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40 Evade The Dead

 Day 2: 1:10 A.M

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 50 minutes left


Kyosei talked with Leo privately. In terms of trust, he trust Leo the most despite being the younger one, Leo is not someone who bother on who is the elder and the young. He prefer on friend treatment relationship rather than teacher-pupil relationship treatment.

"What's up?" Leo asked as he was dragged by Kyosei in the gymnasium entrance.

"I want to ask if there are something useful near the gymnasium that we can use against the horde outside?" Kyosei asked. He need information.

"Useful? What kind? Like guns? Nope, that is impossible. Aside from the gun that you are using, I don't see any guns here, not even the guards so that should answer your question," Leo said immediately.

Kyosei shook his head.

"No, what I mean is, something like gasoline or any similar type of those, anything that we can use against the horde without producing any kind of danger to us," Kyosei explained.

"Ah, that? In fact, I remembered that there really is a gallon of gasoline in the shed, near the gymnasium. It was used to fuel up the lawn mower for maintaining the grasses in the football field. But how will you reach there?" Leo asked.

"Trust me, I can do it. Where is it located precisely?" Kyosei inquired.

"East here, an old building near a small growing pine tree. You can't miss it," Leo said.

Kyosei nodded. He immediately climb up, back to the area where he is defending the door earlier. Instead of staying there or going down, Kyosei continues to scale the gymnasium wall, reaching the roof. Testing that the roof is sturdy for him to stand on it, Kyosei begins his survey in the surrounding area.

The ground is still full of the dead but the trees are a bit lower. Some buildings are also a bit lower on the branches of the tree and are good places to use as temporary ground. The area is good and he can use his agile parkour skills to reach. With the branches to grab on, he calculated what motions are needed here to reach his destination and find it smooth, however, his problem is how to return to gymnasium. He can't possibly use his route back as he is quite sure that he has a large probability in failing to return. He is not that dumb to never think in advance.

He look at the lock in the door of the gymnasium. Despite seeing something strange, he made sure that it won't hamper and cause trouble like breaching the door. He made sure that it won't open for a while but he is not sure how long will it hold on since it can't go on holding the door forever.

He returned to the auditorium where everyone are and directly fetched the bag. There is a rope he got somewhere while looting around the classrooms. This rope is sturdy. He wrapped it on a coil and attached it on his keyholder in his belt like a cowboy. He cannot put the rope around his body as it would be troublesome when it is time to unwound the rope off his body thus he just attached it on his key holder. It dangles alongside with the stylized chain in his pants, making it more like he is some sort of real cowboy, lacking the beard, the cowboy hat and the blazer.

Looking around, he pulls out his Revolver and hands it to Leo along with its remaining bullets.

"Though it might be that I am disrespecting you as an adult, you treat me like a brother like the same age as you. That made me trust you on this gun. I have no use on this one and I prefer to go on close combat than long ranged. If the dead might manage to sneak in or whatever reason, use it while I am away. I am entrusting their lives to you for now," Kyosei said to him before returning the entrance to do his thing.

Everyone understood a bit of Kyosei's temperament now. Despite having a sharp tongue and always work in solo, this infact, made a good cover to use for Kyosei to do his job as one with the most experience in trouble. He made sure everyone is pissed so he has a chance to make everyone go away from the dangerous situations. Even Nathalie who is rather arrogant understand what he really wanted to. Only Sendo seems to be not caring anything at all as he quietly listened to them. He has a plan to brew while the troublemaker is gone...


Day 2: 1:19 A.M.

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium: Rooftop

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 41 minutes left


Kyosei looked around and inspect the edges of the roof of the gymnasium. He is making sure that this plan of his won't end up as a failure. Grabbing the edges of roofs are dangerous as they can wound you. Right now during the apocalypse, first aids are going to be common rather than sending them to hospitals. And to avoid wasting precious medicines, he is making sure that he won't get wounded. Even wearing gloves is not quite safe in bladed stuffs.

After making sure that the edges of the roof are not sharp and rather good in condition, he looked at the obstacles, finding a few good spots to use as the beginning point in the parkour skills.

Checking the low shed meant for the trashcans is near a good and sturdy branch, Kyosei then calculated his movements. Despite it is still dark, for some reason, he is more adept in maintaining his vision in the dark.

