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41 Dead Hour

 Day 2: 1:32 A.M

Kirishima High School - Path towards Gymnasium

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 28 minutes left


Returning to the Gymnasium proves to be a hard job and Kyosei is stuck for two minutes in the branch of the tree. He is sure that the branch he is standing in is strong enough to support his weight for a long time. His only problem is how to reach back.

The horde down the tree is quite thick and engaging them in close combat is a suicide. He has no gun in possession and he currently didn't bring the lighter he managed to scavenge in the kitchen so the gasoline is a no-go too.

Distracting them is not an option either as it proves to be useless as they might be derived in smell and sight instead of purely sound. He can sneak attack them, yes. But it cannot be repeated again and again against an enemy that goes on berserk whenever a human is on sight. For them, humans are food to eat.

"I didn't calculate this," Kyosei frowned. It is a fatal mistake.

He shook his head and breathe in deep and as he closed his eyes, he began to calm down. He opened his eyes once more and his mind cleared and no more interruptions of thoughts, popped up in his head. This is quite a convenient talent on Kyosei as he can remain calm in the middle of danger.

He quickly look around for possible routes to take.

"I have a rope with me, but it is quite short. I still needed the full length of the rope in me to secure the gallon of gasoline so I can't spare it to be longer than necessary," he thought to himself as he stare at the ten centimeter rope.

He put his gazes around him as he calculate all of his possible outcomes if he used the method. Once he started thinking, after thinking for quite a while, he will shook his head. He looked around him left and right, up and down.

As he gaze up in the sky, he finally noticed the cable of the electricity, currently connected to the Gymnasium in a downward-slope manner. The electric cable is sturdy and he suddenly thought of a good plan. Why don't he do a zipline? He has a ten centimeter rope in which he can use as a necessary cable for moving and he is not that heavy to begin with, which may be a good sign. The electric cable is a bit lower than the tree he was in which is another good news. His only problem is the big chance of electrocution. He was not a man made of rubber to be insulated by the electricity and instead, has a lot of chance being killed if he do not get to be really careful. He has a very high chance of conducting electricity.

He quietly shook his head and do his daring plan. He quickly climb up the tree as he scale it, and reach the branch where he can execute his plan.

"Here goes nothing!" Kyosei gritted his teeth as he put over the rope to the cable and jump off the branch.

He quickly cross the area by having a dangerous zipline. He raise his legs together and his speed goes faster. He is still gritting his teeth, still looking around him in case a hurler is around. The good news is that, he safely crossed the undead infested area without encountering any trouble. He climbed up the roof of the gymnasium and heaved a sigh.

"I will never do it again," Kyosei adjusted his uniform.

He peered under the undead below. They are still aggressive and still in the front door, however, there are no signs of breach in the door.

"The f*ck is happening?" Kyosei quickly move his body, curious why a gunshot rang out earlier.


Day 2: 1:35 A.M.

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 25 minutes left


Kyosei slipped off quietly. He is making sure that the doesn't make a sound. He saw in the distance someone's back while holding the revolver. Judging from the back of that person, it is not Leo as the latter is more masculine than this guy. He also saw Okabe and Leo bleeding in the floor and are struggling to move while Cindy, Snow and Nathalie are tied up, and has a cloth, muffling their mouth. Their faces are filled with fear and helplessness as they stare at the person holding the revolver and currently chuckling as he tear the clothes of someone and he also hear the sound of a muffled sound from a woman.

Kyosei has a grim look in his face. While the person currently doing his business, Kyosei took the opportunity to open the door and slip inside the auditorium. In terms of stealth, he is top notch and not even the people who are very vigilant can sense his presence and his high killing intent.

Using the wooden benches and other things around the gymnasium, Kyosei slowly approach the target. He finally see a woman who is currently struggling the hold of the man. This none other than Teacher Haruna, who is already wounded and having some bruises in her body. Her breasts are already exposed and Kyosei already sawthe remnants of the bra and her clothes are scattered in the surroundings. The man who is molesting her is none other than Sendo, who might be corrupted already. Haruna is trembling and currently trying to break free. Currently, she is only wearing only a pink panty and that is the only thing left in her clothing.

"Mother*cker!" Kyosei cursed this man.

Kyosei continues in sneaking. He ready his cleaver. As he slowly reach the nearby bench, he saw that Nathalie and Cindy see him already. Kyosei gestured them to be silent and they both nodded.

Okabe is unconscious when Kyosei finally reach the area and only Leo is awake and struggling to go up. He is shot in the knee and both arms. He also saw Kyosei but since he is not strong enough, he was forced to only watch.

Sendo is grinning as he pants air like a thirsty beast.

"Haruna, I will make you my queen in this godforsaken world. We will build an empire and we will be ruling the world. And the first step to do that is to taste you!" Sendo licked his lips as he grab the soft breasts and massaged them.

Kyosei finally reach the area where he can unleash his surprise attack. He didn't attack immediately and just stays on crouch as he observe the situation. When Sendo is now on the part where he reveal his d*ck, Kyosei immediately appear out of the hiding, kicked Sendo in the back of the head, before Kyosei strike down to the meat stick hard, severing it forever in the world of lust. Basically, Sendo officially became a eunuch.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhh!" My d*ck!!" Sendo holds his groin as blood continues to flow out of the wound where his d*ck used to be.

Kyosei did not let Sendo retaliate. With a roundhouse kick hitting the jaw, Kyosei did not let him recover. Another roundhouse kick and this time, Sendo has no more chance to move as he fell down, fainted. Those strong kicks are lethal. If Kyosei did put all his force on the two kicks, Sendo might be dead right now.

Kyosei take his uniform coat and quickly cover Haruna's body and helped Cindy and Nathalie cut the rope. They also helped Leo and Kyosei felt Okabe's pulse.

"He is still alive. This isn't good, Leo and Okabe are both bleeding, we need to stop it for now to avoid blood loss," Kyosei said.

"What about the bullet?" Cindy asked as she looked at how serious the shots.

"We can't let it out for the meantime. We need to reach where the others are for now. There is someone who can take the bullet out and there are many equipments there that can help them," Kyosei explained.

Haruna stands up, she is still wobbling and shaking but she is now a bit better.

"What about this bastard?" Haruna did not call Sendo anymore in his name as she is now filled with hatred to him.

"Let's tie him up. We can use him as a bait on the undead. He is basically a dead man when he did it earlier but since I arrived earlier, we will light up his punishment but still has the danger of killing him," Kyosei said as he untie the gallon of gasoline off from him and hold the long rope.

Snow take the medkit and attended on their wounds. Nathalie rushes to her unconscious brother who is also tied up despite being out of consciousness. Haruna changes clothes in the corner since Kyosei looted a few clothes in the lockers earlier. She helped tying Sendo along with Cindy and Kyosei after she changed clothes.

Kyosei punched him a few more times until his eyes are full of swelling. Kyosei moved to his mouth and punched him for a few times until the lips also swell which is funny to see. Kyosei poured a small gasoline on the severed d*ck of Sendo before lighting it up on flames.

Kyosei dragged Sendo and tie him up, just outside the gymnasium where he usually use as a temporary entrance since the entrance is barricaded. Kyosei holds the revolver. The world already changed and the temperament of the survivors are different in everyone which may lead to chaos and bloodshed just like this.