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36 The Deadly Besiege: Second Barrage

 Day 2: 12:22 A.M

Kirishima High School - Auditorium

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 38 minutes left


Kyosei casually chatted with Leo. Leo is his PE Teacher in first Year but he didn't handle Second Year students so now he didn't handle Kyosei's class in PE. Leo is one of the teachers he can get along with despite being a delinquent. Leo helped him get stronger and helped him practice Judo, boxing, taekwondo, karate, wrestling, Muai Thai and many martial arts He was tempered by Leo whenever he have time after getting the status of delinquent.

With the help of techniques in martial arts combined together, street fighting is quite easy for him and despite not having muscular body with abs, it is not necessary as the other martial arts he practiced are enough implementer to tough body.

Leo looked around him and was amazed how Kyosei did the clearing operation all by himself.

"Did you just killed these freaks?" Leo asked, trying to confirm the deed.

Kyosei did not say a word, only a single nod is the answer for the question.

Sendo is speechless and Haruna is stunned. If this is a killing contest, they are put to shame by the younger generation.

Kyosei flicks the remains of the undead sticking on the cleaver and also did the same thing to the brass knuckles before he actually paid attention to the teachers.

"Actually, we are not yet safe and we are still facing a huge problem. This place is our only safe place for now but we are not sure how long the door of the gymnasium last," Kyosei calmly said as he look at them coldly.

"What do you mean danger?" Haruna looked at Kyosei.

"After the midnight howl that occurred earlier, a huge horde appeared out of nowhere and suddenly pose a very huge threat to us, therefore we have no point of staying there and decided to escape but since these undead are all in the influence of the Night Rage, they almost catched up to us," Kyosei calmly explained.

Night Rage? Midnight Howl? What terms are these? Also, this kid really accompanied another survivor? Sendo did not comprehend everything.

"Call your companions here and you b*stars should explain briefly what you are talking about," Sendo is still bearing a sense of anger on his face directed to Kyosei.

Kyosei did not care whatever Sendo treats him. He called the Okabe and the rest in. Okabe told Kyosei that the bar is still holding but he is not quite sure how long though. After that, Kyosei asked Snow to relay what happened as he didn't like the trouble on explaining which makes Sendo madder.

"So its like that," Haruna nodded. She didn't expect that such mortifying creatures are so dangerous during nighttime.

"In that case, we are stuck here until morning or until how the door last?" Leo is sweating cold knowing this.

Kyosei still looked calm and then he saw the sharp sticks on the three teachers.

Sendo was already panicking inside him but pissed when he saw Kyosei calmly looking at him without any sense of fear in his face.

"What are you looking at?" Although he is adult, he is still afraid on Kyosei since he has the skill to kill the undead in the auditorium that they have a big difficulty on doing.

"If you teachers have a flashlight, please let me use it," Kyosei calmly said, still his eyes fixated in the wooden darts.

Haruna quickly fished out a small flashlight that can emit bright light despite its size.

"Will this do?" Haruna asked as she handed the flashlight to Kyosei.

"Barely," Kyosei answered and returns to the main entrance of the auditorium and climbs back to the top of the area he previously used as an entrance.

Snow was left behind to take care of the unconscious people and the rest followed Kyosei. The teachers were stunned seeing Kyosei sitting on the wall, only supported by a small rope.

"Dumb*ss! What are you doing?!" Sendo cussed out.

Kyosei did not answer but instead pointed the flashlight to the undead. It really is a horde and if they are together, he is not sure if it will cause a stampede but he is sure that they are plenty and will cause them trouble sooner or later. He looked at the dead one by one and even though he wanted to kill them, he can't kill them without expending something.

In that distance, Kyosei has confidence but he is quite sure that it won't be enough. He plans to clear the horde by shooting the dead one by one. It is perfect, with a light source, a perfect place to be away from the dead, Kyosei took out the revolver in his pocket.

Sendo, Haruna and Leo are all dumbfounded. How did this kid procure a firearm out of nowhere!? And its a type of Magnum revolver!

Sendo was again startled when Kyosei looked at him.

"Give me a few of those sticks and I will use them," Kyosei ordered.

"..." Sendo was stunned, a student orders around him who is a senior teacher? Is the world mad now that the students gained the upper hand?

Leo gestured to Sendo to give the darts to Kyosei. Kyosei holds the wooden darts and feel it for a while before nodding in satisfaction.

"This will do for now. We are besieged here, I will make sure that the dead won't be entering the auditorium or we are all dead," Kyosei then reveals the revolver in his hands.

