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24 Juggernaut of the Dead

 "Death is something inevitable. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace."

- Nelson Mandela

Day 1: 9:55 P.M

Kirishima High School - Locker Rooms

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours and 5 minutes left


Kyosei disregarded the american girl. He is not captivated to her beauty and has no interest on doing so. He is not that stupid. Doing "that" thing to a stranger and on top of that in an undead infested place? Might as well commit suicide than do that. In his age, he should be a boy who also have those dirty desires but he is not someone like that. He is a person who is good on stopping that urge of lust. He prefer survival than love life. Although Cindy is a pretty girl, in Kyosei's eyes, she is a human, no more, no less. Life is fleeting so he didn't care about their faces but cared more on how they can be a person who won't drag him down in this world. Just as he was busy on doing his packing business, he heard a growl from Cindy's stomach. She did not get to eat a dinner at all and its almost 10 in the evening.

Kyosei looked at her and he pulls out the melon bread and a can of soda in the bag. He was still able to keep the melon bread he bought in the convenience store where Kato is working and for the can of soda, he got it in the cafeteria. He throws the two items to Cindy which she catches only the can of soda. The melon bread missed her other hand and fell straight to the ground. Good thing the bread is not yet removed in its packaging.

"Eat that," Kyosei coldly said and returned back to his business.

"Seriously? Bread and Soda for dinner? Are you serious?" Cindy protested.

Kyosei looked at her coldly. Cindy is born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is also a person who eat elegantly. Now she is handed with food, she is angry for giving food with only that amount.

"You Americans usually eat bread for breakfast right? Then you can do so too at night," Kyosei said. It is true for him since he keeps on eating bread and he didn't cook since it is a hassle though he is a good cook to boot.

Cindy grew infuriated. Who would have thought that this guy is not a kind of person who will get interested to her. What makes her more mad is the behavior that Kyosei shows her. His attitude is really cold and he is like a person who never cared about others' feelings. She was so hungry that she did not protest on eating the melon bread and drinking soda. The bread and soda vanished without much effort as Cindy ate all of the pieces of the bread and licked the can of soda clean.

By the time she finished her meal, she saw Kyosei zips the bag close. He still wears his uniform which is the same long sleeve with a bit of checkered hems and a "II" emblazoned on his collar. This means that he is a second year in high school. She is currently a first year so she did not really see these guy at all. His vibe is different from any other boys she encountered and this guy is calm and composed. His strict mannerism is also accompanied by the horned headphones he is wearing on both ears. He also wears a black bonnet which covers his hair and only a bit of his bangs and a few ends are seen. What makes her shiver are the weapons he is using. The brass knuckles are removed after he take off the gloves and flicks them. Apparently, it is tainted with blood. He also have a revolver and a cleaver with him. If Kyosei brought with him the baseball bat that he got rid earlier from the combat against the juggernaut then he will look more like a full fledge survivor.

Kyosei looks at his watch which is attached in his right arm that is covered with a skull wristband. It is already 10 in the evening. They have only 8 hours left before morning will rise. He hopes that he can survive and do live for another day. Kyosei raises the bag he used to contain the drinks and proteins. Its a bit heavy now but not enough to encumber his movement at all. He turns around and saw the girl he saved earlier is busy on her phone, trying to call someone with no luck.

"Quit it, you are wasting time, networks are down and only the school internet connection is functioning right now," Kyosei said. He glances her and she is wearing a skimpy skirt and a revealing outfit that enhances her curves. Despite that, Kyosei is not looking on those attributes but he looked around her if she had any weapon with her.

"Oy, your weapon, where is it?" Kyosei asked.

"Huh? What weapon?" Cindy asked in confusion.

"If you want to die early, walking outside without one single weapon is a your choice. Unless you wanted to become a pacifist," Kyosei said. He know that some people will continue to treat the undead as humans so killing is a sin for them.

"I don't have one," Cindy shook her head.

Kyosei sighed, he glanced around and saw a mop lying in the corner. He broke the pole which is made with a type of metal which Kyosei could not determine whether it is an iron or a steel. The point is a bit sharp and can be used to stab. He throws it to her.

"You will get f*cked up if you remain as a pacifist. We need to escape the dead before they can do so. We will traverse the field and reach the old building. We need to reach the library of the old building," Kyosei said which made Cindy confused.

"Can you please tell me what is really going on?" Cindy scratched her head.

Kyosei remained silent. It is already quite clear that he had no idea. Instead of answering, he opened the door to peek outside. He didn't turn the lights on that are located in the field so spotting them when sneaking will be minimal but this also limit his vision and he is not that able to clearly see outside but he is quite sure that there are undead moving about. Kyosei also noticed that the sound of the PA room he used as distraction earlier is not ringing anymore so it is more risky.

"Let's go," Kyosei is about to open the door when a loud footsteps like those from giants shook the area.

"Huh?! An earthquake?" Panic is clear on Cindy's face.

Forget escaping, trouble comes knocking for Kyosei. Those are juggernaut footsteps. Kyosei remembered how the clocktower shook everytime the juggernaut walks. He has no choice but to let Cindy in the locker room. She is much safer here than traversing the dead infested place. Kyosei is much more suicidal in thought but it is the only way. He need to confront the problem he escaped earlier.

Before Cindy can react, Kyosei locked the door together with the bag of proteins. Cindy did not have enough time to react as the door closes. Kyosei sighed in relief. Even though Cindy knocks on the door, the knocks are vacuumed so the knocks are not heard and it is only a waste of energy. Kyosei pulls out the cleaver and revolver in his belt. Its time to end the battle...