and according to Chie and Yao Lei, it was due to overfatigue and a few hours of sleeping will solve the problem. She sighed as she look at the wounded body of Kyosei, wrapped in bandages. It looked so awful that anyone will get pained just by looking at it.

Sena came from the kitchen and when she passed by in the room, she saw Miyuki, sitting beside Kyosei who is sleeping peacefully.

"What's up? You look gloomy," Sena asked as she sips the milk she acquired in the kitchen.

"Oh, Sena. I thought you are sleeping?" Miyuki is quite surprised but then she recomposed herself.

Sena shrugged," Nah, I have been sleeping for quite a while and I'm getting tired of it, what about you? What are you doing nothing

Miyuki got silent and only stare at Kyosei who is sleeping. He sleeps without snoring and he looks like he is not breathing.

"I am so powerless. Even today, I felt that I am useless in this situations and even in battles, I am quite useless. Maybe it is better for me to be a cannon fodder," Miyuki sighed as she looked gloomy once more.

This time, Cindy overheard what Miyuki said and stormed inside.

"No, your mindset is so low!" Cindy said which made the two girls startled.

"Huh? Cindy?" Miyuki frowned.

Miyuki knows her since she personally handled her transfer papers. She doesn't have a good impression nor a bad impression at her. Its just that she is a happy go lucky individual. On top of that, she had good curves, fair skin, silky hair and pretty face. Many men tried to court her but she rejected them all. If Miyuki will say it, she is quite jealous on her. When Kyosei brought her along, she still have the same mindset in the past but when she looked closely, she matured a lot.

"No person is useless! Anyone can be useful and that mindset of yours is what Kyosei hated the most!" Cindy fumed.

"You don't know me!" Miyuki gritted her teeth.

"Yes, I don't know you much, but you also don't know yourself more. You still haven't realize your worth but it is never too late to realize it! The world is in the verge of ruins. You have all of the time you can think to realize your worth, so never think like that again!" Cindy said before she leave the room on her own.

Miyuki was quite speechless and Sena was stunned that the hot milk she is drinking turned cold.

"My own self..." Miyuki looked at her palms which is covered in bandage.

Sena tapped Miyuki's shoulders, " She is right. Don't let that mindset get on you. If you are quite useless as what you just said, Kyosei should have not bothered to rescue you at all."

Miyuki is speechless as she looked at the back of Sena.


Chie is quite tired after the operation. She did an operation to Okabe and Leo who are injured. She is the assistant of Yao Lei who performed on the removal of bullets. Apparently, Yao Lei is quite an expert in taking the bullets out and has a mindset of a doctor. Nejima and Souichi are also assistants by carrying items necessary for the operation.

When the operation is done, twelve bullets are taken out and two wounded are now quietly resting in the bed. Yao Lei also checked the daughter and son of the President of United States. The daughter named Nathalie only have small injuries while the son named Steven is still unconscious. According to Yao Lei, Steven suffered some sort of trauma when the helo crashed earlier and due to that, he is not showing any signs of waking up.

Chie was quite amazed by Yao Lei's knowledge as he is like a jack of all trades and he even mastered most of those skills especially the medecines knowledge as she is an aspiring doctor and scientist. She is quite exhausted but at the same time, she is quite pleased. She looked at the samples of tissues she extracted and studied earlier. When she looked at the samples, she was stunned. A tissue that she remembered to be the arterial blood turned into a moving slime of some sort. Not only that, a few tissues shows drastic changes.

"Is this the tissue evolution?!" Chie furiously recorded her findings...


Day 2: 3:35 A.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 3 hours and 25 minutes left


Haru and the Team Alpha and Bravo are on retreat. Apparently, they can't hold on the horde as they are relentlessly ripped by the enemies one by one. Haru helplessly retreated along with the remaining soldiers. The supply never came and they are forced to pull back by throwing grenades to reduce the undead that are chasing them. The danger is still remaining in pursuit on them. A single Juggernaut and a few more Hurlers are spotted. They lacked the ammunition and facing them head- on is suicide.

Also, Haru is in despair after he heard that the Team Delta failed to defend the Quarantine Zone wiping out the soldiers and the remaining survivors who are in the Quarantine Zone. Though not all of the survivors died since they are sent to the confidential Quarantine Island, it is a big loss as their HQ collapsed in an instant.

Right now, Team Alpha consists of fourteen soldiers and Team Bravo consists of seven soldiers out of thirty soldiers each squadron. It is quite a loss and communication to Team Charlie is also not established. They lost contact to the squadron hours ago.

Right now, the horde that are in pursuit are far from them and they are safe in the meantime but Haru did not stop and marched to the streets. Not a single human can be seen except them that are walking in the streets. They helplessly walk the dark streets without knowing what they are doing. When Haru is in the verge of loss, when all of a sudden, a deep voice talked in his walkie -talkie. Somebody managed to contact him.

"Hello? If you are hearing this, that means you are still alive. If you are low in supply and on the verge of danger, go to this ongoing coordinates. This is Former Lieutenant Soji Matsubara speaking."

Haru was stunned. That Soji Matsubara is a retired SDF soldier who recently adopted a high school student. Apparently, he is still alive!