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33 Dead Bodies Second Par

 Day 2: 12:08 A.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 52 minutes left


While Kyosei's group is trying to escape the horde of the dead, Haru's group which is the Team Alpha and Team Bravo are now retreating after receiving the command to retreat from the Team Charlie. Sweat is flowing on Haru's body as he tried to keep his leadership intact on a group with a slowly regressing morale. From the five years of experience in the front lines, this mission is the most dangerous on all of the missions he have undertaken as a captain. The wars in his missions are more peaceful than this one. He cannot deploy his diplomatic skills against mindless enemies.

The group of soldiers continues to traverse the streets with broken cars and ripped limbs around. Everytime an infected is spotted, a few soldiers will go deal with it. Their mission is to escape and also to lure the horde away from the quarantine zone where the Team Delta is in position. It is a big loss if the quarantine zone is breached by the undead.

His walkie talkie once again receives a new transmission.

"Team Alpha, over"

"Team Delta over, we receive that Team Alpha is luring the horde of undead from the quarantine zone," the voice from the other line said.

"Positive sir, we are currently 3000 meters away from you now," Haru said as they keep on running.

"Copy that, we receive direct orders from HQ. The presidenential son and daughter of the United States' Helo crashed down in Osaka and Team Alpha are also ordered to look for the presidential son and daughter if possible. They need to be extracted dead or alive. A hefty reward will be given to you and your team if you managed to rescue them, over and out," the other line said.

"Copy, over and out," Haru said and maintained the poker face expression but after the transmission ended, his face is now filled with disgust.

"Rewards my *ss! It's already a suicide looking for survivors in these crappy streets and we are ordered to venture out further? F*ckers! Once I am finished with this sh*tty mission, I will put all those money inside your *ssholes!" Haru gritted his teeth.

His subordinates was speechless since it is the first time they saw their captain cussed like that. But they can't blame him. The HQ is not reasonable at all. They just order and order dangerous missions to the soldiers without any consideration that the soldiers are faced with danger while they just kept on making themselves comfortable. The soldiers also felt agitated now. Just who the hell are they to order?!

Day 2: 12:07 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 53 minutes left


Kyosei, Okabe, Snow, and Cindy are now on the move. A few undead are now around the area. Kyosei frowned since he mostly killed the undead around during the battle against the juggernaut but now he found out that the enemies are all like being spawned. He spits out the formed saliva in his mouth. He can taste the blood in his mouth which is not healed yet.

"Where are we going now?" Cindy asked.

Kyosei looked at her and looked around. Before he can answer, he saw a helicopter that is zigzagging like it is out of control. He saw that the helicopter is now on the verge on crashing.

"F*ck!" Okabe cussed as he saw the actual scene of the helicopter crashing down on the track field.

Kyosei calmly looked at the crash site. He remained his cold reaction on his face and has no sign of shock and surprise.

"Let's go! Let's help them! Maybe somebody are still alive!" Okabe suggested.

Kyosei furrowed his eyebrows.

"No. Its a waste of time and if they are injured, we will be slowed down on escaping," Kyosei said.

Having an injured companion is something troublesome and on top of that, undead are on the chase on them since the horde is almost near.

Hearing his response, the three frowned and Okabe holds the collar of Kyosei.

"Why are you so cold? You don't care if somebody are still alive in that helo?!" Okabe gritted his teeth.

Kyosei remained indifferent.

"I don't care since it is not my business. Go ahead and do it, but I won't help," Kyosei said.

Okabe was stunned and he gritted his teeth before releasing his collar. Snow even shows contempt on her face.

"Jerk," Cindy looked at Kyosei with disgust.

Kyosei looked at them approaching the helicopter. He didn't care anyway so he decided to observe nearby and he is making sure he is not doing anything that will help. Okabe, Snow, and Cindy rushes towards the helo. The helo is still not on the verge of explosion yet. It only crashed and the there are no flames visible that can harm whoever is inside...


Day 2: 12:00 A.M

Presidential Helicopter - Around the border of Osaka, Japan

Duration of the Night Rage: 7 hours left


Before everything occurred, Steven Reeves and Nathalie Reeves are currently being evacuated from the white house after the breach of the infected in the area. They even witnessed how the infected killed their mother and ripped her to shreds that she is unrecognizable. The current president of United States of America, Zack Reeves is escorting his children towards the hangar of the white house. Nobody knows about the hangar since it is hidden and it is only used in situations like these.

