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20 Escape the Dead

 "The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them."

-Lois McMaster Bujold

Day 1: 8:45 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 15 minutes left


Loud growls echoed below the clocktower as Juggernaut Kaze fell from the clocktower, making a strong and shaky sound. On top of that, few, unfortunate undead are smashed to pulp by the Juggernaut's huge body. The juggernaut stood up and pounds its bulky chest like a gorilla and howls a low and frightening growl up the clocktower. Of course, the juggernaut is looking directly on Kyosei. Earlier, Kyosei made a very bold and suicidal move, by free falling without any gear to hold him.

Kyosei manages to grab on the thin wire that he unwinded earlier. This long wire became his lifeline and Kyosei knows that it is really a ridiculous plan. He have done many suicidal feats in the past, just to escape gang attacks but this is the most ridiculous and dangerous thing he have done his entire life. He almost fell to his death earlier and if not for the metal wire dangling, he will surely be ripped off by many undead down under. Juggernaut Kaze continues its woeful howl as it stares angrily on Kyosei. Kyosei did manage to grab on wire, but if he is using his barehands, he might have slipped off a long time ago. Good thing, he wears the motocross gloves he got from the room where Kaze is and wears it. Though it is a bit drenched with undead blood, it only got wet in the surface and the interior part are protected, reducing the contact of infected blood on Kyosei. Though it is not really infectious if contacted by skin, the blood might be really dangerous and might play a very big role in the outbreak's cause.

The grip that the motocross glove do is really tight, enough for Kyosei to maneuver his parkour skills. If he stayed dangling, he might slip off for real this time. Kyosei swings in the air to reach a nearby broken ledge. Kyosei is expert in these due to his experience in doing so. He once sneaked on a hideout of gangsters in the past who are abducting girls to **** them. Those guys are also very hostile to Kyosei and since Kyosei has a very troublesome history between this gang, Kyosei decided to sneak in. Since the hideout is an old, and broken building made as a turf by gangsters, the hideout is really a good place for parkour movements. Like a hired killer, Kyosei silenced up the guys guarding the entrance without making a sound by locking up their necks in a form of headlock and by also covering their mouth and nose with his arm with the gloves. It improves the ability to knock a person silently by this technique without much struggle. Due to the entrance of air blocked, carbon dioxide cannot let go easily on a human body, especially if caught in surprise. It works well with ambush techniques. Once a surprised victim got covered by the hand, CO² cannot be exhaled and can cause poisoning in the body. To make the body defend on this, the body will voluntarily shut down to protect the body from poisoned. If the suffocation technique is prolonged, death is imminent. But since Kyosei is not a killer, he just used it to stall time.

He climbed up and using a parkour skill like grabbing ledges, he saved time traversing the whole building and get avoided the risk on getting lost. He areived on his destination quickly and saved the day. All of that is in the past and Kyosei once again decided to use his skill in parkour to survive the harsh outbreak. After grabbing the ledge, Kyosei immediately uses his remaining strength to climb back up to the clocktower room. As his body reached the floor, he sighed in relief. He is not a superhuman and death is also trying to get a hold on himself but Kyosei is really flexible and cunning to escape its deadly grasp.

The Juggernaut pounded on the ground a few times and had killed a few undead who are unlucky to be underneath the range of fist of the juggernaut. They became meat paste in just a few pounding of the juggernaut. Kyosei is really sure that the Juggernaut will hunt him, but since he has no good resources that can really do the killing except the sole grenade he have, he has no choice but to escape and reunite on his companions. Kyosei redirected the others to go in the lower floors of the school where he discovered a huge bunker underneath the school. He had access to the top of the clocktower but it is much more riskier since he is alone and he is sure that many of the undead in the place are gathered near the rooftop door and he also instructed Nanami to lock it. He is really sure on his plans so it is useless for him to follow them in that path.

The underground bunker is not only accessible via the elevator on the rooftop. A few entrances are hidden throughout the school that leads to the bunker. His acquaintance is a doomsday prepper and also the owner of the school. He knows his stuff and secretly appointed a few trusted bunker makers in the whole world to secretly make a bunker for him under the school which can be connected around Osaka. Kyosei called him "The Rat" since he didn't want to give a name. The Rat is a very rich man that managed to make a bunker. When the outbreak begins, he immediately made his safe area down under. Kyosei is sure that it is safe so he temporarily directed his companions to go there. But they won't be staying down the bunker and leave the Rat there since it can trouble him further. To reach the bunker, Kyosei will have to traverse the infested school grounds and enter the old building that a few students used as a dormitory. Another entrance is located in that place which is in the library of the old building.

Kyosei really made a good connection with this fellow and he really trust this guy, since they share the same temperament. In the world where the living doubt others, a few connections are very valuable indeed exceeded the treasures in the world and Kyosei has many connections due to his unusual delinquent lifestyle.

Now, Kyosei's problem is to escape and reach the old building. The only problem he has is to go outside the area without any kind of trouble. He can't use any light source since he will need to do a stealth mission to reach the old building without stirring trouble. He has no energy much to do it and he didn't want to get chased the whole night by Juggernaut Kaze. He made it out alive without too much injuries other than a few body pain that he got from being slammed by the wall. Kyosei is also delighted since his Mp3 is still functional. Good thing for him he didn't need to charge it since it is a solar powered one. He really owed Nanami for making these. On top of that, the headphones and Mp3 are all able to survive harsh conditions, storm and hot weather, its not a problem and it also hard and trully not that easy to break as he have seen how durable it is during the damaged done by Juggernaut Kaze.

