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25 The Deadly Showdown

 "Life is hard. After all, it kills you."

- Katharine Hepburn

Day 1: 10:00 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours left


The juggernaut is really big and even without the lights to illuminate it, Kyosei can still spot the humongous body of the muscleman undead. Honestly though, he has no actual plan to execute. He rushed outside without much of preparation to do. He might have beaten a few thugs in the past with big bodies but the size of the juggernaut is insane. In Kyosei's eyes, the juggernaut is a walking statue. He cannot beat this thing without anything to use. His skills might come in handy but he is not confident. Of course, it is not a game and retries are not available. He only have a single shot. Not only the juggernaut is his biggest problem. The undead around the area are also not going to let him have a good one on one with the Juggernaut. It might be a bias thing, but it is not fair competition but a battle of life and death. His equipment won't be able to help either since he already tested it earlier. The cleaver might bounce back and the revolver bullets isn't powerful enough to penetrate its tough and steel-like hardness skin. His only chance to deal a good damage is the grenade he saved for last. But it is much more unclear for him to deal damage to this guy using a grenade since he has not yet tested the weapon against it yet.

The juggernaut still not noticing Kyosei's presence is loitering around like searching for something. Kyosei is in a huge disadvantage due to the terrain and the enemies. Not only the juggernaut but also the surrounding undead are still on the influence of the Night Rage which is another bad news for Kyosei. He might be able to kill a horde, he is not invincible and he will surely become a fodder for the dead.

He really don't need to kill the Juggernaut at all. The only thing why he wanted to beat the big guy is due to the hate he have against the previous owner of its body, Kaze Tsukiyama. His blood boils whenever he think that he can now beat the crap out of this guy. His only problem right now is how to deal with juggernaut alongside with the undead..

Day 1: 10:00 P.M

Osaka Streets - Blue Mansion

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours left


Kato just killed the final staggering undead around the yard of the mansion. After his boss killed most of the dead and crippled a few undead, he just ended up disposing the "staggers" or those undead with no more means to walk normally. He even killed a few of them. Though it is clearly unknown for Kato how the undead end up so fast on attacking, his boss, the person he looked up as a second father is a former SDF soldier with the rank of Captain, also a fully trained marine, these enemies are nothing to his eyes but mere enemies meant to be taken down. As he pulls over the dead bodies around for him to dispose, his boss called over.

"Kato, bring the baby here," his boss said while sipping a can of beer.

Kato knows what his boss said. The "baby" that his boss said is an RPG rocket launcher. His boss mainly calls it " the baby" due to his frequent use on it when he was still a soldier. Ever since his parents died, Kato was adopted by this guy since he didn't have a wife after she died in giving birth along with his daughter to be. Kato can hold his collections but this rocket launcher is not for his hands unless the boss beckons him to get it for him. He picked up the heavy RPG and its ammunition when he felt a slight tremor.

"Oy, Kato, what are you dawdling for?!" the boss holered. He immediately brings the weapon to him and as Kato was about to hand the RPG, he saw another enormous enemy in the distance.

"I never expected that these kinds of enemies appears in the first day," the boss muttered as he sips the beer once more.

Holding the rocket launcher in his hands, the boss took it from his shaky hands and loaded it with the ammunition. Aiming at the approaching fats of rotten meat, the boss double checked behind his shoulders and aims once again, sending the rocket towards the approaching Juggernaut.


A huge explosion caught up the surrounding undead. Even the huge enemies are blown to smithereens.

"Crap, what a huge amount of damage!" Kato can't help praise the power of the rocket launcher.

After launching a single rocket, the boss puts down the rocket launcher. The horde earlier and the big ones are blown to pieces, only blood remains in the broken road. The boss massaged his shoulders and his face is looks pained.

"Are you okay boss?" Kato grabbed a bottle of water but the old man did not accept it and only smiled.

"Heh, being old is getting a hard time on handling the recoil," the boss said as he looks at the smoking road where the pungent smell of burning flesh is still very recent and fresh yet it gives a disgusting vibe in the air...


