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22 Dead Field

 "To the well- organized mind, death is but the next greatest adventure."

-J.K. Rowling

Day 1: 9:33 P.M

Kirishima High School - 2nd Floor Hallway in the building of the rear

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours and 27 minutes left


"Kyosei Ichinose, so you are still alive," the white haired girl said in a mocking tone.

Kyosei turns around with a glare in his eyes.

"So do you, Snow," Kyosei shot up a cold glare before he looks at the boy.

"Hmph, you got lucky, did you got bitten?" Kyosei asked as he flicks his cleaver to get rid the blood and brain matter on the blade.

"Uh, no. I did not get bitten," the boy said.

"Name..." Kyosei looks around, not even bothering to look on the guy.

"Okabe," the boy named Okabe said in a trembling tone.

"Okabe Samura, 16 years old, a repeater of 2nd year," Snow said emotionlessly.

Kyosei did not listen much, he didn't care what Snow just said.

"Did you two killed most of the undead around here?" Kyosei asks as he looks outside the window.

"Yeah, they got aggressive when it got darker so we fend off those things to survive," Okabe said.

"Hmph, really..." Kyosei did not bother and toss a mineral water and two packs of biscuits.

"Hide and do not come out unless the sun have risen. When the sun rises, go to the parking lot," Kyosei said as he dashes down without saying goodbye.

"Do you know the little devil?" Okabe asked with a questioning look on his face.

"Heh," Snow smiled as she stares at the boy who is currently gets smaller in their sight as he gets farther from them.


Day 1: 9:36 P.M

Kirishima High School - Track field

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours and 24 minutes left


Successfully reaching the first floor, Kyosei is now peering outside the wide track field. The place where many athletes keeps on practicing every day before the troublesome outbreak. Different noises and cries can be heard here in the past. Kyosei usually see many cheerleaders and other players doing their individual practices while some are just plainly doing a flirting job.

Now, its much more different, the field is no longer the field of many people enjoying their tasks to play sports, but a place where slaughter and decay occurs in plain view.

"Bunch of dipsh*ts, they don't even know how to escape the bites of these guys," Kyosei cussed.

He didn't dare to open the door, its much more troublesome and going to be deadly if he did it wrong. Instead, he used the open window to climb and exit the place. He didn't immediately move and instead, he looks around for a good place to survey the place. He usually avoid the place due to the majority of the students are in this place. He usually see this place as a cursed place. Just in this place, he felt like his soul is being pulled out of his body. Now, he has no problem. These guys walking are no longer humans.

He crouches and spotted the towering platform being used as a temporary water container. It is located near the outdoor swimming pool. The place is quite a good area to locate most of the areas around the track field. He silently maneuvers himself to reach the area. If an undead are on sight or hindering his destination, he never hesitates to strike the dead down. Just within 5 minutes of sneaking in the fully infested field, he manages to arrive the water tower. He quickly climb the ladder and since he is a good climber, he arrived the top with ease.

The whole field is in view without any buildings hindering to block his view. Kyosei spotted lots of undead scattered in the field, just by merely spotting them, he can identify that most of them are armored undead due to the equipment they are wearing. A few are cheerleaders that no longer looked as sexy as before. Just as he was about to stop looking, he spotted someone in distress.


Day 1: 9:40 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours and 20 minutes left


The field is purposely for track and field and football field is located on the left side of the track field. The track field center has a stage build to use as a stage for school idols that will sing and dance during the sports day. Now, its a stage with different guts scattered around and a few dismembered parts are also mixed on the area. The stage is being flocked by many undead that usually seen during movies of zombie Apocalypse experiencing the last stand. The rotting faces of different students turned into undead are all showing aggressive faces and behavior. Growls and howls are usually mixed together as they try to keep on grabbing on a girl who is clinging the angle bar with her own might, avoiding to get killed. She is wearing the cheer leading squad uniform with knee socks included. She has a blonde hair and deep blue eyes, usually americans possess. She is Cindy Logan, the top 1 idol and also the leader of the cheer leading squad. She is really popular and pretty that usually, many people are trying to seduce and court her. But now, they are not here for the idol nor the leader of the cheer leading squad but rather, they want to eat her.

She is grabbing the angle bar for her life, even though her underwear is clearly shown which is sky blue, nobody will enjoy this scene at all. Her eyes are bloodshot and tears are still flowing down her cheeks.

"My God! Help me survive the predicament, I don't want to die. I still wanted to live life. I don't care if its not a comfortable life, but I wish to be alive!" Cindy shouted with all her might but she knew that its a hopeless one. She can only keep on crying her eyes out. Just as she was about to give up and accept her death, she spotted someone climb the tall water tower located near the outdoor swimming pool. She can't clearly see the person but she knows that she did not know this person at all. She is a pure american gal residing in Osaka since her parents have their business moved in the Osaka. She transferred in Kirishima High School last 2 years already so many knows her already. Then, the outbreak struck and she is stuck in the stage.

She vigorously waved her free hand while the other is still clinging the anglebar.

"Help! Help me!" Cindy keeps on waving her hands but she is not sure if the person in the water tower can see her. Only lady luck will tell if she will be able to survive or die.