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42 Burn The Dead

 Day 2: 1:40 A.M

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 20 minutes left


Kyosei is observing the horde that are totally hostile as he like to bait Sendo to the dead. The undead below are like hungry chicks trying to grab Sendo's feet first. Kyosei is not that brutal and pull Sendo up a bit if a dead almost grab his feet. While he was busy, he tap on his headphones. Despite on not knowing if Nanami will answer or not, he still need a bit of surveillance around the school as it is more practical and more wide than his own. After a few taps, the music in his headphones stopped and the voice of Nanami transmitted to the speaker.

"What's up?" Nanami's voice is still lively.

"Can you check if the CCTV cameras around the Old Building Library are still working? We will need to find out if the library is clear of danger or not. We have wounded here," Kyosei said.

"Wait, let me check," Nanami did not respond for a while before speaking again. "A few undead are in the hallway but I think you can manage to take them down. The library is not full of undead but a group of thugs are currently holed up in there. From what I can remember, the leader of the thugs is Takasu Akasaka. I remembered that you beat him up once," Nanami answered.

Kyosei frowned. Takasu is a well known delinquent, second to the rankings of the dangerous delinquents. Of course, Takasu cannot steal Kyosei's spot in top one. The only problem is that, Takasu is more brutal than him. He might be a delinquent but Kyosei never assaults others unless there is a reason which is entirely the opposite on Takasu. Takasu stirs trouble and hits other people without any reason. He is a stubborn, typical delinquent student that anyone can expect. Kyosei beat him up in the past causing him to shirk away and did not cause some trouble until now. Now that Kyosei is in need to reach the library to access the secret passage, a trouble appeared and that is Takasu.

"What happened there, Kyosei? Who is injured?" Nanami asked.

"It's Leo, you know the PE teacher and Okabe. They are shot in the legs and arms by the teacher named Sendo. He also assaulted Teacher Haruna and held hostage to the girls. I have taken care of the bastard so its no problem now," Kyosei explained.

Nanami is silent at first before she sighed.

"I see, I didn't expect Mr. Sendo to be the one who assaulted them. Oh, I have good news for you, Miyuki is already out of danger and she awaken from coma a while ago," Nanami said to Kyosei.

"I see, well I have more matters here, I'm out," Kyosei said to her.

"Mmm," Nanami agreed and the communication line is cut off.

Kyosei looked at the dead and Sendo. Sendo is still unconscious. He beat him up hard that anyone will have a hard time to wake up for a while. And if he wakes up, he might collapse once again due to the pain. Kyosei tied up the rope he is holding to avoid Sendo from falling to his death. Of course, he is still suspended in the air.

Even though he wanted to end the life of Sendo, Kyosei is not a brutal one who end someone's life by himself. If possible, he wanted them to get crippled to decrease his chance in returning into normal. What he did to Sendo is already mercy by cutting his "future" forever. But this time, he really want to kill him, but he later dropped the idea and just let him hanged.

He returned to the auditorium where everyone is in. Okabe is still unconscious while Leo is stable but shows in his face that he is in pain. The blonde boy is also unconscious too, leaving only Kyosei as the lone guy who can still move.

"We need to leave. It will be too late if we continued staying here. It might be okay if there are no injured people but it changes everything now. Moreover, the bullets in their bodies are still in their body and if left alone, it may cause infection, causing death. We can't afford that to happen," Kyosei explained.

They were silent for a bit. Then Snow stood up after attending on Leo's wounds.

"Kyosei, how do we carry them? Its not possible for us girls to carry them as they are heavier. What are we going to do?" Snow asked.

Kyosei pondered for a while. He is the only guy who can fight head to head against the undead without trouble and if he carry these injured guys, he will not be able to fight. Moreover, it may cause trouble since the girls can't really fight head to head against the infected. They might end up as one as well.

"Are there something that can be used as a stretcher?" Kyosei asked Snow, Haruna and Cindy as they are familiar.

"Nothing I can't think of though," Cindy said, shooting her head.

"There is nothing that fit as a stretcher here," Haruna answered gloomily.

Even Snow shook her head. Kyosei paused and looked around until he saw the rack used for storing the balls used in Physical Education sports. Their rack is wheeled and can be pushed around, also it is hollowed and possible for a human to be contained inside as a substitute for stretcher. However, it will be too cramped and they won't be able to properly rest there. It will feel uncomfortable, they need to be curled up inside while having wounds in the legs. However, Kyosei is out of choice, the longer they stay here lurked inside, the faster their destination to afterlife will be hastened.

'We have no choice,' he thought.

Kyosei did not think twice and he go to the rack, taking out all of the balls , one by one, emptying the contents. The others where confused on what Kyosei is doing.

"Huh? What are you planning?" Haruna showed a confused expression as Kyosei continues to take out the balls outside its original container.

"Could it be that you are planning to use that as the temporary 'stretcher'?!" when Cindy said that, everyone are stunned.

"I know, it is crazy but we are in a dire situation, that is why I am not going to just dawdle her and do nothing. Prepare the rack while I will deal with the danger outside, once everything is done, I will return immediately," Kyosei explained.

After saying that, he go directly to the gallon of gasoline and pick up the lighter on the bench. He didn't walk back to the entrance and jog instead. Time is running and he can't afford to waste it. He leave the auditorium, leaving the baffled girls.


Day 2: 1:49 A.M

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium Entrance

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 11 minutes left


This action seems repetitive and boring but for Kyosei, it is his only choice. Climbing up and down is quite a workout, moreover the danger of the undead is also here. Sendo is still unconscious. Looking at him, he shook his head. Disposing him will be a good idea to reduce the danger. Besides, his death might calm down Haruna after he molested and almost got f*cked up by him. However, he still have uses for him for now.

Lowering the rope that ties up Sendo, the undead once again goes on berserk and are raising their hands, trying to grab the floating "piñata". Seeing that the bait is effective, its time for his plan.

Kyosei opened the cap of the gallon, leaving the smell of gasoline lingering in the air. Kyosei throws the liquid inside, bit by bit, enough for the undead to get wet by the gasoline, leaving them covered by a flammable liquid.

"Okay, that should do it," Kyosei nodded with a serious look in his face.

He pulls out a paper yen left from his money. He also pull out the lighter and lights it up. Putting the flame to the paper yen, the paper yen immediately burn hot. Kyosei immediately throw the burning paper yen to the undead as he know that the paper yen is very flammable. Though it is a crime when you burn money, Kyosei did not care. Rules in the world are already gone after the apocalypse begin nor he care on getting caught. Which is more important, catching a person who burned the money to survive against the dead or let himself become the bait himself?

When he throw the paper yen, Kyosei lowered Sendo. The moment that Kyosei lowered Sendo, the undead are caught in flames, and they burned intensely as they catch the flames one by one.The undead instantly get weaken and for some reason, they did not attack Sendo but Sendo is also caught in flames and he quickly open his eyes, discovering that he is in fire.

"F*ck! Noooo! Nooooo!" He kept on shouting as he rolled around but futile as the flames grew bigger since the undead are also burning, toppling him down under them and burning alongside with them.

Kyosei heaved a sigh. He finally killed someone though it is not really in his hand that the person died. It is his own karma. He looked at the dead that are running amok as they burn. The door of the gymnasium did not catch the flames and only scorched on its surface in black soot. Kyosei observed for a while until he nodded as he only see a few stragglers and some strays. Now is the time to go to the library...