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37 A Deadly Resolution

 Day 2: 12:30 A.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 30 minutes left


If Kyosei and the rest are being besieged inside the Gymnasium, Haru and the soldiers of Team Alpha and Team Bravo are currently firing on their enemies. The fast undead are very hostile and like it has taken some steroids, they rush on them and ignores the obstacles and bullets barraging them further.

"Incoming throwing hostile!" A soldier near Haru shouted as he spotted a Hurler in the rearguard of the horde.

"Shoot it!" The others carried the command and let the bullets in the gun continiously rain on the Hurler. Hurlers are a bit easier than Juggernauts so they did not hold back out on releasing bullets.

"Eat these, f*ckers!" a torrential amount of bullets fly and strikes to the nearby undead without fail. As bullets pass on the skulls, the heads of the undead burst like melons.

Team Alpha and Team Bravo are all pulling the trigger and reloads again and again without stopping. Though they have been working without rest for many hours, they cannot stop or they are going to die.

"I'm out!" a soldier shouted.

"I'm also out!" another soldier resounded.

Haru felt the pressure on the soldiers especially the one who are out of bullets. Haru pulls out the grenades in his belt. He pull the pin fast.

"Take cover! Grenade!" Haru throws the grenade in his hands towards the dead.

As the grenade hits the horde, a strong explosion occurred, blasting several undead to pieces. The horde is broken and only a few stragglers are left for the soldiers to finish off.

Haru holds his receiver and made a contact.

"Team Delta, do you copy? This is Team Alpha captain, Sgt. Haru Asuzawa," Haru said in the receiver.

Soon, a voice calls out in the headset.

"Team Alpha, Team Delta Captain Sgt. Satou Tachikawa reporting! Over!"

"What is the situation in your station, Captain? Over."

"Not so good, we have a breach in Gate A earlier in the quarantine zone. We managed to hold it and we killed two units of hordes consisting of a few infected and two Juggernauts, Over."

"We are currently losing ammo here and Tangos are currently attacking us. Requesting aid around the area of 1500 kilometers North East in the quarantine zone, Over."

"Roger that, Team Delta will provide support, sending additional ammunition. We are hoping to have a safe battle there, over and out!"

Haru ended the conversation and sighed in relief. He requested for additional ammunition. The Quarantine zone also holds the supply area so requesting for refueling is a must if they need to fight a bit longer.

As the smoke clears after the grenade exploded earlier, shakes and tremors are felt by everyone in the area.

"Juggernaut sighting! Approximately 120 meters away from our location!" A soldier holding an AR15 with a scope shouted.

"Take aim! Take out the "Dragon" and the "Thrower"! "Haru shouted.

Everyone with the bullets aimed at the streets, vigilant. Soon, a soldier carrying a Flamethrower appeared. Not only that but another soldier pulls out the Grenade Launcher. The "Dragon" that Haru mentioned is the Flamethrower while the "Thrower" is obviously the Grenade Launcher.

"Take aim and fire!" Haru shouted as he also pull the trigger of his AR15.

Soon, the streets are once again engulfed with the chaos and sea of flames as the guns spits out flames and bullets.

Day 2: 12:30 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground Bunker

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 30 minutes


Miyuki opened her eyes as she groggily look around her. The place is a bit bright but also a bit dark. Her wound still stings a bit but she can manage to endure it. She gradually managed to hold herself and she sit on the edge of the bed by herself. She look around her and she noticed that she is no longer in the Clocktower premises.

"What happened?" Miyuki shook her head and recall everything.

The last thing she remembered is the assault of the dead in the clocktower and alongside the attacks made by the undead hybrids called Hurlers. She still remembered that she assisted on Kyosei's defense but she fainted when she got hit by a stone.

"Right! Where is Kyosei!" Miyuki looks around only to see Chie carry a tray of food and give it to her.

"Are you alright now, Miyuki? You are knocked out cold earlier," Chie said as she inspects her wound in the forehead.

"My wound still stings a little bit, but it will be bearable soon," Miyuki said.

"Right! Where is Kyosei?" Miyuki asked to Chie.

"We got separated with him and are currently fighting against the dead in the surface around the besieged gymnasium," Chie said.

"What happened? I can't seem to recall anything," Miyuki said as she tries to recover the memory before she fell down.

"Of course you won't remember since you are still out cold when that happened. We encountered another variety of the enemy we nicknamed as the Juggernaut as it is almost hard as metal and almost got us all killed. Kyosei stalled time to let us escape and we end up here," Chie explained.

Miyuki then looks around. She didn't recall any places similar to the place they are now and the school group.

"Where are we anyway?" Miyuki asked.

"Underground Bunker which is owned by a renown person in the school which is Yao Lei," Chie said.

"Mr.Yao Lei?!" Miyuki was a bit startled.

Yao Lei is the mysterious figure in the school and is also called as an enigma in the group of teachers. He is also the rumored Yao Lei that nobody have seen yet except a few individuals at school. Who would have thought that they are inside a place where the mysterious Yao Lei is also residing?

