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34 Dead Bodies Third Par

 Day 2: 12:09 A.M

Kirishima High School - Gymnasium

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 51 minutes left


Sendo interjected after he got startled from the crashing noise outside. He looks in his surroundings and he saw Leo currently peeking outside the window that is only their source of small light and a bit of fresh air. Haruna is also awakened from the crash bit she got up much more later than Sendo.

"What is going on?" Sendo asked Leo.

"No idea. That crash is really sudden that I got surprised. But based from that sound, I suspect it is not a car crash," Leo said.

"An aircraft crashing perhaps?" Haruna guessed.

"Maybe, but I never knew the sound of air crash yet. Though cars crash is somewhat easy to distinguish," Leo said.

Sendo wanted to go back and sleep, but for some reason, he can't go to sleep again. Haruna did not have difficulty in returning to slumberland as she sleep soundly once more. Leo returns back to his current position and currently sharpening a few sticks.

"Are you making arrows?" Sendo asked.

Leo laughed and continues on sharpening the sticks.

"No, they might look like improvised arrows made by beginners bit this are not arrows. I prefer to say that these are darts," Leo said as he raises the sticks in the air.

Sendo looked at the knife at Sendo's hands. He recognized this one since he have gone to Philippines once and this one is a modernized and more concealed version of the weapon called "balisong" which can be used as pocket knife. Of course, it has some other purpose besides the blade which is a bottle opener.

"You have a balisong?" Sendo asked. He didn't expect like Teacher Leo to bring a weapon to school.

"Yes but originally, this is just a keychain meant for opening cola bottles. It is a gift from my wife as a souvenir. I even have a hard time concealing this one just to pass on the airport security," Leo laughed.

Sendo picks up the darts. The wood came from an old equipment made of wood and easy to be dismantled to sticks and planks. What more amazed him is the fact that the balisong is hard enough to make a dart as sharp as the one made. He tried on using it and throws it on a board used as scoreboard.


The stick's sharp end got stucked on the board. Sendo was ecstatic seeing these sharp sticks. Their weapon choices are barely good for them to survive the night where running undead are troublesome. Sendo respected Leo more. They didn't know that they will be involved by the incident that Kyosei and the others would bring...

Day 2: 12:09 A.M

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 51 minutes left


Okabe is carrying the unconscious boy in his back while Cindy and Snow helped carry the wounded girl too. Kyosei is too busy to help them as the undead arrived faster than expected. He pulls out his revolver and began shooting the gun to the enemies. He didn't care much if he killed one. He needed to act as a rescue lifeline or else the idiotic people near him will die a horrible death. Without him acting as the guard for all of them, being rescued might be the most impossible thing to happen for them. They might end up as a fodder for the dead.

The group continues on walking while Kyosei acts as a strong wall for them. Wielding the broken cleaver and the revolver, Kyosei rushes to the rushing undead and slams down the cleaver hard on the undead, cleaving the head open.

The three are amazed on Kyosei's prowess in fighting as he flawlessly attack enemies. Even the undead can't even touch a single hair of Kyosei due to his swift movements that is very effective in taking enemies down. This technique of fighting style is a street fighting style which is not that restricted like Karate since Street fighting is more focused on taking the enemy down in any means. Since they have no experience in fighting they are relying Kyosei, besides, if they are not dragging the two people who are currently unconscious, they will accompany Kyosei in battle.

Kyosei looked back and he got startled when he saw the huge mass of undead currently not far from them. A few are obviously the infected students and teachers but most are not a student and most likely not affiliated by the school.

"Don't slow down, keep on moving!" Kyosei shouted as he look at the undead ahead of them.

They are almost near the gymnasium but the gap between the horde and them are very close. This is really risky and dangerous but they needed to persevere.

"Can we stall them a bit?" Snow asked Kyosei.

Kyosei gritted his teeth. That horde is not good and it is also not the horde that he can fight without proper equipment. They might be dead bodies moving but they are quick and they might kill him without even getting a chance to retaliate. Even diversion will not work on these horde right now. He also ran out of grenades. Revolver only hit 8 at a time and he is quite sure that even if he close his eyes, he won't miss a single bullet in the massive horde.

Kyosei shook his head as an answer to Snow's question.

"Then we need to barricade ourselves into the gymnasium, close the door and wait it out in the morning," Okabe said.

The three doubles their effort and Kyosei attacks the few enemies who are attacking and trying to get close to the group. Kyosei is keeping his calm on this. He has the means to escape in case the gymnasium is besieged and breached the door but that will be the end of the people he is accompanying right now. Kyosei is filled with choices to abandon or to fight it out against the horde that will sooner or later trap them inside the gymnasium.

(Current Horde Count)

2134 infected

35 dead( Permanent)

(Survivor Count on the battlefield)

9 survivors

0 dead