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26 Killing the Deadly Juggernaut Part 1

 "After your death, you will be what you were before your birth"

-Arthur Schopenhauer

Day 1: 10:10 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours and 50 minutes left


Kyosei might be athletic in climbing but he is weak in running in long distances. He deliberately goes around the places in thrack field where he can maneuver on running while the Juggernaut Kaze is chasing him. The Juggernaut is really bloodthirsty and hostile on Kyosei that it relentlessly charged the horde of undead that it trampled them down. Kyosei is grinning seeing the huge benifits that the juggernaut presented to him. With the reckless charge of the Juggernaut, since Kyosei can outrun and evade that particular attacks, the targets are the undead around which mashes them to meat paste. Kyosei reachs the stage where he saved Cindy earlier. Since the undead are no longer flocking around the area, he can now use it as his advantage. He climbs on the stage and sprints towards the other end. The other undead are not intelligent so whenever he rushes on a certain pathway, as long as it is narrow, the undead will go on stampede in just that area whic looks hilarious to him. The Juggernaut did another charge and the undead flocking around the stairs that is meant for climbing the left side of the stage are smashed to pulp.

Kyosei runs around and hides near the speakers. Since the speakers are no longer emitting sounds,the undead around the area disperses and began on chasing him earlier. The speaker is not easy to climb but he didn't need to climb it, he just needed a resting point even just a little bit.

"Freaking Undead, I should have trained on running," Kyosei frowned. Of course, he is running out of breath due to a few minutes of running and dodging the juggernaut. The other undead noticed him once again so he decided to go run once again and with the help of his trusty and sharp cleaver, he cut down all of the necks that he get encounter while being chased. He needs to tire the Juggernaut and at the same time, destroy the undead that are stopping him from advancing. He didn't need to use materials to kill enemies. A big killing machine is already attacking and doing the job for him.

In the usual way, Kyosei's way of thinking is rather reckless but it is true that the sooner he beat up an enemy and wipe them off the planet, much better. But he is in a bad position. The place is dark and he is against undead which are in the influence of the Night Rage which is making it more difficult, moreover, he still has no idea on how to kill the juggernaut which is his biggest trouble. He have lots of styles to evade and survive the night rage and that is to use his comanions as a bait. These are very common in a situation like these but he prefer the alone method than the bait method. He is an honorable person and despite being a cold and a delinquent person with a hate against others, he didn't like to be the cause of demise with his companions. His companions are not bad people, but since he generalize his hate on them, they are still included. Though he really prefer the benefits for long term survival. Losing all companions in this situation meant only death. He still lacks on lots of aspects that is necessary on surviving like firearms, medical treatment and other things which leads to the more the better situation where different people has different aspects on talents which is needed in a long term survival. If the outbreak continued or will escalate further like on the movies "Land of the Dead", "Resident Evil", and "zombieland", teaming up is the most profound and better situation and gathering it earlier is much more better.

The undead once again chases him and the Juggernaut noticed him once again. Kyosei fired a single bullet on the undead who is really near him and once again runs off to the area where the undead are a bit scarce. Of course, they spotted him but Kyosei only needed a swing on the cleaver or a pull of the trigger on his revolver to solve and kill his problem. Being clever, he let the undead behind him to get so many. He knew that the Juggernaut is slow but once it charges, it has a chance of reaching his area in a few seconds. And he didn't fail, the Juggernaut charges and like bowling pins being hit by a bowling bowl, the undead that are forming a group are all shattered and killed, many are broken beyond recognition and are knocked off flying in the area. Of course, those undead won't be able to survive. Kyosei rolled over and fired another bullet to the Juggernaut. He didn't care if it didn't hit the head of the Juggernaut as long as it hits the body of the Juggernaut. Luckily, his luck is with him that the Juggernaut is shot in the head. The Juggernaut growled in pain and froze momentarily in its area. This gives Kyosei a chance to run away from the Juggernaut and get a bit of distance to it.

"Hoh, so the big guys won't get killed even you shot its head but it will freeze momentarily," Kyosei thought while getting his distance away from the Juggernaut.

