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19 Dead dont Speak

 "Ever death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely"

- Gautama Buddha

Day 1: 8:40 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Rooftop of the Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 20 minutes left


After a long and arduous climb on the spiral staircase, Souichi and the others managed to reach the Rooftop. But before they can feel safe and catch their breath, another horde is waiting in the rooftop.

Sena bars the door with her body as she forcefully pulls down the metal bar to lock the door.

"F*ck! Infected!! We are doomed to die!" Nejima sweats as he grip the handle of the baseball bat real hard.

"Should I use the grenade?" Souichi asked as he stabilizes Miyuki on his back.

"No, that is our only small lifeline if we encounter those same things that appeared in the clocktower!" Sena said referring to the Juggernaut.

"But we are going to die here!" Souichi felt like crying.

"Duck everyone!" Chie shouted.

"What?!" Everyone turns around and Chie throws a bottle with a flaming cloth attached on the mouth of the bottle.

"Fire in the hole!" Chie throws it to the rushing undead and as the bottle landed in the floor, the liquid inside spreads out as the bottle broke to pieces. The flames in the cloth expanded and licked the liquid in a swift manner causing a wave of flames to burn in the floor and the undead that passes through, burns and slows down.

"Molotov Cocktail?!" Souichi recognized what Chie used. Its a self made explosive called Molotov Cocktail. Any kind of flammable liquids can be used as Molotovs such as alcohol.

"Help me burn the cloths attached and throw these bottles!" Chie opens the bag that she keeps on carrying, revealing a few flammable liquid in the bottle.

Nejima and Nanami immediately helps by grabbing the bottles, removing the caps and putting the cloth in swift manner. They also lit the cloth with a lighter.

"Raise hell on Earth!" Nanami maniacally grinned as she throws the Self made Molotov Cocktail towards the horde.

The Molotov's are very effective and only a few stragglers are left. These undead are easy to kill, only hard when engaged in the evening. The darkness of the night lit up as the flames continuously swallows the undead and burn them to ashes. For some reason, they are easily burned and some immediately turned to ashes.

In just a few more attacks, only a few with burned legs are left crawling in the ground. Nejima and Nanami killed the stragglers without trouble and cleared the rooftop with the undead. The only problem is the door is still being pounded by the undead who are chasing them in the stairs earlier.

"The door is not going to last forever, we need to go," Nanami said.

Everyone nodded and headed immediately to the observatory and astronomy room. The door is locked with chains so it is safe from the undead inside. Souichi lays Miyuki down near Sena and Sena immediately supports. Souichi then asks Sena for the Colt 45 which she readily let go and pass it to Souichi. The group backs a bit away from the door and Souichi cocks the gun.

"Here I go," Souichi aims and pulls the trigger, destroying the padlock completely.

Souichi is a bit stunned by the gun's recoil. His hands hurt a bit and he is not used to it. Proper training will do and perhaps Sena might be able to properly train them on handling guns and reducing recoil but for now, they need to be swift. The door will not last long...

Day 1: 8:47 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Observatory and Astronomy Room

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 13 minutes left


They rushes inside the dark observatory room. Souichi immediately close the door and pulls the nearby rack of items. Nejima and Nanami helped Souichi pull the rack to the door. As they block the door, a few wild knocks can be heard outside the door like it is about to break inside.

"Phew, we made it!" Chie smiled as she sat on the floor due to the tiredness. Souichi flips the switch but its not functioning well and won't turn on.

Nejima uses his phone's flashlight to light the place. The observatory is deserted due to the disbandment of the club last year after all of the last members graduated already. The building is locked resulting to the club's existence to be forgotten. It also connects to the underground facility storage for storing some necessary items in the school. The elevator on the center is an old one necessary to be manned by a person to send him/her to the floors. This is what Kyosei said earlier as the elevator that will be used later is the one located in center of the observatory and astronomy room.

"It looks a bit shaky," Sena inspected.

"Its a manual elevator. We have no trouble on using it since it doesn't use elevator. We just need to manually control the lever and we will be alright," Nanami said as she also inspected the elevator's structure.

After looking around, they only discovered that the place is really abandoned since it doesn't even have much important things being kept. Only a few batteries and computer parts are in here which Nanami collected. After a few minutes of surveying the place in the dark, everyone gathered in the front of the elevator.

