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21 The Dead and the Little Devil

 "Death is nothing to us, since we exist, death does not exist, and when there is death, we no longer exist."


Day 1: 9:25 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Corridor Halls

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours and 35 minutes left


The Corridor Halls is a hallway located outside the building. Its a quiet place leading to the back of the building where the huge library is located. It is a famous place for introverts to stay since the library is a shunned place by many students. The Corridor Halls can be accessed to go directly to the sports field.

Kyosei is still very cautious as he heightened his senses. Despite being a dark, he never gets afraid on what the dark is on. He proudly embrace what the darkness has in store for him. He is never afraid of ghosts. He never believes them. For many years of dwelling abandoned places and silent buildings, he never encountered one.

As he traverses the silent hallway, an undead wearing huge glasses jumps on and tries to lunge on him. Kyosei quickly responds with a quick swing of the cleaver. Blood splattered on the head as some brain matter oozes out of the skull. The cleaver embedded deeply on the head as Kyosei exerted a huge force on the swing. He lost his baseball bat during the battle of the Juggernaut earlier so his only weapon for swinging is the cleaver only. He steps on the chest of the corpse to have a small force to pull out the cleaver on the skull.

His method might offend some of those people who still think of these undead as fellow humans. For Kyosei, humans and undead are same species. Offending him only means death. He flicks the cleaver which has some brain matter stuck on the blade. He quickly left the place, leaving the dead body. He is not going to stay on the area for long. He don't know if undead are also attracted on a very silent method like that.

His headphones are not receiving any of Nanami's transmissions yet so Kyosei shifted the music to his favorite band, "MAN WITH A MISSION". All of the tracklist album he selected are all music of the band. He nodded as he continue his walk towards the end of the hall.

Reaching the end of the hall, he arrived on the door where it is made of glass. He peered a bit on the glass, only to see dead bodies scattered on the floor. Kyosei is not stunned. He is quite sure that some students are still alive besides him and his companions. He didn't pry any longer since he didn't care. He quickly opened the door, only to get lunged on by an infected. Kyosei immediately defended, holding the head of the undead. The undead is really eager to bite him as the teeth of the undead tries to reach him via stretching its mouth's reach. Kyosei did a quick move and he snaps the neck of the dead with a quick precision. In addition to that, Kyosei also punches the head, breaking up its fragile skull.

He quickly uses his senses to look around. An ambush is not good especially in the dark. Seeing that no enemies appeared aside from the undead he just beat up, Kyosei relaxes. He is planning on finding a flashlight but he has no idea where to find one. He is also not risking to use the other phones, some are on the verge of shutting down and the batteries are needed by Nanami, so he didn't need to. Only using the faint light, he nodded as he continues on walking the hallway.

Day 1: 9:30 P.M.

Kirishima High School - First floor of the building in the rear

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours and 30 minutes


The hallways are dark but a light is immited by a flashlight of a youth with a bit of spiky hair, accompanied by a girl with a short white hair only a bit in the neck length. She also wears glasses and currently clutches a thick book. From the looks of the two, the girl looks like a 3rd year while the boy with a bit of well maintained body is a 1st year.

"Dammit, they are very fast, I can't kill them much now, I am getting tired," the boy muttered as he hold a metal pipe. The metal pipe is shown to have taken a lot of abuse and being used as a blunt weapon. The surface of the metal pipe is really wet with blood.

"Rest..." the white haired girl said.

"Huh?!" the boy raises his tone like he is threatening a person.


"You sure are weird, I don't get you," the boy scratches his head.

"So are you..." the white haired girl muttered.

"Huh?! You sayin' something?!" the boy once more ask in a threatening tone.


Before the boy can say something, another set of undead are running towards them.

"F*ck, the freaks are here! Run!!" the boy quickly drags the hand of the white haired girl.

They are forced to climb back to the 2nd floor to evade the undead that are incoming. He is burdened by this girl but this particular girl is the one who saved his life when he is sleeping in the library earlier. He quickly drags the girl to avoid the cannibals trying to take a bite from them.

"Where the hell did they came from?!" the boy sweats as he look back and saw a few of the undead quickly reach their tracks in a fast pace. The terrifying speed quickens the heartbeat of the boy as he cannot go on dragging the girl. He already noticed that the girl is now too tired to run.

"Damn! You need to run too!" the boy effortlessly scooped up the girl in his arms and he princess carry the white haired girl. He quickly sped up. He didn't expect that the monsters are now like hungry crazy dogs trying to eat them. He feels his knees tremble every step he made. What is worst, he cannot keep on carrying his companion like this. Just as he was about to give up, a voice emanated in the air.

"Too slow.."

A boy wielding a cleaver and a revolver appeared, wearing a horned headphones and a black bonnet, his eyes, flaming with rage, obviously it's Kyosei.

"Its the little devil..." the boy mutters. He kneeled as his knees trembles.

Kyosei did a fast strike, with his signature round house kick and a quick swing of the cleaver, he did it without trouble. Smashing the other undead in the wall and swinging his cleaver to the laying undead on the floor, he did it effortlessly. Despite his injuries, he fluidly moves around like a fish, dodging the attacks of the undead. He brutally grab the two undead and smashed their heads together by slamming their rotting skulls together, blasting up the skulls and revealing a disgusting brain matter and blood. In just a minute, all of the undead chasing the two students are all dead and killed by a single individual. Kyosei stood as he flicks off the blood on his hands and the cleaver, in the eyes of the two students, Kyosei is like a demon who just devours and took the lives of innocents. He is worthy of his title, "Little Devil".