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35 Dead Bodies Fourth Par

 Day 2: 12:11 A.M

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 49 minutes left


The door of the gymnasium is closed and locked when Kyosei and the rest checked.

"We are f*cked up, we are really f*cked up now!" Okabe is panicking and his face shows the very frown of a depressed person.

Kyosei did not panic. He looked around and saw that the gymnasium has an open window in the upper area. If the gymnasium is locked without the chains outside, then somebody locked it from the inside. Kyosei did not talk and dashed up on the wall to grab the nearby ledge.

"Hey! What are you doing!?" Cindy was startled by Kyosei's sudden action.

Kyosei did not respond. The more he waste time, the more the horde will arrive faster. Kyosei is like a spider climbing up the ledges. He jump on ledges and quickly grab them to avoid falling. In just a few seconds, he quickly reached the open window and he immediately jump off towards the gymnasium.

Kyosei saw that the door is only locked in so he immediately open the padlock only to find it jammed.

The others also get what Kyosei's purpose is. The horde is already a few meters away from them.

"Kyosei! The horde is here!" Snow is sweating as she looks at the horde nearing them.

Kyosei groaned with all his strength, opening the lock forcefully. Kyosei did not waste time celebrating and opened the door. The group entered and before the undead can reach them, Kyosei closed the door again, forcing himself to be the temporary barrier in the door.

Okabe put down the unconscious boy and helped Kyosei block the door.

"Crap, they are so strong!" Okabe struggled to stop the door from opening.

Kyosei did not respond but he really is struggling to close the door too. Sweat is slowly appearing his forehead. Cindy also go to the door as they put down and lay the unconscious girl into the floor and helped Kyosei and Okabe to block the door.

The undead are all strong like musclemen and can really push the door if not being blocked forcefully by the three. Snow looked around if there are any things that can be used as a lock since the three has no chance to lock it due to their main focus is to stop the undead from entering.

Snow spotted a metal bar that can be inserted in the both handles of the door to help block the door.

"Snow hurry!" Okabe shouted as he gritted his teeth and sweat are pouring in his face without stopping.

Snow picked up the metal bar and despite being a heavy metal bar, due to the adrenaline rush, Snow hastily picked the metal bar and inserted it to the handle bars. Kyosei also pushes the lock of the door to strengthen the durability of the door.

"We can't stay here. It is still dangerous to dawdle in here," Kyosei said as he looked around the place.

The gymnasium is divided into two parts. The main part where the events are held known also as the auditorium and the entrance lobby of the gymnasium. Kyosei and the rest are currently in the entrance lobby. The door is ajar in the main gymnasium and approaches the slightly ajar door. The others did not speak as they know that Kyosei is the most brave person that can do crazy things than them.

Kyosei peeks and saw a few scattered undead in the gymnasium along with some strugglers and severed limbs scattered around the floor. Kyosei counted the undead inside and saw twenty normal ones and ten strugglers. Readying his cleaver and the brass knuckles, he look at the rest.

"Watch the door and do not let the undead breached in, I will clear the undead inside first," Kyosei said and proceeds to crouch down before he slowly goes inside the main gymnasium.

"What? You are just getting to let him go? He is injured already!" Cindy protested.

Okabe shrugged. He keeps on seeing Kyosei being injured badly but for some reason, he keeps on seeing Kyosei without any form of suffering from the beatings. Its just like he didn't even get any type of injuries in his body.

"Let him be, he can handle himself and if you peek in,maybe you can sigh in relief, besides, we need to take care of this two unconscious people," Snow said. She is not worried since she personally see Kyosei turn into a killing machine when killing undead.

Cindy was bewildered and thus looked at the ajar door. She saw Kyosei immediately who is currently crouching and striking the undead in the blindspots.

Cindy gasp in shock. Kyosei might be a weak looking guy but he is too vicious and he can really attack enemies without hesitation. He sometimes swing the cleaver or grab the head of the dead and punch it to the ground. Every attack he did is so fatal that blood and flesh usually burst out the broken skulls.

Day 2: 12:15 A.M

Kirishima High School - Auditorium

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 45 minutes left


Kyosei is currently sneaking his victims before striking the killing blow. Swift but precise, it is what he is currently doing. There are plenty of chairs scattered in the gym to use as cover. With the chipped cleaver and the brass knuckles, he can do break all undead by sneaking. Despite the injuries and pain is still lingering, he did not mind.