Sendo was scared sh*t in his pants seeing Kyosei hold the gun like its just a toy. And it is a revolver of all weapons! This gun can basically kill anyone with a single shot! Not only that, this gun has a strong recoil that shows that it is really strong enough to break your arm if wielded improperly.

The sound of the banging in the door is getting louder and louder as time passes by. Everyone felt that the door won't last longer in a few more banging.

"I need more of these sticks. In case my bullets are not enough to last and kill all of the dead, this sticks will do for a while," Kyosei said before he turn back and proceeds to go to the entrance.

Sendo can't hold it anymore and decided to scold Kyosei.

"Hey, bastard! You think you are the leader now since you have the gun?! Adults held the priority to protect the youngsters and not the other way around!" Sendo gritted his teeth.

Kyosei turned around and with a grim look in his face, he shot a glare on Sendo.

"I don't care if you are a teacher and much older than me, but you are just a weakling that can't even wipe out all of the stragglers inside the Auditorium and if you think that helping us will do, I will be totally grateful if you let yourself become the fodder to allow us to escape," Kyosei said without a single worry in his face.

"You..." Sendo gritted his teeth.

"If we relied in the adults in this rotten society, we are all dead already. So if you think that you smart and has the rights to lead them, then do it. But I will never, ever, listen to a human like you. I prefer to trust myself than other people," Kyosei added.

Sendo was stunned. Then he is gritting in anger and decides to attack Kyosei.

"You have no right to order us!" Sendo approach Kyosei with large strides.

Before Sendo can even reach Kyosei, the latter raises his Revolver, aiming on Sendo.

"Try it and I am willing to bury a bullet in your brain without hesitation. Do not be selfish, sensei. Not only you feel the uneasiness in this world. Good thing for you, I am not willing to waste a bullet on you if I can use the bullet against the horde," Kyosei said calmly.

Sendo is almost going to burst in anger due to the fact that a student didn't respect him. The door is still banging and so, Kyosei did not waste any time and rushes back to the door. He climbed up the door once again up to the gap above the door and takes a seat on it.

The horde already noticed him and began to go on berserk and jump to reach Kyosei. The only problem is that they can't reach him no matter how they jump. Kyosei is calm and randomly throw the dart on the undead under him. The wooden dart is sharp enough that it pierces the undead that got hit on it. Kyosei is satisfied seeing the dead fell.

"The quality of the darts are good," Kyosei nodded as he pick another dart and throws it once again to the near undead which pierces the skull immediately like some sort of soft jelly.

The dart's design is similar to sharpened sticks. The only thing it is different is the end point since it is properly thinned to allow it to be thrown swiftly. Kyosei is quite amazed on this thing. He noticed that it is similar to those darts currently used by some aborigines, mainly in the Philippines, only lacking the poison. He quickly understand since Leo is a tourist in the Philippines and stayed there for many years before returning to Japan. Maybe Leo picked up some of the skills there when he stayed over.

Kyosei scanned the area. Currently, the whole Gymnasium is surrounded by the dead but mainly around the door. The good thing that Kyosei noticed is the sturdiness of the door. The door is reinforced enough to avoid being destroyed if a stampede will likely to occur but he also know that it will sooner or later fall to the ground if the force continues. Luckily, he didn't notice any Hurlers or Juggernauts. Only normal undead are currently on stampede.

Throwing the sticks one at a time, Kyosei kills without stopping by throwing the darts. He didn't dare to go down and fight on melee against the freaks and instead, he just decided to stay in range against them. Soon, the sticks are all used up. He most likely killed all of the undead that got shot by the darts but the horde is not even reduced to the slightest.

Before he was about to return to the auditorium, Teacher Haruna appeared on the door while carrying a few sticks similar to those sticks earlier.

"Here are the resupplied darts," Haruna said as she throws the small bag that encased the darts.

Kyosei catches the bag and takes it out before he returned the bag to Haruna.

"We need more, I think it won't end so soon," Kyosei said.

"But Teacher Leo is currently the only one making it and we have not enough material to make it!" Haruna shouted. She saw that wooden items currently used is getting smaller as time passes by.

Kyosei pulls out a pocket knife in his pocket and toss it to Haruna.

"This knife can also made the darts since it is sharp enough. Use it. If the ingredients are getting thin, also tell me so that I will use the gun against them," Kyosei said.

Despite giving a calm face, Kyosei felt helpless, currently, he used 70 darts all in all but he only successfully killed 50. And he is thinking that the night is still not over yet for him.

(Current Undead horde count)

1084 undead

50 killed

Survivor left

9 people left