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47 The Safe Haven from the Bottom of The Dead

 Day 2: 3:00 A.M

Kirishima High School - Old Building Library

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours left


Kyosei eventually found Takasu. Takasu became crazy, too crazy that he committed suicide. As Kyosei's found him, Takasu immediately shouted and run towards the reception desk and grab a scissor with sharp end. He stabbed it on his throat while he maintained his crazed smile. Takasu pushed the scissor deeper in his throat, causing a fountain of blood to gush out from it. The girls screamed seeing the scene while Kyosei is calmly looking at the scene. The way Takasu push the scissor in his throat is real brutal as he is like cutting paper through his larynx. Kyosei saw his companions are on the verge of fainting so Kyosei pulled out his gun and shot Takasu down.

Takasu is now dead and the hurdle that is blocking them is no longer alive. He waited for the girls to calm down as he handed them out with water. Kyosei still remained emotionless and shows no signs of puking up which made the girls amazed as he can withstand a scene like that.

The bell of the Clocktower rang when it reached three in the morning. Wind is quite cold early in the morning but the dawn is no longer the same. Hope is slowly diminishing out of the system of the survivors as death is quite immenent and hard to avoid.

Kyosei let the girls rest as he contacted Nanami.

"Hey," Kyosei tapped his headphones.

"Here I am," Nanami's voice rings out.

"Kindly prepare three beds and please ask Old Yao to have some disinfectants, hot water and various tools used for pulling out bullets. He will know what I mean," Kyosei said.

"Sure, are you going here?" Nanami asked.

"Mm, might take a bit long but we will reach there, Kyosei out," Kyosei said and tapped the headphones again.

Kyosei did not waste any time and quickly cleared the area around the fallen books so that he and the carts can traverse when they needed to reach the tunnel.

It took him about fifteen minutes to clear the hurdles on the floor. After pulling out an old book from the wall bookshelf, the floor beside Kyosei shifted open revealing a secret tunnel.

"Wow! Secret passage!" Cindy looked at the newly opened passage.

Even Snow was stunned. For the three years she is attending school and managing the library, she never knew this secret passage even though there are rumors of that. She was quite surprised to see it. Haruna and Nathalie were also amazed as this is the first time they saw something like this. Nathalie thought that if they have a secret bunker like this back in America's White House, they might be holed up inside there without any plans go out in this chaotic place.

Kyosei remained stoic and cold. He know this passage after stumbling on Yao Lei in the past. He told him the various secret passage at school if he ever need the urge to use it. Now, Kyosei understand it their reasons. Now he know that this passage is only an emergency entrance in case of certain situations.

"Lets go, we cannot keep on wasting time here," Kyosei said as he beckons the others towards the secret entrance.

The girls nodded and proceeded after Kyosei since Kyosei is making himself sure that the passage they are taking is safe.


Day 2: 3:11 A.M.

Kirishima High School - Old Building Library: Secret Passage

Duration of the Night Rage: 3 hours and 49 minutes left


The tunnel was quite dry and the corners are full of cobwebs. Dust settled in the floor is quite thick, telling everyone that this tunnel is not used for a very long time. The tunnel was also dark and narrow, enough for two people to walk side by side together. Kyosei and Cindy walked side by side since Cindy is carrying the supplies that Kyosei might need and Kyosei is holding the revolver and his phone that emits the light to illuminate the dark tunnel. The others are pushing the carts and since the carts are quite big, they can only walk, one at a time so that they can avoid being cramped up inside.

The walk was quite long and from Kyosei's perspective, it is quite long since it has been ten minutes since they walked inside. Despite that, nobody complained. Complaining won't do much good anyways in their situation. They keep on walking as they reminisce their experiences earlier. It hasn't been a full day since the outbreak but they feel that this night is the longest they have ever experienced in their whole life. For Kyosei, the night of the first night rage is the most dangerous he have ever experienced in his whole life. He have even done many death defying events that he survived. In just a day, he have seen the despair side and the hope side of humanity. He is never in the despair side and he is also not in the hope side. He is neutral. He prefer to be neutral.

As he was thinking random things, he saw the end of the tunnel where everyone of his former friends are waiting. Kyosei felt reassured and the all of a sudden, he felt dizzy and he fell down the ground before the two groups. Kyosei is now sleeping...


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