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46 Dead, Dead and More Dead

 Day 2: 2:45 A.M

Kirishima High School - Old Building

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 15 minutes left


Kyosei is prepared seeing the delinquents panic. That is quite true as he have killed a person using the revolver. When they reached the near end where the library is in the corner, he saw a delinquent standing in the far end, carrying a modified baseball bat. He did not think twice and pull out his gun, quickly taking the enemy down.

After taking down a person, he heard shouts from the people near the far end like the 'enemy is here!' or something similar to that as the words seemingly inaudible for him.

"Kyosei, what is going on?" Haruna asked. She is more open now to Kyosei's illegal actions.

"Enemies are planning to ambush us here, good thing that I noticed them earlier," Kyosei said as he pull out the cleaver out again.

He peered on the corner and saw the human shield the delinquents formed. It is quite dumb for Kyosei anyway as the defense is full of holes.

"Stay here, I will clear them out to avoid letting you all to trouble," Kyosei said which the others understand.

After doing so, he revealed himself to the enemies and the enemies shivered. If it is the undead, they might be able to kill but now, a certain someone who is famous for his undefeated streak is now facing at them. The person nicknamed 'The Little Demon' is now staring at them with cold eyes, while carrying his gun and a cleaver with a chipped blade. They steeled their resolve but for others, they felt that stealing their resolve is akin to suicide. A voice rang out coming from the boy.

"I commend you all for being too brave. Too bad that I don't care about your resolve as all I can see are all dumb sh*ts trying to act cool," Kyosei coldly said as he raised his gun and swiftly pressing the trigger.


In the three gunshots, three delinquents fell also, devoid in life. The remaining delinquents fell to their knees and run for their lives. Kyosei did not care if they run or not as he pull the trigger.


Kyosei continued doing it as he reload and pull the trigger repeatedly. After several rounds of gunshots, all of the running delinquents all lay in the floor, laying in the pool of blood.

Kyosei called his companions over and they saw the bloody scene. Bodies of delinquents are scattered without any life left. They are like empty shells left to rot in the area. Haruna remembered a few of these delinquents as a few of them harassed her in the past and they almost molested her until they know that she is a teacher. Now, she saw them as cold corpses.

The hallway is silent and the smell of blood and gunpowder is very strong here. He reloads the bullets in the cylinder on his gun before they proceed towards the library.


Day 2:51 A.M

Kirishima High School - Old Building Library

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 9 minutes left


The library is quite messy and different books are littered on the floor. On top of that, the bookshelves are broken beyond repair. Snow is looking gloomy seeing the state of the library she have taken care in the past, now reduced to this state.

Kyosei scanned his surroundings, looking for strange things. He know that Takasu Asakasa is still holed up inside the library. Kyosei did not dare to let this guy out as he quite know the danger this guy possess. Kyosei fought him in the past and they almost reach to tie before Kyosei did a comeback. There are quite some clues on Takasu here and it is clear that he is hiding.

"Takasu, get out from your hiding place before I see you," Kyosei said as he threatened the cornered Takasu.

Of course, Takasu won't be going out. Who is the idiot who will go out if called by his killer. Kyosei remained indifferent as he gather all of the tracks that Takasu left behind. Just by gathering the tracks, he can pinpoint where is the exact location of his target.

The girls did not help Kyosei as they are instructed to guard the door and the injured. Hearing Kyosei's taunt made them feel th shivers. Kyosei's way of doing it is like a serial street slasher like Freddie Krueger, Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers.

Kyosei gathered enough clues on Takasu's whereabouts already but Kyosei took his time. It is a good tactic for making the target vulnerable to fear as fear can slow down their brain process, causing them to make mischief. Kyosei knows that Takasu is quite a coward in terms of people who are in higher status or much stronger than him and Kyosei is exploiting it.


In his hiding place, Takasu is shivering and currently biting his bleeding nails. Apparently, he became crazy as he repeatedly muttered his words.

"Dead, they are dead...Hahaha, they are dead, dead..."


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