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29 Rising after the Deadly Aftermath

 Day 1: 11:00 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours left


Okabe and Snow are both resting when the glasses on the windows break and shards scatters on the floor. The two are startled and as they peek outside the window that is facing the track field, they saw that the field is no longer infested with horde. They are a bit afraid of leaving their hiding place after the occurrence of the attack earlier. If not for Kyosei, they would be food by the dead right now. The area is dark but they can clearly see that the area is covered in smoke.

"Is that an explosion? What happened?" Okabe is a bit confused.

"Its a grenade explosion, I heard it once in a military site since my uncle is a soldier there. When he took me there, a few of his colleagues are having a practice of grenade volleys," Snow said.

"Is that so? Who the heck is able to use that here? There are no soldiers and we are stucked up in this crappy school. Who is the one using it then?" Okabe asked with a questionable face.

Before Snow can answer, she saw a huge thing on the field along with somebody laying in the grass, not moving.

"Hey, somebody is here!" Snow pointed on the figure that is not so recognizable in the darkness.

"I don't see any of those freaks rushing over, most are seen in the field as corpses. Should we go take a look?" Okabe asked.

Snow nodded. For some reason she felt curious on the person laying in the ground. Okabe grabbed the metal pipe he used earlier. He was able to rest from all the battles and cardio exercises he have done earlier so he is really energized now.


Day 1: 11:20 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track and Field Locker room

Duration of the Night Rage: 7 hours and 40 minutes left


Cindy jerked from the little sofa of the locker room when a strong explosion occurred nearby. It shook the nearby buildings. She was taking a nap after rummaging in the supplies of food and it a few food inside. She had no way of knowing. The windows are too high which is only giving the wind a place to linger on inside. She can't peer on the window so she has no way of seeing the situation outside. She busied herself earlier on eating food and after before sleeping. Its a long day so she is tired. She is not yet adapted from the situation. When the tremor caused by the explosion occurred, she of course got startled.

"What the hell was that?" Cindy rubbed her red eyes.

The night is so silent the it is so chilly. She can't see much in the dark, she has no flashlight so she is forced to dwell in the dark. She is not afraid in the dark since she does not believe in ghosts. In this time, it was really troublesome for her due to the appearances of the undead. She is afraid that the dead managed to get inside and eat her. She quickly checked the doorknob of the door. Nope, not open.

She sighed in relief. It was quite hard for her to keep on being cautious.


Day 1: 11:20 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 7 hours and 40 minutes left


Kyosei is already awake earlier, 11: 12 P.M. He checked his watch earlier. He is still laying in the ground and he felt his body heavy. Besides his arms, legs and all functions in his head, his body is very tired and fatigued. He can't move a to stand. He groanedbut he still feel that his body is not for him to control. But he sighed in relief. Most of the undead in the track field are dead and if there are still alive, most of them cannot leave from their own spot due to the lacking limbs. He also checked if the Juggernaut Kaze's body if it is still alive. The juggernaut's body is still laying the ground with a broken head. He sighed in relief. Not only he killed the juggernaut, he also avenged Miyuki, Nanami and Nejima from earlier where he abducted and beat the three up.

Kyosei did not understand what is the main intention of Kaze. It is also illogical thinking for him to be prepared in this kind of event. His behavior is really odd which Kyosei really got bewildered of. First, Kaze is able to keep his calm in the midst of the apocalypse. Many people experiencing that will go on panic before experiencing and goes on adaptive stage where they go on rebellious stage. Examples are ****, Robbery, Suicide, Murder and Freedom to law. Even he is not anticipating the apocalypse so he basically didn't know a single thing on it. If he was able to anticipate the apocalypse, he might have gone to preparation. In the end, he didn't know. He even relied on his skills to survive and used a few tools to kill. He was only able to get a firearm after killing the guard undead but for some reason, Kaze owned a freakin' Colt 45. Kato also mentioned that his boss knows that the apocalypse will occur which might be more logical since he have a connection but what about Kaze? He is wealthy but he is also not a good person so not a single person is daring about getting close to him besides getting money.

Kyosei forced his body to rise up despite his injuries. He got it worse today and he felt his head go dizzy. He can't let himself stay down in the field forever. The undead around the school is not yet annihilated. He needs to go go back to fetch Cindy and go to the underground bunker. Before he can stand properly, his legs wobbled and he goes on to kneel to support his body from falling down.

"F*ck, every action I made, has a big toll to me, how can I even survive for long time," Kyosei shook his head.

He forced his legs to stand up and walk. He goes to the bonnet that fell from his battle earlier. It is a bit dirty but its just a bit of dust and a bit of specks of grasses are sticking on it. He pick it up and wear it again. He never let the bonnet off from him. He check his headphones if any parts are broken or chipped off. Miraculously, not a single dent is present on the headset and even the portable Mp3 player is not broken and he can still play music on it. He pushed the play button and the music is again blaring in his ears. The cleaver in his side is a bit tattered and has a bit of blade chipped off but it can still be used though not in the same manner anymore. Even the revolver looked. broken to him but actually, it is not. He loaded the cylinder with bullets once again. After loading everything, he limp a bit but he can still walk properly. His wounds are still bleeding but not on the dangerous side and only needed a slight medication. He slowly walk towards the track and field locker room. He remembered that he locked the girl alone inside the room though he is not that worried since he left the food and water that he looted. It will be enough for Cindy to eat.

Kyosei once again wanted to walk but instead of stepping, he felt the big urge to sleep.

"Crap, I can't..." Kyosei almost fell but good thing somebody supported him. Kyosei's sleepiness disappeared. He quickly pulled out his revolver and aimed at the shivering teen.

"Woah, slow down, slow down boy, we are not dead yet," Okabe shivered. He always think it is bad idea to stay near to the guy but since Snow insisted, he decided to look on and see Kyosei slowly walking.

"Ugh...," Kyosei let's down his guard," it's just the troublemaker and another troublemaker, what a mess."

"For some reason, i feel pissed on you," Okabe's eyes squinted.

As they create noises in front of the door of the Track and field Locker room, Cindy's voice echoed out.

"Hey, is somebody out there?" Cindy's voice seemed weak, maybe due to the closed area closing the voice in.

"It's me," Kyosei muttered.

"Oh, thank goodness, I thought you ditched me already!" Cindy said in relief.

Kyosei stood up with the help of Okabe and Snow and grab the lockpick in his key holder. He has no key for the door so he just needed to lockpick. Okabe and Snow looked at his movements but for some reason they can't grasp how he do it. In just a few ups and turns in the keyhole, the door opened. Cindy sighed in relief but get startled seeing Kyosei's sorry state.

"What happened?" Cindy asked Kyosei.

"So nosy, mind your own business," Kyosei said and goes dirctly on the duffel bag. The food and water are lacking but Kyosei knows who is properietor but he didn't care much. He purposely left the food so that she can scrounge and eat.

Kyosei grabbed the bandage, gauge bandage, cotton, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol. Snow helped him dress the wound on his right arm since he is having trouble on doing it. Kyosei also took his uniform off and a huge bruise is very visible despite the darkness of the night.

The time is almost striking in midnight and in just a few more hours, the night rage is ending but the surprises are still far from over.