The Juggernaut did not freeze forever but recovers once again and focuses its vision on Kyosei.

"Come get your big *ss, f*cker!" Kyosei shouted. Since only a few undead are around after the Juggernaut launched its charge on Kyosei, a few swings will kill every undead in the are that tried to attack him. Once an undead will approach his killing vicinity, nothing will escape in his cleaver...

Day 1: 10:30 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track and Field Locker Room

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours and 30 minutes left


Cindy is stuck inside the track and field locker room after Kyosei slams it shut. She can't open it despite her best efforts. What is more infuriating for her, the lock on the doorknob of the locker room is located outside the locker room. It is not a design failure but it really serves a good purpose to stop theft. The key is always in the possession of the track and field club adviser so if someone wanted to go inside the locker room, someone will talk and fetch the key to the teacher to open it. Now, Cindy is having a hard time opening it, she has no other choice but to use her phone. She has not yet used it for the day so the battery of her phone is still good to go which is a good news for her since she can still use it. she already have a good access to the internet connection in the school and she still can use it so she decided to use and look for news about the bizzare creatures that tried to eat her. As she gained access to the internet connection, her phone suddenly launches to a video chat application that she did not even remember installing on. A girl wearing the uniform of the Kirishima High School appeared on her screen.

"Oh, thank goodness it connected," the girl on the other side said looking relieved.

cindy is freaked out, who wouldn't freak out if a stranger suddenly popped out from her phone screen without her own control.

"Who are you?! How did you managed to contact me?" Cindy asked.

"Oh, its Cindy, you don't remember me? It's Nanami! Your seatmate in Computer Literacy class!" Nanami said and smiled.

cindy remembered this particular girl since she is a genius in computers and can really do many things. She even fixed the broken phone of their teacher which leaves her amazed in this particular girl. She was even famous as a hacker who is very good in hacking and she kept the electrical data of the school intact to avoid tampering. Seeing a familiar face, she sighed in relief.

"Nanami?! oh, thank goodness you are still alive! Where are you? What is happening? Why are there so many people with dead looks in their faces tried attacking me and tried to eat me?" Cindy asked immediately.

"Oh, you meet those things huh? We call them as the undead. They are deadly and we kill them to avoid turning into one of them,"Nanami answered calmly.

"Kill?" Cindy got startled. She has no idea that she needs to kill them if you need to survive!

"Yeah, don't tell me you haven't killed even a single one?" Nanami asked.

"No, I was stuck the whole day in the track field stage, clinging my whole life on the line. If not for a rude boy who rescued me, I might be dead," Cindy said.

"Rude? Can you please describe the features of this guy to me?" Nanami asked.

"Huh? Let me see, he wears the same uniform as the boys in the Kirishima High School and I noticed the emblazoned Arabic numeral 2 on his collar. He wears a bonnet and he is also wearing a weird headphones that looks like a horn to me. He also have a beauty mark on his left eye and has a brown hair. He is really rude and has no sense of beauty," Cindy said.

"Ah, okay, have you heard about the notorious delinquent that is nicknamed as the "Little devil" in the whole school?" Nanami asked.

"Yeah, it is always on the topic on males and a few females in the room. A few of the cheerleaders even knows this guy but I have not witnessed it personally. Why do you ask?" Cindy scratched her head.

"The boy who saved you and the "Little Devil" that is notorious in this school is the same person. Be grateful of him. He is our leader and if possible, if you wanted to survive longer, you need to follow his rules. He might make ridiculous demands but he is a good person and he won't stab you in the back,"Nanami said.

Shocked by the information, she began sweating profusely, she said some ridiculous things to the guy who saved her earlier. Now she knows that the person who helped her is the notorious delinquent, Kyosei Ichinose a.k.a Little Devil, she can't help but grunt. The guy is really scary and has a sharp tongue that will immediately say what he wanted. She is quite more shocked when Nanami said that the delinquent that many of the students are afraid to cross paths on is their leader.