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44 A Deadly Delinquen

 Day 2: 2:13 A.M

Kirishima High School - Pathway to Old Building

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 47 minutes left


The girls are feeling nervous but unlike them, Kyosei is calm. He is quite in a disadvantage in terms of conditions. If he has no people to protect, he wouldn't hesitate to leave the area but since there they are, Kyosei is not making his own move in a hasty way. He scan the people in the area but since the area is dark and hard to see the surroundings, only the people who are placed in the vanguard of the formation can be clearly seen while the rearguard of the delinquents is quite dark, making it difficult to know who are they. Kyosei is sure that Takasu Akasaka is not in the group.

"Kyosei! What should we do!" Cindy is now looking at the delinquents and got some shivers.

Kyosei did not respond as he looked at the enemies quite calm.

The delinquents mocked them.

"Heh, you are just a weakling! You can't pass here! He he!" The yellow haired delinquent with a piercing in the nose said.

Many insults are being thrown towards them and sometimes, there are lustful remarks towards the girls. Kyosei did not respond but picks a bottle out of his bag that he carried and lights it up the cloth attached with the torch. The delinquents is not sure what Kyosei is doing, even the girls are looking at Kyosei, full of doubts.

Kyosei quickly grips the neck of the bottle and throws it with the blazing cloth on. The delinquents did not get to react on time. Before they can dodge, a bottle breaks into the floor, releasing the raging flame to the stunned delinquents.

"F*ck!" Everyone around the vicinity of the flames are sufferring from the burn. Various screams echoes in the area.

Kyosei looked at the girls that are still holding the rack where the injured are placed.

"Back off for a while, a delinquent has a strong body, the flames are not enough," Kyosei said and dashed towards the panic-stricken delinquents.

The flames eventually died down but the burns inflicted is so painful causing them to be immobile. Kyosei took this chance and with a charge, he quickly punch the first guy near him. His brass knuckles that are hidden well is the main catalyst of the delinquent's death. Kyosei punched the delinquent in the throat, damaging his breathing and with that, causing his immediate death.

Kyosei did not bother on pondering what he just did as he kick the back of the knee of another delinquent, causing him to kneel. Kyosei strikes the nape of the delinquent using the blunt force in the blunt area of the cleaver causing the delinquent to go unconscious.

Kyosei did more stunts and variety of techniques to finish enemies. The other delinquents immediately realized their bad position and situation.

"F*ck! He is killing us all!"

"No! He is a demon!"

"Kill him! We can't let him live or he will become a threat in the future!"


Many voices resounded to the retreating enemies. Kyosei did not care as he has a good reflexes, attacking enemies without backup is already quite a suicide, yet Kyosei did and not just that, he is a lone person and everyone die just like that?

Even Cindy, Snow, Nathalie and Haruna were stunned. If they see a single delinquent in the alley in the past, they would try their best to avoid, and now they have seen the monster. Kyosei really deserve his rank as the rank one most dangerous delinquent. Kyosei is quite brutal in ways, he attacks other without restraint. He didn't bother looking at the pleading people nor holding back in his strikes.

The others charges at Kyosei while wielding their baseball bats and other weapons but for their newbie style of handling the weapons, Kyosei can see the big holes in their defenses which he obviously exploited. Seeing that even numbers are useless against Kyosei, they quickly retreated with their wounds, stinging in pain. The other unlucky ones are disabled or worse, dead.

After five minutes of attacks, the remaining delinquents are currently dead or they fled already. Kyosei remained indifferent from the scene as he stands in between the corpses of the delinquents. He really looks like a demon who just finished his rampage on humanity and emerged victorious. He flicks his cleaver again before he pull out the gallon of gasoline in the bag which Cindy is currently carrying. He pour it out on the corpses and lights them up with the torch. The flames quickly spreads to the fuel and quickly charred the bodies. Some even shouted before they died because not all of the people died in the strikes of Kyosei but since they can't move, Kyosei considered them as corpses.

When Kyosei returned, the others were frowning.

"What?" Kyosei remained indifferent as if he didn't do anything.

"You killed people..." Haruna is the first one to complain as she is a teacher.

"What about it?" Kyosei remained emotionless.

"You already did something sinful to God! It is the fifth commandment! Do not kill!" Cindy is infuriated.

"Hmph, I know but I don't care. Even if I am hellbound due to this, I no longer care. My entire life is a sin anyway I have no problem in doing so. In this world, where death is normal and killing is common to survive, provoking me first is same on courting death. Whoever harms those people who are relying to me will face the wrath of mine," Kyosei said with a cold voice. It is quite intimidating that anyone can feel what he really mean. Those who dare to harm anyone he is protecting will face a demon.

The girls were quiet. Kyosei is quite right. They are already in luck to have Kyosei as the person who protects them and has no plans like other males when the apocalypse begins. All they can do now is believe in Kyosei.


Day 2: 2:20 A.M

Kirishima High School - Old Building Library

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 40 minutes left


The library no longer looks the same. Blood and dead bodies are scattered in the place. Bookshelves are brought down, books are torn and some are piled to form like a throne. In that book made throne, a boy with the looks of a handsome but fierce vibe is leisurely sitting in that throne. He looks calm but if a veteran in battles will look at him, they can feel the strong killing intent in his whole body that emits out like a factory emitting smoke out.

Then, a burly young man in a Kirishima High School uniform is panting while running towards the man.

"Takasu-sama! The guards are wiped out!" the burly young man reported.

The boy named Takasu who listened to the report twitched hearing that. No normal person can pass through the barrage of delinquents, carrying weapons in all sorts which are modified.

"Did the infected rushes and beat their sh*ts out?" Takasu asked, apparently, it is not impossible if the undead did it but when he headed what the burly guy said, his face twitched.

"No, a student wearing the Kirishima High School uniform is the one who wiped the group out! He beat the group without the help of his girl companions!" The burly guy answered.

Takasu felt a bit numb. In the actual fact, that is quite impossible. A normal student able to wipe out everyone? That kid is quite insane. The more he tries to think logically, he can't really connect anything to the present.

"When you say wiped out, did they just get knocked out?" Takasu asked again.

"Uh, no. In fact he killed them all..." the burly man shivered as he recalled the rampage that happened right before his eyes.

"What?!" hearing this, Takasu shivered. Crippling a person is enough but killing is quite insane.

The burly young man retell the events and Takasu slowly pieced the information characteristics of the the student and as he pieced it out, he is ninety-nine percent sure that the person who killed everyone is none other than the little devil, Kyosei Ichinose...


Day 2: 2:30 A.M.

Kirishima High School - Pathway to the Old Building

Duration of the Night Rage: 4 hours and 30 minutes left


Kyosei and the rest are nearing the Old Building. Kyosei already know what happened in the Old Building Library as he maintained surveillance to it. He even planned to let a single one who is a bit weak and easy to manipulate to go which is quite a success as Takasu's reaction is more in fear than preparedness.

The rest were silent and the patients are just looking at the girls pitifully as they are in that state. Kyosei is still in calm mode and no sense of fear is present in his own. If somebody tried to read what he was thinking then they will find that he repressed everything that will reveal what he really feel. They can't read him at all.

No obstructions in the area so far and the dead are not appearing for quite a while which is a good news to them. Their only problem is the threat of the delinquents that made Kyosei maintain his vigilance high in his surroundings. His eyes are always in the surroundings and his hands are all ready to pull out his weapons in the first sight of danger.

Soon, they arrive to the old building but instead of a peaceful area, they only see a pile of corpses piled up in the front entrance...