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23 Antihero of the Dead

 "A fact of life we all die. But the positive impact you have on others will be a living legacy."

-Catherine Pulsifer

Day 1: 9:42 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours and 18 minutes left


Kyosei is quite sure that a person is clinging in the angle bar used to support the roof and lighting equipment. His only problem is how to save her. Though he hate to help people, he can't really ignore it. He believes in karma. He saw the person is trying to wave a hand on his direction. Kyosei groaned seeing how many undead are surrounding the stage and have occupied the stage platform too. It can also be considered for the person on the stage to be alive but bad luck if she is caught by the undead. He needs to work fast.

It might be a suicidal thought but then he remembered the PA room near the locker room of the track and field athletes. Usually, in the movies, the undead are always attracted with beacons and sound systems. Though he is not sure if the undead are also similar to the movies, it is worth a shot. The speaker is really loud that it can transmit sounds throughout the whole track field. He might be able to buy a bit of time to save the person on the stage but has a huge risk on attracting a horde. But he is not even sure what is best to do. If he used his last grenade, it is just wasted if he didn't use it on majority of the dead. The PA room is the most best way to attract dead without making himself exposed to the danger. He is sure that it needed to work with electricity. Good thing the electric is still flowing on the power lines since it has a separate electric circuit in the school to avoid the overload. He sighed and proceeds to climb down the water tower with a hasty sliding motion to arrive on the ground in a swift manner.

Proceeding towards the PA room is much difficult than traversing the hallway. He is in the open area and he might get spotted and attacked on his blindspot. He needed to act fast and he immediately used his sneaking talent to avoid the hungry eyes of the undead. His sneaking ability is not perfect but he is sure to be able to pass anyone in a swift manner without anyone noticing. His only problem is, if the trick will work against these guys. His light steps is swift and firm like a cat. He spotted one football player who is already an undead. He grabbed its helmet and swiftly snap the neck. Helmets on football players are firmly attached on the players to avoid injuries in collisions. Naturally, its much different than a motorcycle helmet so he can do a good snapping without risking only to move the helmet. The undead football player is down and Kyosei did his sneaking job do the work once again. He repeated everything, sneaking and snapping necks. He also used the different things around the area to cover in his movements. Whenever it is risky, Kyosei will immediately hide his presence. He is quite expert on doing the job since its been so long that he mastered already the tricks on sneaking. In no time, he finally arrived the PA room, problem is the door is locked.

"Sh*t, they really are afraid of trespassers huh," Kyosei groaned. He needs to do his lock picking skills which is a bit hard in this situation since he is in the open and he has no backup to cover his back.

Kyosei immediately work to pick the lock. With the picklock in his Keyholder, he can pick the locks of anything as long as it is using padlocks and doorknobs. With enemies to fight everyday and buildings to infiltrate, stumbling on locked doors are normal. With the internet and his fast learning brain, he immediately grasp the proper way of picking locks. He didn't expect that he will be able to use this picklock once more. He keeps on looking at his back to look out for enemies while working to open the door.

In a just one and a half minutes, he was able to open the lock in the doorknob. The doorknob has two locking mechanisms that prevents novice picklockers to open the door, but for Kyosei, it is a piece of cake. He didn't need to be alarmed since he keeps on encountering these types of locks in the past and he mostly needed to pick it within two minutes maximum. The door is now open. He just needed to commence his plan..


Day 1: 9:47 P.M

Kirishima High School - PA Room

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours and 13 minutes left


The PA room is dark and Kyosei has no choice but to use his phone's flashlight. He barred the door temporarily so that no undead might wander the area. He is not so familiar with the items in the PA room but usually it is easy for many of the operators. He looks for a switch to power up the area. Looking around, he finally saw the circuit box on the wall. He didn't hesitate and approaches the circuit. He opens the cover and saw a few labeled switches.

The switches are labeled, "Speakers", " Light System", "Main

Switch", and PA room. Kyosei saw that the only the PA room switch is only the one flipped in on while the rest is flipped off. Kyosei immediately flipped the Speakers and left the other switches off. He only needed the switches so he has no need to flip the " Light System" and " Main Switch".

He quickly goes to the control panel. The problem is, he can't work it out since he has no laptop and the PA room needed the laptop to work. He didn't give up easily and look for a good alternative. He keeps on looking and he stumbles on the connector that is possible on connecting phones. He quickly open his bag and looked for phones that are still working, no password locks on the phone and can play music. He stumbles on Mr. Takayaka's phone once again. On every phone he looted, only Mr. Takayaka's phone is still on good battery life, most of the smartphones he looted are password locked while some has no juice left to squeeze further. Only the perverted phone is good to go. He browsed the music files only to find it empty. He sighed but he is yet to check the video files. When he opened the video player, his mouth is wide agape and he really wanted to break the phone down. All videos are porn! He browsed every video and all of them are porn involving young girls. Loli to be exact. Not a single video are normal stuff and all are garbages. Kyosei is disgusted and instead of getting a boner, he got pissed that he wanted to break the phone to pieces.

Kyosei has no choice but to put the wire to connect the phone and play a porn he randomly pushed on the screen and maxed out the volume. Moans of a woman is heard throughout the field and it felt really weird in the ears. The porn lasts for 5 minutes which is a very small amount of time to rescue the person but his only chance is to do this. Even though he is disgusted, he only wanted rescue the person safely out of the deadly predicament.