Kyosei immediately secured his things, he fixed his uniform and weapons for free running. He don't want to incur unnecessary sounds that can attract them. Additionally, since the uniform is black, it perfectly blended the dark so he won't be having a few trouble being seen by the undead. He just needed to deal with the undead in a silent manner and his brass knuckles will do the job. He secured his keys in the belt bag to avoid it rattling. He can't let go of the house keys. Of course, it is one of the weapons he got to survive the ordeal and his trusty partner in fist combat in the past.

After all of the necessary procedures are done. He munched on the melon bread he manages to nab in the canteen when he arrived there. He also drank a can of soda since a can of caffeine can help to stop drowsiness for long periods. After doing so, he munched on a lolipop. Sugar is beneficial and a great source of energy. He can't let the body of his to hinder his task and so he began his escape and quickly traverses the infected infested hallways in the dark sky...

Day 1: 9:00 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower: Cafeteria

Duration of the Night Rage: 9 hours left


Kyosei took a short time to prepare but he got troubled passing on the cafeteria. Since his companions made a stir in the cafeteria, the place is infested around the exit which is bad news for him. He needed to do a silent kill to avoid attracting them. His cleaver can do fine on the job so he only relies on observation skills. Despite being dark, Kyosei has a good eyesight and a lot of patience. This line of battle prowess is really hard and usually, only hitmen and assassins are capable of doing so, striking in the dark to avoid attracting attention and Kyosei is really capable on imitating the silent killers. He waited a few minutes on a side where all of his blindspots are blocked by wall. He is in the cornerpart of the cafeteria and observing is the only thing he needed to do. He keep his patience on and kept on observing a few idle undead for about five minutes until they are now in the formation where killing them silently will not cause any ruckus. Staring at his cleaver, Kyosei nodded. This will do. Time to get at work.

Crouching, he exerted a small amount of energy and made himself as light as possible and did a quick snap in the neck of the undead, destroying its fragile spinal cord on its neck, killing the undead easily but to be sure, Kyosei struck the head once more with the cleaver and leave him to work on the next target. It is a teacher this time. Mr. Takayaka of the Physics Department wandered around. Kyosei did a slight pull on its polo collar and did a quick strike using the cleaver squarely on its soft forehead, stopping it from attracting the other undead. And with a few more undead on his hit list, the undead on idle mode are forever shut down.

Flicking the cleaver, he stares on the pile of undead. He began on dragging the dead bodies on a line form silently. Since he still bring the bag used in his exploits earlier, he began his search on the pockets of the dead guys. He pulls out anything in their pockets. A few girls still bring their perfumes. It might be useless now but not for him. The liquid is a good flammable source, though it is not really that flammable, it can be mixed in with other things to make explosives since some of its ingredients can be used. He also found a few functioning phones in some pockets and a few are carrying a few biscuits. He all stuffed them in the bag. He also managed to see a few wallets with money. A few had paper bills while a few have coins. Coins is useful in vending machines, paper bills don't. But paper bills can be used as paper or currency if still needed by some. He then inspected Mr. Takayaka's body and managed to grab a smartphone. It is still in working condition but for some reason, he found the wallpaper disturbing. It is a photo of a middle age girl, which in Kyosei's estimate, might be around 10 to 11 years old and about in middle school. Its not disturbing if it is a normal photo since he might think that this kid is Mr. Takayaka's daughter, but what he find disturbing is, the girl is not wearing anything, and only her hair is covering her chest part and her hands are covering her private part with her hands in a skimpy way. Kyosei did not want to look and he turned it off. He continued searching and he stumbles on his wallet. He searched the wallet and he found a few packages of condom. About five of them and he found a few pictures of young naked ladies in the wallet.

"F*ck...." Kyosei throws the wallet in disgust. He has a speculation that Mr. Takayaka is a pedophile, mainly on young, cute girls. He spat out his saliva in the deformed face of Mr. Takayaka. This guy is really meant to die and not meant to be cultured further. These guys are trash in the society. He kicked the body and continued on searching the other bodies. In a few minutes, he managed to gain 7 smartphones, a few hundred yen and a few paper bills in addition with two packs of biscuits. He also took all of the jewelries and accessories in their possession. , the phones is not that beneficial to him but Nanami can be innovative and can make something out of these. He didn't go to the cafeteria again since he swept the area clean and he wanted to travel light, and avoid encumbering his own movements. He left the cafeteria after his looting, and continues on sneaking the dead infested school.


Kyosei here once more! Some of the people are always asking me about these guys so I will explain them here!


Danger level:

Single: Level 4

Horde: Level 7

Night Rage Single: Same as above.

Night Rage Horde: Same as above

Individuals who became these creatures: Bouncers and Bodyguards


These guys are known as hurlers based on their behavior. They can kill humans but their job is mainly on using stones and fellow undead to cripple the defense of a walled area. They are mainly known as Undead Catapult. They are still the same as ordinary undead but they have burly big bodies and can grab other undead to throw on the defense and can attack the enclosed place. They can be stopped by having a defensive wall to avoid catapult attacks. They also break glasses and can throw stones as fast as a bullet of a Colt 45. In an open camp, they can penetrate defense with the use of other undead. They cannot be seen in the morning and most likely to appear during Night Rage.