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31 Howl Of the Dead

 Day 2: 12:00 A.M

Kirishima High School - Track and Field Locker Room

Duration of the Night Rage: 7 hours Left


Kyosei is lying down on the sofa inside the track and field Locker room while Snow, Cindy and Okabe are treating his wounds.

"What the hell are you even doing? You might have died against that monster! You don't have proper gear to beat that monster and you still insist on killing it?!" Cindy was furious seeing the wounds and bruises on Kyosei's body.

"Shut up..." Kyosei groaned as he returned his headphones back to his ears.

As the bandage are all covering the bruises and wounds, he also put on his uniform back.

Snow tapped on Cindy's shoulder.

"Don't bother on scolding him. He will never listen," Snow said.

Okabe is currently cleaning all the mess from the medkit as he glance on Kyosei.

"Damn, how did this guy survive that?!" Okabe muttered by himself.

After hearing everything from Kyosei, he frowned seeing that this guy can still move despite the injuries he received after killing the creature called "Juggernaut". If he is on Kyosei's shoes, he will die in just a slam in the ground. But Kyosei managed to survive and even managed to kill the monster. As expected, he is worthy of being nicknamed, the " Little Devil". Just as he was about to put the medkit back to its proper place, the clock in the room strikes 12:00 A.M. accompanied by a very shrill but loud scream that anyone who can hear it will clutch their ears in pain!

"The f*ck!!!" Okabe groaned as he clutched his ears. He felt his ears bleeding.

Same with Cindy and Snow as they clutched their ears to stop the ringing voice. Blood slowly drips from their ears. Only Kyosei is clearly not experiencing it. He looked at the three clutching their bleeding ears while looking for something to cover their ears and avoid the shrill scream.

"Nooo!! It hurts!" Snow groaned in pain.

"Aaahhhhh!!" Cindy screamed and tears are flowing from her eyes.

Kyosei is startled. He didn't hear much due to the headphones in his ears and he can only deduce it as a scream due to the loud music from his headphones that is masking the shrill howl of the unknown entity.

Kyosei picked up the fallen medkit and takes six pieces of cotton and handed it to them to help them cover their ears and also to wipe the blood on their ears.

The howling scream lasts for 60 seconds before it totally stopped returning the heavy silence in the air.

Snow, Okabe and Cindy are all down in the floor, struggling to stand up as they felt their surroundings really blurry. Blood are still flowing in their ears. Kyosei immediately grab the cottons and put it in their ears. It is for helping their ears from clogging in blood. Kyosei checked their ears if they have a severe wound but luckily, it didn't and only a small wound that caused the blood flow in their ears.

Kyosei frowned. For some reason, the outbreak of the dead in Osaka is very sudden and there are many different effects that are deadly to humans and might push them to extinction. The source of the outbreak is still unknown and the government are not giving any response to this event.


Day 2: 12:05 A.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 55 minutes left


Haru Asuzawa is an SDF Captain of Team Alpha. They are divided into four groups, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta which are all assigned in different tasks. For Team Alpha, they are tasked on clearing the streets alongside on rescuing the survivors around the area in which he is leading on. Team Bravo are assigned to escort the survivors rescued by Team Alpha to the quarantine zone. Team Charlie are assigned for scouting in the air and signals on Team Alpha if they spotted any survivors since they are riding the black hawk. Team Delta is assigned to defend the Quarantine Zone and also to avoid the leakage of the undead.

Haru holds the Assault Rifle on his hands, as he lead the Team Alpha which is backed up by the Team Bravo who is just behind them. They already experienced the howl earlier which is very disruptive. But since they wear headsets in their helmets to communicate, the damage are lessened a bit but the survivors are all groaning in pain earlier which the Team Bravo struggled on. Haru saw a horde ahead of them, running in full speed towards them.

"Fire!" Haru shouted and the sounds of bullets disrupted the night. The dead are all rushing towards them but they keep on firing bullets without stopping.


As the command goes, they reload immediately but one soldier failed to do so and an undead jumped towards him.


The undead grab and bites his arm and the soldier shouted as blood escapes on his wound.

"Don't break formation! Fire!"

Another round of bullets rained and Haru pulls out the pistol and shoots on the undead that jumps on one of the soldiers. The whole Team Alpha alongside with Team Bravo released a round of bullets to the horde of running undead. In just a matter of minutes, the area is now emitting a pungent smell of rotten flesh and gunpowder.

Haru approached the soldier that got bitten and salutes on the soldier. The soldier is barely conscious and his face is very pale with veins appearing clearly like roots on his face.

"C...captain... kill me... please," the soldier struggled.

Haru gritted his teeth as he tightly grip the pistol in his hand and reluctantly muttered a few words.

"Private Souji Tamaki, you are hereby relieved from your mission. You will never be forgotten and the country will remember your deeds!" Haru shuts his eyes firmly and perform a salute.

The other soldiers also did a hand salute to the soldier. Haru raises the gun and pulling the trigger.


The other soldiers are frowning. This is the 10th casualty in the operation. Haru wanted to curse but what can he do?

A bleep sound resounded on his walkie talkie and someone talks in after the bleep.

"Team Charlie, over," The person on the walkie talkie talked.

"Team Alpha captain, copy" Haru said.

"Team Alpha, a horde of infected are rushing to your direction on 12 o'clock and 9 o'clock. Advised to retreat as soon as possible," the voice said in the receiver.

"How many infected are there, over?"

"We can't be sure but we have deduced the amount of infected approximately about a thousand with five abnormal infected which is codenamed as Juggernaut. ETA around 3 minutes on your location, Team Charlie Out."

"Copy, Team Alpha Out."

Haru groaned. The amount of undead rushing are totally overwhelming. Haru reloads his rifle once again.

"New orders are on the way. We are advised to retreat. Men, let's move!" Haru ordered.

The group immediately retreated. Haru is now struggling. If the soldiers with high caliber guns having trouble, then what about the normal survivors.