Day 1: 9:50 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours and 10 minutes left


The Speakers on the field emitted the embarrassing noises. Evenon Cindy felt hot on the face hearing the lustful moans coming from the speakers. The undead got attracted and all of the undead on the neighboring area sprinted off towards the speakers. Cindy felt relieved when the undead swarming are no longer trying to eat her, her only problem is to climb down. She was able to climb due to the adrenaline rush that exerts her ability to climb just to escape trouble and dangers. Now that she is now temporarily safe from the swarming corpses, she had trouble going down.

"Oh my goodness, I can't go down..." Cindy trembles as she tries her best to go down without looking. It is a bit high so wrong move and you will fall, making huge injuries in her body in result. Just as she tried to go down, one undead trying lured to the speaker notices her and instead of going to the speaker, it automatically started grabbing in the air to catch Cindy.

"No! Get away!" Cindy shouted to the dead but since the dead won't really listen to her demands, instead of running away, it became more hostile and hastily tried on grabbing her leg which she immediately kicked off and she climbed back up. She might be doomed to die in the stage.


On the other hand, Kyosei is much more swift on thinking. He already knows what will happen in advance so he unsheathed the cleaver and dashes off the track field. A few stray undead tried attacking Kyosei but due to Kyosei's reflexes, he attacked every undead that might attack him with a hard swing with a cleaver. He always strike in the forehead. Since the undead has softer heads, inflicting damages on their heads are easy and killing them is easy as smacking a melon with a stick. He dashes as quick as he can. He is sure that the person only got able to climb in the need to escape trouble. But he is running out of time. He only have 5 minutes time trial here or else, he is done for.

A minute elapsed already and he spotted the person on the stage as he got closer on the place. The person is a girl wearing a cheer leader outfit. Down the stage are three strays that have spotted the girl. Kyosei did a combo kill with a sneak attack on the one farther from the two undead. He pulled down its hair and Kyosei struck the cleaver down on its face. The two undead immediately attacked seeing him. Kyosei did not waste time and attacked the two with a swift swing to the first undead accompanied by a roundhouse kick on the other one, knocking the dead down. He killed the first one and he struck the cleaver down to the undead that got kicked by him in a good succession. Kyosei sheathed the cleaver and climbed the platform to reach the girl. Kyosei is a swift climber and he is like a monkey. The girl is startled since a guy appeared out of nowhere and killed a few undead like nothing. Kyosei held out his back immediately. Cindy was surprised all of a sudden.

"What are you doing?" Cindy was startled.

"Hop on, we need to get out of here," Kyosei coldly said.

Hearing that she will be given a piggyback ride, she blushes and blurted her disapproval.

"Are you crazy? Do you want to get slapped by me? Why should I ride on your back?!" Cindy got angry.

Kyosei pulled out his revolver and pointed the muzzle to her.

"You *sshole, I'm going to shut your snappy mouth if you keep on babbling like that. If you want to die, I would gladly pull the trigger and end your life, your choice," Kyosei coldly said to her.

She shivers seeing a gun but she composed herself once more.

"Hmph, you can't point a toy gun to me. You cannot make me do what you want! You don't have a gentlemanly trait at all!" the Cindy said.

Kyosei is in his wits end.

"You b*tch, waste more of my time and you will go on trip to the wonderland and meet your sh*tty coward prince charming there," Kyosei said in cold voice. It is clear on his voice that he is holding his anger.

"What did you-" Cindy was about to rebuttal her own argument when Kyosei pulled the trigger.


The muzzle of the revolver is smoking as Kyosei shoots an undead that is still attracted by the speakers.

"Next time you babble nonsense once more, the next bullet will be in your head, and I am not a person who likes to joke," Kyosei said and held his back once again for the girl to hop on.

Cindy's pride crumbled after she found out that it is a real gun. The boy is most likely not joking either because the bullet he shoot earlier is only millimeters away from her face and she even felt something pass through her cheeks as Kyosei fired the bullet. She gave up and hopped on his back. Kyosei immediately goes down the platform in a swift manner while carrying the girl on his back. He immediately run once again back to the PA room carrying the girl. He is lucky that most of the undead are occupied in the speakers.A total of 4 minutes elapsed already and he only have 60 seconds to reach the PA room. Kyosei run like hell and arrived the room and put down the girl he rescued and grab the phone that is playing the video. He swiftly replayed the video once more and leave the room to go to the locker room.


Day 1: 9:54 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track and Field Locker Room

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours and 5 minutes left.


Cindy shivered and she had lots of things that are running in her mind and when she is inside the dressing room, her thought is immediately something lewd.

"Don't tell me you intend to **** me here?!" Cindy got red saying the word.

Kyosei's eyebrows creased but he didn't respond and opened the locker doors. A few items are inside and it is clear that a few athletes did not get the chance to change a set of clothing once more again. He also saw a few protein drinks and energy drinks and a few bottles of water which he immediately stuffed in the bag.

"Hey... what are you doing?" Cindy got confused since the boy did not even looked at him and headed straight to the lockers and pulls out the protein drinks, mineral water and energy drinks.

Kyosei shot a cold glare at her.

"You thought I will do something to you? Hmph, its not worth my time. You can f*ck yourself in there," Kyosei said.

Cindy got infuriated. Who is he to talk to her like that?

"You! Do you even know who you are talking to?!" Cindy is almost going to explode in rage.

"You? I don't know. Are you a princess in other country? Okay, I don't care who you are. I never know you and I have no plans on knowing," Kyosei said.

Hearing the statement, her mouth is wide agape. Somebody is not able to tell who she is? Isn't she famous and pretty? Why did nothing ever worked out?