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39 Pride, Prejudice and the Dead

 Day 2: 12:55 A.M

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 5 minutes left



A familiar yet unfamiliar sound resounded on Nathalie's ears. It is somewhat familiar but also vague that she had the urge to find it out. She opens her eyes and saw a somwhat dim and unfamiliar ceiling. She also rises up, discovering that she is laying in a bench of the Auditorium. She shook her head and tried to recall her shambled memories.

She still remembered that she evacuated alongside with her brother in the White House and leave the area via helicopter. She also remembered that she caused a ruckus when she tried to take the manual piloting away from the pilot, causing their helicopter to crash.

"Right! The helicopter crashed! Where is Steven!?" she immediately looked around her, only to see three young teenagers who are around the same age as her and three adults who must be teachers based on their clothes.

"Who are you people? Where am I?!" she asked. The tone of her voice has a bit tinge of contempt.

She looked at the girl near her who is currently tending another person who she quickly recognized as Steven. The girl is around the age of 18, has a flaxen, white hair, smooth skin and a bit petit body. From her looks, she clearly looked Japanese. When she asked earlier, it is clear that she didn't understand what she just said.

She also looked at the boy, who is a bit on the gangster side. He has no earrings but he has a few scars in his face. His hair is a not brown-reddish and has the same body built as Steven. His uniform is a bit blood soaked though it is not really clear to see since the uniform is in the tinge of grey. The guy also seemed to have no understanding in English.

Her gaze landes on the next girl. The girl is a blonde and in just a single look, she can tell that this girl is also an American. She is quite pretty and has a good body. She wears a bloody cheerleader uniform though the bottom that should be a skirt is replaced with jogging pants.

"Oh! Thank goodness you are awake!" the american girl said.

"Good thing somebody here can understand, who are you people and where am I?" she asked direct to the point.

"Sorry for the late introduction, I am Cindy Logan, these people are my companions. This is Okabe, Snow, Ms. Haruna, Mr. Leo and the person over there is Mr. Sendo. As for where you are right now, you are in the gymnasium of Kirishima High School," the american girl named Cindy said as she introduced everyone, one by one.

"Kirishima High School? Where is that?" she asked.

"Its in Osaka, a city in Japan. Are you perhaps from America? We somehow noticed that the helicopter you have ridden earlier bore the flag of United States of America," Cindy explained.

Hearing this, she immediately gain pride, hearing that somebody knows that she is from America.

"Yes, I am from America. My name is Nathalie Reeves, daughter of the President of United States of America," Nathalie proudly said.

Before she can keep on bragging, a voice resounded followed by a boy around the age of 16, wearing bonnet, wearing headphones and had a gangsta aura on him. He is much bloody than everyone around her and carries weapons with him.

"I know you will brag, stop it, we don't need you to brag that you are the daughter of the president. We already know the news earlier that your father died. You don't need to keep on bragging that you are somewhat famous because we don't need that here," the boy said, in a perfect English straight like someone is fluent in that language.

"Hearing the sentence, " your father is dead", she quickly go enrage and angry.

"Who the f*ck are you? You don't know who I am? I am an influential daughter of the United States and you dare talk to me like that?" Nathalie roared as she scolds Kyosei.

But instead of getting the shivers on her, he ignored her ramblings and just stared at her.

"So, if you are a presidential daughter, so what? You look down on us? Fine! We are not in USA anyway, so just keep your mouth shut and accept reality! You are in freakin' country of Japan. Don't bring your sh*ttiness here!" Kyosei said with a firm voice.

"How dare you? You prideful peasant!" Nathalie was about to slap him when Kyosei took out his revolver once again alongside with the cleaver.

"Hmph, this method is always a good way to shut up a person," Kyosei said indifferently.

Instead of getting afraid, Nathalie taunted him further.

"Using a toy gun? You lowly boy, you can't scare me on that..." she was not able to say it when Kyosei pulled the trigger.


A bullet penetrated the floor. It makes a hole mark that indicates how powerful the revolver is in his hands before aiming it again to Nathalie.

"You blabber about your prejudice on us and a bullet will silence you forever," Kyosei said without any sense of nervousness.

Nathalie trembled and was forced to kneel down. She thought it was a toy gun but heck she was wrong since the gun in Kyosei's hand is authentic. If the boy holding the gun got angry and has a short temper, that bullet might be resting on her skull right now.


Day 2: 1:00 A.M

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium: Auditorium

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours left


Kyosei managed to silence Nathalie and Cindy is the one who helped her to calm down. He didn't care if she stayed or not. His only problem is how to escape the horde currently banging the door. He also noticed that the teacher named Sendo is sleeping. He found out that the teacher is so angry at him that he decided to scold him behind his back only to be retaliated by the others.

Kyosei didn't mind, but he is prepared on anything. Betrayal on forces is common to obtain a strong and more nice ground to use their power. If needed, if anyone betrays, he is able to perform punishments to traitors.

The clock already strikes at one in the morning but the problem is still here. The dead is still lingering. Still under the influence of the Night Rage, they keep on banging the door. Kyosei already stopped shooting the dead for the reason that they are keeping weaker and slower as time passes by. He is observing their movements and he noticed that they have slowed down for quite a bit but it is considered that they are still under the influence of Night Rage as they are still vicious.

Kyosei can take out a few of them but he will get overwhelmed. He didn't want to waste a few more bullets. He estimates that he only have around fifty or less. If he has a grenade to spare, he might be good. He needs to think of a better way of attacking the dead without risking his own life.


Nathalie was quite furious after she recovered from the pressure that the Japanese boy has given to her. The others are looking at her with weird looks. Despite the fact that they did not understand her much, they practically knew that the Japanese boy got pissed on her or else, why does he aim and shoot the gun.

She has been hearing a few more howls and scratches outside. When she tried going, Cindy stopped her.

"No, its too dangerous," Cindy warned.

Nathalie has no idea at all. She know that some sort of outbreak occurred and they are forced to evacuate along with her brother but she has no idea what it is. Now, she is stuck with a few Japanese and a single american girl that has a neutral attitude to her.

A few moments later, the boy who threaten her came back, still carrying the gun. She also noticed that he also carry a cleaver with a chipped blade in his waste.

"What is the name of the guy who threatened me?" Nathalie asked Cindy who is currently accessing her phone.

"Oh, the guy in bonnet with the headphones? Its Kyosei Ichinose. He is rather famous and hated at the same time in this school," Cindy answered.

"I see, how come that you all are holed up in here?" Nathalie got curious.

"Don't you know? Japan is currently invaded by the infected. If we try to go out, we are dead," Cindy scratched her head as she remembered the feeling in the middle of the horde, trying to eat you.

"You mean zombies? Well they are just slow and dim witted what's so dangerous about them?" Nathalie felt that it is quite weird.

"This is not a movie or a game, Miss Nathalie, this is reality. Those things might be similar to the zombie thingie but they are also quite different. I don't know how to explain it since Kyosei explained it to us. For some reason, I have not comprehended what he just said," Cindy embarrassingly said.

Nathalie wanted to ask more but she stopped when she saw Kyosei approaching. Kyosei looked at her with the same expression of calmness and coldness.

"I don't care if you are someone special but if you try something funny, I will not hesitate to throw you to the dead. Your prejudice against us is not my business, hence, be quiet," Kyosei said, still in his poker face.

Nathalie was speechless. Someone who doesn't care about the status of a person, what a dangerous but has a vibe of coolness in him.

"He is a bad boy alright?"