"So who wants to test and look down under?" Chie asked everyone.

Nobody speaks. Of course, everyone will be having second thoughts. The whole school are overrun by the undead, they will be having second thoughts on doing a survey. Kyosei usually do these things but now they can't be too reliant since Kyosei is nowhere to be found and they don't know what happened. Before Chie talks once again, Souichi is the first one to volunteer.

"I will go, since Kyosei entrusted me to help the group, I will do it," Souichi said as he bravely look at the creaky elevator.

The group nodded and Souichi goes to the elevator. Holding his own phone and the Colt 45, he immediately holds the lever and controls the elevator. A squeaky sound can be heard everytime the elevator slowly descends.

"Good luck, brother!" Nanami said.

Souichi swallows hard as he is getting shivers. This is really a hard choice but he decided to do it. It is really frightening for him to explore new areas and he admires Kyosei for being a person who really do things without much trouble by himself. In a few minutes, he arrived at the bottom. Pushing the elevator button halt its ascend involuntarily, Souichi flashes his flashlight in the dark...


Day 1: 8:54 P.M

Kirishima High School - ???

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 6 minutes left


The light emitted by the phone of Souichi is not enough to illuminate the area and all Souichi knows, he is facing a hallway. Souichi gulps his saliva once again as he slowly goes to step slowly with the Colt 45 and the phone in his hands. He felt like a character in a game and he also imagined that something will pop out with a rotting face. Just by imagining it, he felt like it will really happen and something will jump out.

Slowly but surely, he traverses the hallway without knowing anything. Using the very faint light from his phone, he goes on. A small amount of noise always makes him nervous like heck and turns to the direction of the noise, only seeing a mouse scampering away.

"Sh*tty mouse, makes me die nervous," Souichi wipes his sweat and continues to go on the dark hallway.

After walking for a few more minutes, Souichi arrives on a spacious room with lots of chairs and a few clothes hanging on a clothesline. For some reason, the place has a vibe of someone watching him in the dark. Souichi calms himself or he will panic and shoot. But he avoid doing so since it is a waste of bullets to him. He examines around and soon discovers a table full of papers and other stuff. Souichi got curious so he decided to check. Before he can check, a sharp and cold thing touches the back of his neck and a hoarse voice is heard behind.

"Who are you," the hoarse voice asked.

"F*ck, does the undead reaches this place?" Souichi mutters as he think of a way to escape the predicament.

"*sshole, Dead don't speak and I am alive. Who sent you here, is it Kyosei?" the hoarse voice continued.

That's when Souichi relaxes hearing Kyosei's name muttered by the other party.

"You know Kyosei?" Souichi asked.

"Heh, of course. I am indebted to him..."


Day 1: 8:40 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 20 minutes left


While Souichi's group successfully escaped the predicament from the undead, Kyosei is now stuck on it. He struggles to get up after being punched. His consciousness can't handle the hard impact from the Juggernaut Kaze. He can't kill these big guy up since even a revolver's can't penetrate its skull. How about his melee weapons? No, he can't even give a dent on its hard skin. What about the grenade? Its his last resort and he won't use it against this guy. Before he can fully recover, Juggernaut Kaze is rushing once more like a dump truck trying to destroy his whole being.

"You are really a hard one, eh. Still wanted to kill me even though you are dead? Can't cross the threshold between heaven and hell?" Kyosei mutters as he dodges once more.

When he dodges, his wound s hurt like hell once more.

"He really got me this time," Kyosei smiled bitterly. He flicks his cleaver and insert it on the belt side. He once again saw the Juggernaut Kaze rushing to him once more. Kyosei looks at the area where he put the wires to avoid the attacks of the hurlers earlier. And a brilliant plan occurs in his mind. Facing Juggernaut Kaze, Kyosei slowly goes to the area and unwind the knots he used to tie the wire on the gap.

"Yo, fat *ss! Come here! I am a free meal!" Kyosei taunted Juggernaut Kaze.

Juggernaut Kaze growls and rushes to Kyosei as it shouts.


Before Juggernaut Kaze can attack and hit Kyosei, Kyosei voluntarily jumps off the building along with the big lump of meat, towards the horde of undead under, waiting for their meal....