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45 The Deadly Leader

 Day 2: 2:33 A.M

Kirishima High School - Old Building

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 27 minutes left


Corpses piled up stinks the smell of rotting flesh. Kyosei inspected the corpses and all of them are undead as their blood no longer have the haemoglobin and only a blue-green substance is present.

"Are they infected?" Nathalie asked. She practically know what the dead can do and she focused on that aspect more.

"Yes, those are corpses of the infected. I don't know why they piled it up there, maybe for intimidation of others," Kyosei said.

If it is another person seeing this, they might be afraid to go further but since Kyosei can do a kill more than this, he didn't think much of it. He also know that these undead pile are gathered by the delinquents to pile up and it is not necessarily that a single person did it unlike Kyosei who is most likely the one who always kill without much help to the others.

Kyosei kicked the few corpses that blocked the road so that the carts can pass through. Okabe and Leo are both grunting as their wounds are seemingly getting painful while the brother of Nathalie still remained unconscious.

Kyosei pulled out his gun and point it out on the hallway to make sure there are no surprise attacks by delinquents or any undead wandering. After Kyosei annihilated most of the delinquents, he have not seen another even though they reached the Old Building perimeter.

"Strange, I don't see anyone guarding the first floor," Snow said as she looked around.

Earlier when the outbreak is still not starring, Snow is the librarian assigned in the Old Building Library and when the outbreak begins, Okabe pulled her out of the library. If Okabe did not pull her out there, she might be one of those dead bodies piled up.

Kyosei scanned the hallways and when he made sure that it is safe to proceed, Kyosei shook his head. He have seen these kind of scenes in games and usually, these places are known to be a trap and players usually think it is safe to pass through, only to meet their early doom. He returned to the pile of corpses and cut a hand from the corpse using the cleaver. Kyosei did not mind touching a corpse. He is wearing gloves anyway.

"What are you doing again?!" Cindy still cannot get used to Kyosei's tendencies to do something weird.

Kyosei did not answer but he bring the severed hand to the hallway he suspected to have some sort of problem. He quickly throw the severed hand off his hands and it flew over the hallway. When the hand, flew past the intersection of the hallway, five undead, wearing the Kirishima High School uniform pounced to the severed hand that Kyosei used as the bait.

"Cunning bastards," Kyosei whispered to himself.

Kyosei stomped his foot, catching the attention of the five undead to his location. While doing so, he also used his keys to make some noise. He made sure that their blind spot is safe and since only five undead are present, it is just a piece of cake for him despite the risk that the Night Rage they have in effect. He holds the keys once again like he used to. He used it as claws like a wolverine. Though it is quite unnecessary due to his brass knuckles, Kyosei much enjoyed using the keys that way.

"Let's dance," Kyosei flicks his cleaver as he stared at the five undead who looked at his direction.

The undead growled and the five infected quickly dashes towards Kyosei. Kyosei confirmed it that the undead are getting slower as the sun is almost up so the beasts will get slower and slower as long as the it reached morning.

The undead is within reach on Kyosei and he performed a roundhouse kick to knock the undead trying to attack. A swing in his cleaver and the knocked out undead had its head splatter. Kyosei did not stop and attacked in a precise way, destroying them very easily. In just a minute, all five of the undead are killed.

"Wow, what speed!" Nathalie said as she looked at him with awe. Only Cindy and Kyosei understand her words and Snow and Haruna only can hear inaudible sounds.

Kyosei flicked his cleaver and keys. Those are just trivial matter for him and killing five petty undead are easy as pie.

"Let's go. We can't waste too much time here," Kyosei said as he kicked the dead bodies to the side.

The others nodded and they carefully traverses the area since Kyosei said so. In these troublesome world, it is quite difficult to trust anyone else. For them, they found the person who is good enough to be trusted. Not only that, in these kind of world, he can quickly think fast of things to escape predicament without trouble. Kyosei is a leader material despite his poor social connections.

Reaching the intersection where the undead pounced earlier, Kyosei peered first to check the safety and seeing no figures, they proceed again. They will arrive soon in the library.


Day 2: 2:38 A.M

Kirishima High School - Old Building Library

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 22 minutes left


Takasu gathered his remaining lackeys. He only have a dozen of lackeys left as his other loyal lackeys are dead.

"Remember, kill him on sight! Don't let him reach the library!" Takasu shouted.

The lackeys nodded. They too, want to take Kyosei down as they have been disgraced by him in the past. They gritted their teeth as they imagine Kyosei being beaten to death. They quickly go on guard outside. Only a few minutes passed and the farthest person who is stationed near the alley saw a silhouette of a person. He readies his weapon as he continue on staring at the silhouette gets near, he can clearly see that the silhouette slowly shaped like a person with a horn on both sides.

"Am I seeing things?" the delinquent muttered as he stare at the silhouette that is getting near.

Soon, he saw the silhouette raise its hands and some sort of metal tube is aimed at him. All of a sudden, he felt warm in his forehead and a split second pain lingered in his consciousness. He clearly see his comrades are panicking but for some reason he can't hear anything. The last thing he felt is strong force penetrating his body as he died.