"You better eat first. You have been sleeping for quite a while and it's already past midnight. Better take in energy in than staying weak. We won't be fighting against the undead for a while so you need to recover a lot," Chie pushed the tray of food to Miyuki.

"Thank you, Chie. Where are the others?" Miyuki asked.

"The others are currently resting though Nanami didn't rest since she is currently monitoring the changes in the surface. She is also looking for Kyosei's whereabouts now," Chie said.

"In that case, I need to help Nanami," Miyuki stands up in the bed but wobbles. Chie immediately gave support to her.

"No can do, Miyuki. You need to rest for a while, eat some food while you are at it too. Kyosei entrusted you to us," Chie tapped Miyuki's shoulders lightly before leaving.

Miyuki holds her head as she felt the sting in her wound. It is still quite painful to feel. She pulled out her phone and looked at the signal bar. The signal bar is still the same, no service. Miyuki decided to eat the food in the tray as she had nothing much to do. Miyuki is upset that she had never get the chance to help Kyosei in the battle and instead gave burden to everyone. She decided to let herself be strong, in times of this, she can only rely on herself.


Chie opened her phone, and after seeing the no signal bar, she sighed. Even though they are in the underground bunker, Yao Lei said that the cellphone signal are still not interferred. Chie is still worried in her family. Though she most likely forget it for quite a while, she hadn't abandoned the thought that her family is still alive.

She has no choice so she decided to busy herself. She already rested for quite a while and she isn't used to being idle. Picking up a few bottles containing a few blood and a few bloody tissues, she lined it up one by one before she pick up the notebook in her lab gown pocket. She lined all of them in the experimental table that Yao Lei prepared for these occasions and began recording her observations.

"Cerebral Tissue is still intact and has no signs of decay. Four hours passed and no noticeable changes," Chie furiously write those words on her notebook and she grab a small marker to mark the cap of a bottle with some sort of flesh inside.

"Arterial Blood is forming decay and turning from its former bluish color to violet green. A few weblike structures are forming on its container. Further observation needed," Chie once again recorded every observation in her notebook before marking the bottle she observed.

"What are you doing?" a voice resounded at the back of Chie.

Chie looked at the source of the voice and saw Yao Lei, who is curious and interestedly looking at the bottles lined up in the experimental table.

"Ah, Mr. Yao, I am currently recording a few observations from these samples that I obtained from the undead killed by the others earlier," Chief explained.

"Oh? Are you planning on studying the cause of the outbreak?" Yao Lei asked.

"Yes sir, I'm currently studying it. Maybe I can find a clue and a good way to develop a cure or a vaccine if possible that will allow us to get disinfected by the bites of the dead," Chief explained.

"I see. I hope you succeed on doing so," Yao Lei nodded.

"Yes, I hope so. Its the only thing I can do. I have no abilities to help fend the dead off. I want to help in the best of my abilities," Chie said as she mark the bottle she finished observing.

"Alright, you can use some of my laboratory apparatus around there. I have no use much on them except for making a few experiments which I rarely do now. Feel free to use them. I hope you discover something and I will also help as I can," Yao Lei said.

"Thank you very much!" Chie bowed down and continue her work.

Yao Lei is impressed by the children's motivation despite the outbreak. He is moved by the resolution of everyone even in the darkest and bleakest situation they are in.


Nanami is currently monitoring on all of the CCTVs that she just hacked. Yao Lei allowed her to do so since the CCTV cameras are no longer being manned by a person. Its also a good way on having eyes up the surface without going outside the bunker. She monitored every actions of the dead as well as the movements around them with any potential survivors.

"Any luck, sister?" Souichi approached Nanami who has a serious expression in his face.

"No, currently, only Kyosei's group is within my scope of discovery and not a single one is alive except their group," Nanami said with s frown.

"This outbreak is really dangerous. Nobody might have expected that the undead will get vicious at night. Even us barely survived," Souichi said.

"We might consider that we are the only people left in the school but we are not that sure. The dead might be vicious but we have no plans on how to escape them. Furthermore, Kyosei is fighting against a horde," Nanami put the scene in the monitor that is a direct caption from the CCTV camera near the Gymnasium.

"Goodness, there is mo way he will survive that! The Gymnasium is surrounded!" Souichi is sweating. Seeing the amount of undead swarming, they'd can only feel their hair ends standing.

"Let's trust Kyosei. He might not look like it, but he seems to have eaten some plot armor like those in novels," Nanami shrugs.

"Nope, you know that those craps are not true," Souichi said with a frown. For him, those are basically cheating. Relying on skills are the most better way.

"Who knows about Kyosei? I am not worried about him. Being a delinquent has its own perks in escaping death you know?" Nanami grinned.

She believes that whatever happened that may try to destroy Kyosei will be destroyed instead. She firmly believes that he is like a Phoenix that will rise from the ashes.