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27 Killing the Deadly Juggernaut Part 2

 "Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come"

-Rabindranath Tagore

Day 1: 10 :31 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Track and Field Locker Room

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours and 29 minutes left


Cindy already heard lots of rumors about Kyosei which are both good and bad but the majority of these rumors are the badmothing of Kyosei. She heard that after a senior named Kato Shunta dropped out after his both parents died in a car crash and got adopted by an Ex- SDF, Kyosei rised up on rumors and began on beating people. Kyosei was first a good student with good friends. It was also said that he is still very approachable at that time until Kato dropped out. He became a delinquent after beating up a gang that is terrorizing the school that time. He singlehandedly forced the gang to stop their reign of terror after destroying their limbs and forcing them to limp off. They didn't know what is the reason why Kyosei snapped. He even severed ties to his close friends and they later discovered that Kyosei's delinquent behavior is not due to Kato dropping out of school, rather it is really irrelevant to Kato at all. The behavior of Kyosei started around the time when Miyuki Tamehara and Kaze Tsukiyama became student council president and vice president. He created lots of ruckus, dealing other delinquents in the whole school, causing him to be a frequent visitor to the faculty as he is always called by the teachers and Prefect of Descipline. At that time, the headphones that is now the trademark on Kyosei is being worn which looks more like a pair of small horns after he became a delinquent. He didn't just caused ruckus in the school but also in the other schools and dealing street thugs and gangs.

"Hey, Cindy, you okay?" Nanami on the other line of the phone talks, causing Cindy to snap back to reality.

'A-ah? Oh, don't worry, I just remembered something," Cindy said as she wiped her sweat.

"Where are you now? Is Kyosei with you?" Nanami asked. Cindy shook her head.

"No, he locked me on the Track and Field Locker room when a strong tremor occured earlier. I can still hear a few slight shakes around. He is not yet returning and it is getting a bit long now after he locked me here," Cindy said.

Nanami scratched her head and displays a frown on her face.

"That Kyosei is always rushing on his own, he will die in this state if he continued being reckless. Good thing to know that he is still alive after we got separated though," Nanami said.

Another slight tremor occured once again. Cindy looks at the wall clock hanging in the room. It's 10:35.


Day 1: 10: 35 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours and 25 minutes left


Kyosei got wrecked and he got punched real hard by the steel-hard bare hands of the Juggernaut. Kyosei spat out a mouthful of blood and wounds that are patched up earlier after the events in the clocktower got much worse as it is now literaly flowing with blood and not a simple graze anymore. Though they looked really awful and really painful, it is not that painful to Kyosei. He is much more wounded in the past, and the wounds he have right now is still shallow and won't be enough to take him down yet. Kyosei did not let the gun and the cleaver off in his hands despite receiving a strong blow. The Juggernaut is luckily not a hungry little b*tch that craves for flesh of humans and more on beating him up and the little cretins which are the undead are all stomped flat by the Juggernaut. As another fist follows, Kyosei rolls despite his wounds which slows him down. Kyosei groaned after standing up. He can still run in full pace but he can feel the very warm feeling that is slowly flowing in his knees. He knows that it is blood but this is nothing to him yet. He knows his limits ad he knows when to give up. But right now, it is quite impossible to give up yet. Killing this evolved form of Kaze makes his blood boil. His hate rises up to its peak.

In the past, Kaze keeps on flirting on Miyuki, leaving him all alone and bullies him when Miyuki is not around. His lackeys kept on ridiculing him and beating him to pulp. Of course, Kaze treats him like sh*t and a friend of Miyuki that he despises the most. He looks at Kyosei as a prospective suitor of Miyuki and since he look like a nerd in the past, it is easy to get rid of him. Everyday, Kyosei is always wearing bandages and scraps of band- aids, sometimes, he won't be able to get to school due to the severe beating. During that time, Miyuki is busy in the student council and Kaze got all the time to flirt on Miyuki which is a bit troublesome. Kyosei just wanted to let Miyuki off and let Kaze do what he wanted until he finds out that Kaze is having another girl friends in the other schools. What is more, he even spotted Miyuki talking to Kaze intimately, like she is already accepting him as a boyfriend. It makes him more infuriated when his friends seemed to support Kaze, and only Nanami seemed to know the real nature of Kaze. The headphones he is wearing is a gift from Miyuki which is not yet a headphone in shape of the horn. Nanami modified it from the normal headphone that Miyuki gave to him and now it is now like this. He also began his retaliation that time and since he already didn't care about his reputation, it helped him beat up lackeys without restraint. He also stopped worrying others and he severed ties to his friends. Though Nanami still kept on contact with him, he didn't care now at all and he just ignore her, along with his other friends like Miyuki who got puzzled on his odd behavior.

He gritted his teeth, holding the cleaver and the revolver, he aims the gun and shoot the last bullet inside. It missed the juggernaut but hit the nearby undead.

"F*ck," Kyosei once again gritted his teeth in anger.

The Juggernaut chases Kyosei once again and he is stumbling on reloading the gun. Though he is slow in reloading, he is efficient and despite rushing madly, he can manage to avoid slipping the bullets out on his small belt bag while running. In just a few moments, he fully loaded the gun. He zips the bag of the bullet and aims the juggernaut again.


He shoots the loaded bullets in hopes of hitting the head successfully.


A single bullet strucks on the head of the Juggernaut and this time, it dig deep on its skull but it is not enough to kill it.


The juggernaut paused once again just like what happened when he shoot it in the head. Kyosei shot the remaining bullets in succession to the head, putting all the bullets on its skull. The head of the Juggernaut is filled with holes and it is flowing with a bit of green blood. Kyosei opens the bag of the bullets once again and loads the bullets. Just as he was about to finish loading the gun, the juggernaut resumes its movements and grabbed Kyosei who got startled and now is trying to struggle his way out of its grip. The grip of death is looming on Kyosei once again as he gritted his teeth to escape.