Steven is a well built teen. He has blonde hair with his handsome face, girls are calling him prince at the university he is at. He is a good boy and despite the status as the son of the president, he is not using this to abuse and get on top of his peers and remained equal to them.

The equal opposite of that is Nathalie. Nathalie is also very pretty and has a long blonde hair with a length reaching her waist. Her face is so young and you can see the fairness of her skin that looks like she has not experienced getting a single pimple at all. She is known as the queen of the academy and she has many followers and suitors. Her only downside is that she looks down on others very easily and can command to others like she is always on the top though easily persuaded by her brother. This behavior makes Steven got into trouble since she keeps on using the name of her father to get others to obey her. Steven wished that somebody will show her the real state of the world and commanding someone tyrannically is not worth it.

Steve and Nathalie got seated on the helo and are waiting for their father to also take a ride. Zack shook his head as he backs off slowly while he pulls out a gun from his waist.

"Take care of yourselves, guys. I love both of you," Zack look at them one last time.

"Dad?! No, we will escape here together!" Steven said.

"Dad! Please! Come inside quick!" Nathalie is on the verge of tears.

Zack shook his head as he smiled bitterly at them.

"I have responsibilities to fulfill. I can't abandon my men," Zack said.

The helicopter leave the land and slowly rises up in the air.

Steven and Nathalie wanted to go and return to their father but escaping the helicopter in a high ground will result in injuries. Nathalie holds the pilot of the helicopter.

"Hey, I order you to return and fetch my father!" Nathalie said in domineering tone.

The pilot

did not respond and the helicopter flies off. The helicopter is not that fast but they leave america before midnight and just as they are around the Osaka border, Nathalie pulls out the headphones of the pilot and tries to take over the helo's control.

"Nathalie! Stop what you are..." before Steven can finish his sentence, a shrill scream echoes in the air, piercing their ears. Since Nathalie did wear the headphones, she is safe from the scream, however, the pilot and Steven are both not wearing any protection to the ears so when the voice rang out...

"Aaaaaaaaaaggggghhh!" Steven screamed as he clutches his ears tightly.

The pilot was more surprised and has not prepared to defend his ears so when the voice range out, his eardrums burst out and blood oozes out from his ears.

"Aaaaahhh!" Nathalie screamed when the pilot passed out and blood spills off from the ears of the pilot which startled her.

Nathalie panicked and decided to use a bit of her expertise on controlling the helicopter on her own. She always played many simulators on aircraft and she can confidently say that she is expert. But heck with it, she finds out that everything in the simulator and the real one are a bit different!

Pulling and pushing a few buttons and levers, she frantically panicked. Steven is still alive and groggily hold his ears while the pilot seems to be dead which is somewhat a bit incomprehensible. Before she can do anything, the propeller of the helicopter stopped and before they knew it, the helicopter fell in the zigzagging way. Before Nathalie can react, she got slammed hard on the control panel and loses her consciousness before the helicopter hit the ground hard...

Day 2: 12:08 A.M

Kirishima High School - Track field: Crash Site

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 52 minutes left


Kyosei looked around ready to engage into the battle and despite him not helping them, he is still basically helping them by fighting enemies trying to approach them.

Okabe looked inside and saw that there are two people inside who is clearly breathing while the older person which Okabe deduced to be the pilot is dead and he is sure of it due to its mutilated body. He carefully pulled out the teenager boy first. Good thing that they are wearing seatbelts so when the helicopter crashed, they did not fall from the crash. Snow and Cindy helped Okabe pull out the guy out and returned to retrieve the girl. They pulled her out. They have some difficulty at first so they kept on persisting. Good thing they did rescued the two. For the pilot, they did not bother pulling his body out. He is already dead so pulling him out is no longer needed. Snow feel their pulse and breaths if it is in irregular motion. Cindy and Okabe were serious and when Snow gave a positive confirmation, they sighed in relief.

Kyosei look at them without even muttering a word. He sighed since another two nuisances are added to the group. Dragging the two unconscious people to a safe area is okay, if, they have a safe area. The problem is that, they have no safe area yet! Looking around, he spotted not far from the crash site the gymnasium. He remembered earlier from Nanami that she had connected to a phone of a teacher who is located in the gymnasium. He gritted his teeth. If they can reach the gymnasium, they might have a chance to escape by delaying the undead since the Gymnasium is also connected to the nearby Library which he needed to access to reach the underground bunker where Miyuki and the rest are...

(Incoming Horde Arrival)

1 minute left