Day 1: 10:03 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours and 57 minutes left


Kyosei is crouching while hiding on the few crates which holds the balls used for the volleyball.A few of the balls are tainted red and the crate has a dangling intestine which is already dry, probably it came from a victim early in the afternoon where the sun is still high in the sky. Even though the night is here, the flies are busy on buzzing around the dead bodies and a few dismembered parts of the human body. This might be a disgusting scene but thanks to the darkness of the night, the parts are barely seen, only the silhouettes. Kyosei groaned a bit due to the pungent smell of the flesh and blood wavering in the air. He doesn't have a mask so only by persevering on smelling the disgusting scent will he be able to do so. Kyosei pulls out the handkerchief he usually uses as an emergency bandage whenever he is injured and used it as a temporary mask. Its not really effective much and the smell still lingers a bit but he can now manage to last a bit. He keeps on looking at the big figure of the Juggernaut Kaze. This guy looked like those same enemies in a certain game he played, but this one really looked like it came out as a boss from the games he played. If it is so, he might get screwed up. Also, this guy is really troublesome since it has retained its consciousness and the hunger to kill is still in his mind. A sneak attack will do, he looks at the slingshot he made earlier, this is a good distraction item to execute his sneak attack.

Picking up a light but solid stone, he looks around the area if there is something he can hit and might be a temporary distraction to the Juggernaut and fellow undead. He also loaded the Revolver. He only have a hundred bullets left and he isn't sure if these bullets will do last. These bullets is needed for him to fight and kill the juggernaut. The cleaver is fine for attacking the normal undead and he can't waste it too much. He has a plan but it involves lots of danger for him. If he failed to catch the chance, he might end up as a corpse.

Loading the stone on the slingshot, he pulls the rubber hard and aims on a nearby roof. He remembered that this particular roof, a galvasteel roof will always make a sound whenever something hard hits it. Its his distraction item! Pulling the rubber enough to launch the stone, Kyosei let the rubber go, launching the stone in high speed and hitting the roof.

Bam! Thud!

A small thud but a bit loud noise attracted the attention of the dead, it also attracted the juggernaut and its rotten face focuses on the roof. Kyosei rolled his sleeve, and hold the cleaver tight.

"Let's kill!"

Kyosei is quite sure that the undead can see a bit but he is sure that their vision did not get enhanced and it is similar to the normal people. It still relies on sense of hearing. With this, he decided to use this a good thing to him. He is a night owl, darkness is his territory. And once the darkness is here, killing is easy. He rushes on swiftly. His footsteps are quite light and not a single thud of the footstep sound is not even heard around. This technique is a technique he imitated from a cat. Its quite a bit handy and he practiced this technique for many years, raising his stealth ability slowly. His performance can be considered stunning since even a cat cannot even raise its guard yet and he is already on the attack mode, ready pounce. That is why, many delinquents feared this youth. Like a devil that take the lives of many without pity, Kyosei is like that though he don't kill the thugs he fought and only incapacitate them. This time, its different.

Kyosei swiftly swings the cleaver in a precise and good angle, cutting the neck of the undead without trouble. He repeated his chain of attacks and even though a few was able to see him and chase him wildly, Kyosei is quite clever and do not let the dead get to close to him. A series of kicks and a few are being grabbed in the hair and bashed to the hard ground. These attacks are quite crowd controlling attacks. Good thing for Kyosei, the undead are not that fearsome like those zombies in the movie, "World War Z" where they can climb walls. Its really ridiculous and maybe even with his stealth abilities, he will die sooner or later. Luckily, the undead may run but they are still manageable for him now. He repeated his attack and as he reach the vicinity of the Juggernaut, it also noticed Kyosei, and it growled like a gorilla.

"Is this guy a gorilla in his past life?" Kyosei can't help mock this big guy.

Kyosei did not waste it and he maneuvers his attack but rapidly running on the juggernaut's body and do a quick draw shoot towards the head of the juggernaut. Kyosei is almost on point blank and the bullet almost penetrated, bad thing it is still the same. The bullet did not penetrated hard. Kyosei immediately goes on backflip before it can grab him and slide back and doing a quick swing to the attackers. Kyosei executed the roundhouse kick as a crowd control when the horde tried to attack him. His roundhouse kick is not to be underestimated. For some reason, this kick was quite fast and it is like a split second kick. Its quite fast that if his shoes is made with metal or equipped with a hidden blade in the shoe, he might have done a good killing again.

Kyosei did not stay in a single place but move around. The juggernaut starts its rampage and most of the dead are not able to get away on its slams. The undead that got caught are all meat pastes now. Kyosei grinned, the more the juggernaut rampages, the more undead got killed and in return, a lesser threat is left for Kyosei if that is the case. He doesn't need to swing his cleaver and anger this one continued. A convenient way to kill the horde. Kyosei grinned, if the undead are all smashed up in a liquid state, his only problem is dealing the Juggernaut. No matter how long it is, he will beat the Juggernaut...