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28 Killing the Deadly Juggernaut Final Part Part Three

 Day 1: 10:50 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Track field

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours and 10 minutes left


Kyosei felt his body gets squeezed tighter and tighter without restraint. He can't even breath and he felt his insides getting churned up. His blood is also slowly dripping out his mouth and nose. He can't move much since his hands are also restrained by the Juggernaut.

"Fuck..... I can't die here yet..." Kyosei groaned.

He tries on struggling a bit but he can't properly do it. Before Kyosei can react, he was slammed hard in the ground, creating a crater. For some reason, his portable mp3 and his headphones are still intact. Perhaps it might be due to Nanami's modification that it became so invulnerable to hard hits. Kyosei felt his joints in his right arm get dislocated. He cannot even move this arm as it is clearly trembling but it is still an endurable injury and he still can move his body. Problem is, his whole body is sore and can't properly do what he want to. His body is not made of metal nor made to heal immediately. He is not a game character that can heal his injuries by eating freaking snacks, this is d*mn reality. The juggernaut did not stop its attack, instead it follows a volley of attack. Kyosei has nowhere to run and the crater-like area he landed has a limited space to avoid. As the punch landed, Kyosei did a roll on a small side and in just a centimeter, he almost got smashed.

"F*ck, this is too much," Kyosei groaned.

The juggernaut is not that swift but not that slow either despite its humongous size. For Kyosei, escaping is nothing but far from reality. With his injuries, its a matter of time for him to die. Kyosei did not think much. He quickly used all of his remaining strength to escape the crater. He can still move, problem only is his not so swift movements unlike earlier. If the injuries will continue to go on, he will die in internal bleeding. With a slight movement, he climbed out of the crater. The Juggernaut also noticed this so it gave another volley string of punches towards him. Kyosei rolled in the ground evading. It is his only choice of movements of dodging for now. He can't get a swift dodge movement if he is using his own feet. The juggernaut did not pull a single punch lightly. All blows deal really strong damage that deals the flat ground turn hollow. It is really a frightening move that even the unfazed Kyosei feel the shiver after recalling the times he got almost squished to death.

Kyosei holds his dislocated right arm and with a small but quick movement, he put the dislocated arm back to reduce the pain. Returning it on its proper place will avoid further damage in his arm, besides, it is still attached to his body so he is not worried of arm malfunction. He is not yet crippled. He know a few method of this in the past after obtaining a similar injury. Seeing that the juggernaut is ready to give a new beating for him, he quickly do a roll. He bumped on the squashed body of the undead that got killed by the juggernaut during the assault earlier. Those bodies are a burden and his uniform is now stained with dirty blood.

Kyosei is disgusted but what he can do? He needed to stay away from the juggernaut as far as possible. With a little push, he was able to stand back up once again though pain automatically lingers on his body. Even his consciousness is slowly getting blurry. He pulls out his keys and poked the center of his palm lightly. This is a self acupressure he once learned in the internet to avoid sleepiness and dizziness whenever he do some late night raids. He also uses this method to stop his dizziness that usually occurs whenever he receive too high damage.

The juggernaut once again raises its big hands to do a volley of punches once more.


Kyosei did not get to dodge in time, causing him to get caught in the blast that the Juggernaut induced to attack him. His body comes tumbling in the stained red grass of the field. His forehead is bleeding and his mouth is also bleeding. He spit out the sweet and bitter taste of the blood in his mouth. His bonnet is also removed, revealing his brown hair. Blood keeps on dripping on his forehead. He still grips the revolver in his hands but the gun shows that it is only loaded a single bullet now. Probably, the bullets he loaded earlier fell from the revolving cylinder. He cussed since the bullets are wasted. With his remaining strength, he stood up once again. He can't be taken down by this. Gritting his teeth dyed with red due to his blood, he holds the cleaver which has chipped blade after the last juggernaut attack. Just as he was about to face the ugly juggernaut, he suddenly remembered a very dangerous explosive in his pocket.


Of course! He still have the grenade in his pocket as he did not expended the final blast yet. Die? Die your sister! He won't be dying. His last resort and his powerful trump card is still in his pocket. He put his hand in the pocket and as expected, the grenade is still in his pocket. But the only problem he had right now is how to use it properly.

"Think Kyosei! The grenade cannot be wasted by pointless throw. It needs to deal the strongest damage to it!" Kyosei mumbled to himself.

The juggernaut looks around and as his sight locks on Kyosei's figure once again, it growled madly and charges towards him!


The grenade might be strong and packed with explosive power, but if used improperly against the enemy who has a strong defense, what does explosive power do? A slingshot will be good for shooting the grenade towards the Juggernaut but he can't do that. His arm is currently injured and a prolong aiming and stretching of the rubber will just further increase the pain in his arm. Besides, he used to pull the rubber using his right hand which is the injured one so straining it will be bad. He needed a substitute of the slingshot that can be used by his left hand. Kyosei looks around and just as he was desperately looking for something, he saw a rope dangling on the stage where Cindy got stranded earlier. Seeing the rope, his mind thought a new but crazy idea.

He sprinted towards the stage but it cannot be called as a sprint since he is only running normally. He can't strain his legs too much. He is still slightly faster than the juggernaut so after he dashed towards the rope, the juggernaut also rushes towards him. He reaches on the stage and he immediately grab the rope. Specifically, it is not a normal rope but a rubber one. It is flexible and can be used to tie on something more than the typical rope used in tug of war. He pulled the rope as he ran and while running, he quickly pulls out the grenade and ties the rope on the body of the grenade. He didn't dare to tie it on the pin, an accidental surge of power can accidentally release the explosive power of the small round thing. He made sure that the grenade is tied tightly. He runs around continuously, and without the trouble of the undead, he can freely explore the area. The rope is long and enough to be used like some old cowboy swinging the rope in the air. He made sure that the grenade won't slip off from the knot he did. He sighted the juggernaut's neck. Just as the juggernaut was approaching, Kyosei also charges head on, throwing the grenade attached in the rope sideways, the momentum of the sideway throw is enough to swirl in the neck of the juggernaut. In just a few swirl around its neck, the grenade is attached! Kyosei still holds the rope and since it is long, he uses it as a distance to the Juggernaut. Like a cowboy apprehending the bull, he pulls the rope, tightening the rope further. After making sure that the rope is tied up, he dashed away from the juggernaut and since the juggernaut is not that intelligent, the rope is still on its neck and the grenade is dangling like a necklace. A small approach, he prepares to fire the bullet in his revolver.

The juggernaut is roaring loudly and Kyosei is glaring at it despite the blood on his forehead dripping on his face. As the juggernaut growls, Kyosei aims at the grenade using the revolver.

"You motherf*cker, you made me run and got injuries, now you should rest in hell properly. Requiscat in Pace!" As the grenade is reaching his area, Kyosei focused on it intensely that it slowed down on his vision. It is an intense focus that his head hurts just by doing so. He pulled the trigger releasing the bullet in the cylinder.


The bullet penetrated in the swaying grenade and in split second, a huge blast occurred, sending waves of air around the field. The smoke slowly dissipated and blood and flesh rains on the area. The head of the juggernaut is hollowed up to the chest area showing the muscles and burn marks. The body of the juggernaut went stiff and like a statue losing its foundation, it fell over the ground. Kyosei sighed in relief.

"It's over..."

Muttering those words, he also fell to the ground unconscious.