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38 The Teachers And the Dead

 Day 2: 12:50 A.M

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 10 minutes left


Twenty minutes passed by but the undead in the front entrance of the gymnasium are still on the stampede. The wooden darts are already used up and he has no more of those disposable darts since the wooden items that the teachers used to make them are all used up. He killed a few of them but he is quite sure that only around 200 of those undead are killed. His hands are also sore from throwing those darts but seeing them still rowdy and dangerous as ever, Kyosei has no choice but to use the revolver.

The revolver he uses is the Taurus 66 Standard .357 Magnum Revolver. It has seven rounds and packs a punch in bullets. He is not quite familiar to this gun and the only gun he knows in revolvers is the Smith and Wesson Police Series. Those kind of guns are the most common guns used by the police in Japan after the Firearms and Weapon ban.

Kyosei frowned when the smell of the rotten flesh rises up in the air. It is quite revolting and those people who are quite sensitive in smells, will go insane and will force themselves to churn up and vomit their food out of their systems. Fortunately, Kyosei is not a sensitive one in smells and he can last long enough. The only problem is that it is so extreme that the smell is enough to make Kyosei feel bad just by smelling it for a few minutes. He pull out a handkerchief and covered his nose and mouth to avoid keeping on inhaling the rotten smell that he can't explain in the air.

Kyosei looks at the belt bag carrying the bullets. He estimated that he has at least around 200 bullets to reload on the revolver but he quite know that it is not enough to kill every undead in the area. The bullets are still enough to last long as the bullets can penetrate its targets. Looking at those bullets, he decided to use the gun and waste it.

As he pulls the trigger, the loud booming sounded around the place.


Continuous gunshots echoes in the auditorium and the teachers and the companions of Kyosei are startled.

"That is Kyosei right? He is using his gun?" Cindy asked as she is not quite sure if the gunshots came from Kyosei.

"Yes, the sounds are similar to the gunshots earlier before we found Kyosei. Looks like he is using it now," Okabe said.

Snow is not making any noise as she is focused on taking care of the wounds, the two unconscious teens got.

"From the looks of it, he is wasting bullets," Retorted by Sendo.

"Sendo, do you have some enmity towards Kyosei? I feel you don't like to speak with him much," Leo noticed Sendo's behavior on Kyosei.

"I am not fond of rebellious people. They don't last in the world. Instead of making a calm plan, he chooses to be loner and attack the dead all by himself," Sendo retorted.

"But its thanks to him that we are now able to move out here in the auditorium without killing the undead with a huge chance of dying. He is really helpful!" Haruna defended.

"No, he acts so harshly and that will harm us all in result. I prefer that he will follow the adults for as we adults have more wisdom than mere children," Sendo insisted.

This rings a bad impression on Cindy and Okabe.

"What did you say?! You think we mere "children" are not capable of surviving?!" Cindy erupted.

"If you think you are a capable person, why are you not able to lead us in times of desperate situation?! We almost died out there and we relied on our own skills to survive, you have no right to retort to us that you are somewhat good being a leader!" Okabe gritted his teeth.

Sendo frowned.

"Ah, no, what I mean is Kyosei..." Sendo tried explaining.

"Sir, if I compare you and Kyosei, you are not even able to reach his rank. Yes, he is cruel and harsh in words but he is quite capable in what he wanted to do. He can really do the impossible and from what I see, he acts on his own and do all the dangerous jobs from us," Snow also retorted.

Sendo already stepped the landmine when he said the word "children" in his sentence. Even if he just meant Kyosei, Okabe, Snow and Cindy are also mere children and not yet on the timeline of adults in their eyes yet. So that sentence really hit the sore spots that anyone hearing it might retort.

Leo and Haruna did not even try defending Sendo. What he said is not quite true. Not all teenagers like Kyosei act like undisciplined. Its just their way of making decisions that are best for some situations and many people can do that even the children.

"Sendo, you are in the wrong side," Haruna frowned.

"What the students said is quite true. They would not be here if not for Kyosei who calmly lead and carve their way out of danger. Look, Kyosei is out there trying to reduce the amount of the horde. I know how precious the bullets in guns right now and if he is wasting it, he is willing to waste it just to survive," Leo explained.

Sendo felt himself humiliated and anger seeps in his mind. If they are not besieged in the gymnasium, he might be running off and never will return. He prefer to be away from Kyosei and his group than to stay near but since he can't just charge out, he decided to stay but he is no longer cooperating with the others.

Leo and Haruna was stunned at first until they finally uncovered what is the real behavior of Sendo. They decided to ignore him as they know that he is just here to survive.


The gunshots still continues to echo inside the auditorium and no longer felt peaceful as the growls and gunshots continued. The people inside the auditorium can feel the pressure every shot and sometimes, they will get startled due to the loud booming sound of the gun. More than that, the door of the gymnasium keeps getting banged like it will burst out from its hinges.

"My goodness, are we going to die here?" Haruna felt cold from her neck. She is visibly shaking and her face is pale. Cindy approached and hugged her to calm her nerves. Despite her doing this, she can still feel the shaking body of the female teacher.

Snow didn't mind the noise of the gun and continues on tending the two unconscious teenagers who are both laying in the benches. Okabe is also thinking for things to help Kyosei but has bad luck on thinking about it. Leo also thinks for a good way to help Kyosei but his mind is currently blank. Sendo did not care anymore and goes to the other bench, away from them and lay to sleep.

While everyone is busy, Kyosei is sweating a lot and his uniform is drenched in sweat. His left hand which holds the revolver is trembling after holding it for a while. He keeps on switching the gun back and forth to his other hand but soon it didn't work and both of them are trembling.

"F*ck!" Kyosei gritted his teeth.

The undead horde still roars and never ceasing to bang the Gymnasium door, hoping to take it down. Kyosei have wasted countless of bullets and the bullets in his belt bag is getting smaller and smaller. Kyosei wanted to throw a grenade instead but since he already ran out of grenades in his arsenal, he is forced to waste lots of bullets. The precious bullets are just wasted just like that.