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32 Dead Bodies First Par

 Day 2: 12:04 A.M

Kirishima High School - Track and Field Locker Room

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 56 minutes left


Before the events in Osaka Streets, Cindy, Okabe and Snow still holds their ears though it didn't bleed anymore after the scream earlier, it is not that dangerous to their ears and nothing major is happening. They rested for a while and since the injury is not big, the three recovered. Kyosei ignores them but he made sure that everyone are alright and not experiencing any feelings of pain. He grabbed five of the Melon Breads inside the duffel bag he is carrying and began on munching. The rest are eating food for a late dinner. Cindy did not eat anymore since she already had her fill earlier but she still feel a bit dizzy due to the sceam earlier. Kyosei grab a few melon bread again and the second set of bread and eat his fill once again. He is not that hungry though but he need to eat to replenish his energy that he expended from the battle earlier. Okabe and Snow are also wolfing down the bread. They are already starving and they do not know when will they be able to eat again.

Cindy holds her ears before she once again used her phone to look for the latest news. Earlier, when she checked, the channels and the videos are all on chaos so she has no idea when will the news goes on settled situation. As she checked, different news appears on the screen, all containing the news of the outbreak.

"Currently, America is now on chaos and the president is already evacuated from the white house after the first lady is killed earlier. The two kids of the president are already evacuated but we receive a news that the chopper where the two kids of the president lost contact just now after the chopper reached the border of Japan, furthermore, we receive no update on this part. In Japan, SDF are already deployed in the surviving cities which are still within contact which are Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Fukuoka. While the others are still within confirmation. Also earlier, a shrill scream almost damaged the ears of many citizens along with us who are also not safe from the damage. The army said that only the people with headphones and other things that covered their ears are immune from the scream earlier. But according to the SDF, a new specie of the infected might have done it. We suggest the people to stay at home and do not go outside unless the situation is dire," the news anchor said and the news flash ended.

Cindy frowned. She is definitely baffled by the turn of events. The infection are still on the prowl and nowhere is safe and looked at Kyosei who is still eating the fourth melon bread. She already heard about the struggle of Kyosei earlier when he killed the Juggernaut. It is not that easy to beat something like the normal ones, then what about the abnormals? It is not that easy either. Chances of death and survival are too great that surviving the first day is already very scarce. Her parents are also not contactable in any messaging apps and calling doesn't work either.

"Hey, you alright?" Snow appeared on her side.

Cindy got startled but she recovered and smiled.

"Hahaha, I am not even sure if this state of mine is what you call alright," Cindy said.

Kyosei looked at her as he chews the last melon. He didn't respond much as he munches his food. He looked at the time in his watch and saw the time is past midnight. After the howl at midnight it was somewhat creepy and dangerous. He also noticed that the surroundings turned quiet.

"I feel something is amiss in the surroundings," Okabe said as he tried to listen outside the door.

Kyosei looked at Okabe. So not only him feel the eerie feeling of silence. As he was about to switch the song in his mp3 player, it was interrupted by the same person who keeps on interrupting him.

"Hey, Ichi, you still alive?" the voice of Nanami resounded.

"Mm," Kyosei said in a muffled voice since his mouth is stuffed in bread.

"I can't contact you earlier whatever method I do. I thought you died," Nanami said.

Kyosei didn't responded on that. He didn't care if the other party on the line is worried on him.

"How does Miyuki holds there? Did you successfully arrive the area I told you?" Kyosei asked.

"Yeah, we arrived here. Miyuki is currently resting but she still didn't regained her consciousness until now," Nanami said.

"I see," Kyosei said as he contemplated everything. If the stone that the hurler thrower on Miyuki is very sharp and got thrown hard, it might be dangerous for Miyuki if the others didn't help her immediately.

"Hmph. Then? What did you contact me for?" Kyosei asked.

"Kyosei, I hacked the school cameras earlier in the whole school. Where are you right now?" Nanami asked.

"We are still inside the Locker room of the Track and field club," Kyosei answered.

"Hold on," Nanami has gone silent a bit but the music still didn't return which means she is still in the other line.

"Kyosei! If you have other people there, get out in there now!" Nanami hurriedly said.

"Huh?!" Kyosei was startled.

"A large horde of undead are seen earlier around the old building. I think the horde is nearing the area where you are hiding!" Nanami explained.

Kyosei's eyebrows meet as he heard it. Another Horde? Kyosei is quite injured and his weapon is chipped off but still good to be used. The only problem he is seeing is the survivability talents of these people he is with. Cindy looked at Kyosei since he is speaking in his headphones earlier.

"Who is speaking with you?" Cindy approached him

Kyosei looked at her with a deadpan expression.

"Nanami," Kyosei said.

He then looked at the people around him. If he started to look at this people, he need to determine if they can survive without problem.

Snow has a strong willpower and can stand on bloody and gory events, even violent stuff is not enough to shaken her willpower. It is seen in her behavior earlier. Her only problem is that she is easily get surprised and shocked which is quite a problem in hiding. He already knows that she get easily surprised just like in the past when he suddenly appears in her back, she will squeal without warning. If there is a surprise attack, she will immediately shocked and might tell the enemies their location which is in the bad side.

Okabe is a good fighter and can handle battles on his own and he is good at sneaking too. He can kill and surprise enemies without problems as long as it is not a group or horde battles. Why he can't fight horde battles is due to his low reaction time which is also a bad side. He is not that good in fighting long battles as he is easily get tired. If the two bad things are applied, he is easily picked off from a horde and he will die which is he keeps on happening.

The last is Cindy which is a cheerleader. In his deduction, she has a bad temper and easily get angry. In groups, this kind of behavior is a big no since interacting to survivors in this behavior can cause conflict. Kyosei is not that good with words but he has good temper which is different from Cindy who easily snaps in a minor problem. Her good points is that she is good at adapting in any situation. Kyosei saw it when he first rescued her earlier. She is still unwilling to accept everything but after a while, she adapted and she is now unfazed on this but she is still struggling on doing so. His only problem on her is her problem in battles. He still don't know if Cindy can really fight since he didn't know her capabilities in combat.

With a grunt, he forced himself to stand. Its time to move out. He faced the the three students with a serious look.

"You three, we need to get out in this place as soon as possible," Kyosei begins on speaking.

"Huh? What is going on," Okabe asked.

"Is something wrong? I don't know what is going on," Snow said.

Outside, the howls of the undead are incoming all around and it is getting louder and louder.

"A horde of the infected people are rushing here. We have no choice but to leave to avoid being besieged. We can't forever stay here. We still have a long time before the morning which is much easier to handle than the Night Rage infected. But if we keep on staying here, we will die in a big possible certainty. So leaving will be our big and best choice," Kyosei said.

Cindy immediately grab the pole from the mop that Kyosei gave to her. Okabe take the pipe he keeps on using earlier. Snow reveals her weapon which is two pairs of sharp scissors.

Kyosei nodded but still keeps the deadpan expression on his face.

"Since everyone has no negative comments on my judgement, then let's move. We can't dawdle here," Kyosei said.

The night is still ongoing and the safety of the survivors are still not known until now. Their survivability and their teamwork is challenged once again as a new horde is going to destroy their will.

(Incoming Horde Arrival)

Time left: 5 minutes left