Sneaking on the undead, he immediately grab its head before slamming the chipped blade of the cleaver in the skull of the undead. Without time to react, the dead fell and return to its corpse state, only with a broken head.

"Twelfth one," Kyosei whispered to himself to keep his kill count with him.

Flicking the cleaver, he once again slams it down on a struggler near him, ending its struggle. Noticing that a nearby one turns around, Kyosei took cover in the near chair without thinking twice. Its quite fast that the undead do not even notice him move. Kyosei did not dawdle anymore and quickly crept. He memorized every position of the undead in the auditorium and he is already on the move towards the next undead.

Like a cat, his footsteps are very light and not a single step sound will echo in the wide auditorium. Grab, kill, sneak, repeat. Four movements is all it takes for Kyosei to do a kill. His mind is still intact and he did not feel anything on killing. He even notice a few schoolmates he have in the past that turned into the undead walk around the auditorium. Even them is not a problem to him as he already have no connection to them attached. Swiftly, he slashed the cleaver in the head of the dead without hesitation.

Cold air blows around. After a few minutes, the dead bodies are now scattered in the floor. Only Kyosei stood in the middle of the corpses and pool of blood.The scene is more like a killer in the middle of the dead bodies he just slaughtered though it is practically the same. Flicking the blood on his cleaver, it ended just like that.

"That was quite boring," Kyosei sighed.


Day 2: 12:20 A.M

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium Auditorium

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 40 minutes left


Sendo, Haruna and Leo all carried darts that Leo made. After preparing enough wooden darts to throw, Sendo and the two teachers are ready to blow some head and clear the auditorium.

"We can do this guys!" Sendo said to the rest.

Leo and Haruna nodded. Sendo really did not feel enthusiastic on this. He is quite afraid actually. He is not some maniac who can properly kill one undead in just a whim. Now they are about to kill a few now.

"Let's go!" Leo said and leads the way.

They prepared for the worst but instead of brutality, what they saw is much more brutal as they saw a lone student currently standing in the middle of the pool of blood and flesh accompanied by the dead bodies of the students who became an undead.

As they appeared, the boy immediately raises his guard and look at them with a cold and murderous eyes that even them can feel the shivers that the kid has given them by simply staring. The kid just did the mass slaughter all by himself?

"Oh, its humans," the kid said as he realize that the three teachers are not infected.

Sendo immediately recognised the boy who stood in the middle of the corpse. The delinquent who can beat others without any restraint and a very well known notorious student that can beat anyone if he wanted to.

"Kyosei Ichinose," Sendo's face turned grim. This student is a big pain in his mind.

Sendo is a teacher in the Physics and Chemistry department. He handles the class of Kyosei in Chemistry and Physics. Whenever he wanted to lecture, this kid sleeps in his class if not, he will listen to music or play games. If he tries to confiscate the phone or the mp3 player, this particular student will immediately slam the table and will punch his face. Fortunately, the kid has not done punching him yet but this infuriated him that he reported him to the guidance only to have a small session and let him go.

The student did not even talk or listen as it continues on listening the music like nothing. In the end, nothing happened to him.

After Haruna heard that name, she was stunned. She expected the Kyosei Ichinose student to be a masculine and thug looking kid with lots of scars and usually put cigar in his mouth. But who would have thought that the student she keeps on seeing everyday in the pond of the school is the same person she keeps on hearing rumors with who beat up most of the gang in the school and the thugs.

She particularly not handle him but she is quite thankful instead to him. He didn't hear any attempts that he hit anyone innocent except thugs and gangsters in the school. After his appearance, the gang fights, bullying and the usual school rumbles that occur almost everyday miraculously fade in the school history as Kyosei is the one who mostly took care of it.

She didn't expect the main student he despised is the kid before him.

"That is Kyosei Ichinose?" Haruna asked.

Before Sendo can respond, Leo approached Kyosei who is currently standing.

"Hey Kyosei!" Leo smiled and held a fistbump on Kyosei.

"Oh, Leo," Kyosei did not smile but he responded on the fistbump and did the same.

Leo smacked Kyosei's shoulder lightly and laugh.

"Hahaha, youre the same as always not even giving me any honorifics," Leo laughed once again.

Sendo was stunned. For some reason, he doesn't understand this that a teacher is in good terms with the number one delinquent in the school without any slight of problem and trouble.