Looking sure at his starting point, he looked down and saw the horde is still busy with the door and only a few strays are currently able to see him and bother him. Kyosei stepped back within 10 steps backwards before he quickly advanced his momentum as a force to hurl himself back to the edge and run at full speed.


A crisp sound is heard as Kyosei landed in the shed's roof. Kyosei knew that the roof used is a weak type of roof and only by pressing himself lightly he could immediately hurl himself towards the branches near the shed. With great reflexes, he grab the branch and quickly put himself upward to ride the branch with ease. It was like seeing a Tarzan in the middle of the city.

Kyosei did not linger any longer and began on jumping on obstacles. The target point is a bit far from his location but if a person has good reflexes, he can quickly traverse and reach the area within a few amount of time.

Kyosei did not wanted to engage in battle yet. He is in a huge disadvantage if the horde manage to circle and devour him down, so he did not wish to engage in battle unless necessary to do so. He stayed for a while in the branch and since the horde is barely passing, by, Kyosei pulled out his slingshot, pulls out a small stone in his pocket and aimed it on the nearby roof, which is the roof used in trashcans.

He aimed, nock, and fire!

The stone hits the roof and produced a loud sound. The undead immediately turned around and rushes to the source of the sound like vicious hungry monsters. The only problem is that, not all are attracted and more like they much focused on Kyosei instead of the distraction.

"They still can smell me, tch," Kyosei jumps to the nearby tree and quickly swings on the branch before letting the momentum of his movement launch him to the nearby roof which is used as a cover for the bicycles that are parked by the students.

The roof is quite long and stretched far enough for Kyosei to be temporarily safe. There is a wall in front that separates his destination and his location. Moreover, he needs to land into the ground to climb up the wall.

The ground is still infested by a few infected and Kyosei is not bothered to keep on killing. Unsheathing his cleaver, he leap with control and directly land on the dead, hitting it with his knee, before striking the head hard enough.

Kyosei has no time to bother with the others and immediately evaded their wobbly but fast movements. He quickly climb the wall like a spider and reach the top of the wall like it is nothing. As he leap off the wall, the area of the storage is not infested by the dead at all, only a few mosquitoes as big as those mosquitoes he killed earlier.

Kyosei looked around and spotted a wood plank. This can be used as weapon against the mosquitoes as the cleaver is quite useless against them.

"Die!" Kyosei swings the wooden plank with precision against the mosquitoes. Seeing Kyosei swatted the nearby mosquitoes, the mosquitoes that are not far and not killed rushes to him and buzzing like bees.


"Filthy insects!" Kyosei swings the plank once more and repeated the process.

Dodge, Swat, Dodge, Swat. He keep doing so and in a few minutes, he obliterated all mosquitoes, reducing them to pulp. The undead can't reach the area since they needed to open the lock of the screen gate, and since Kyosei did not use the gate, he didn't need to.

After making sure that the mosquitoes are no more showing up, he sighed in relief. If he didn't have the plank, he might be a goner.

He didn't waste any more time as it is really precious. As usual, the storage has a lock but for Kyosei, its easy to unlock it. After, picking the lock, he opened the door and quietly illuminated the room using his phone.

Day 2: 1:26 A.M.

Kirishima High School - Field Storage Building

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 34 minutes left


The illumination of the surroundings is not enough to look for the gasoline gallon. There are some unlabeled gallons and not a single sticker is there as a sign that the contents inside the gallon is a gasoline.

"Do I really have to check everything here?" Kyosei frowned.he

He opened the gallons one by one and maybe around twenty minutes, finally found the gallon of gasoline.

"This lone gallon is the gasoline! If I have known that this is the one, I should have not spent my time to open and smell these disgusting greases!" Kyosei grumbled.

All of the gallons he opened earlier are all containing greases and it smell so bad that Kyosei felt dizzy every time he smell grease. Now that he found the gasoline, he quickly pull the rope out hand tie it on his back so that he won't get troubled in parkour.

After all of those are done, he will return to the gymnasium. Suddenly, a familiar gunshot sound is heard, booming. He is quite sure that the gunshot came from his own gun in which, he just entrusted to Leo. If a gunshot rang out, it means danger.