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18 Assault of the Dead

 "In order to live, we need better reasons than to die"

-Antoine Rivarol

Day 1: 8:25 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 35 minutes left


The Chaotic Night that everyone experienced is just the beginning. As Kyosei stares at the humungous, muscular and rotting body of Kaze, he felt his heart palpitate wildly. Usually, he only saw these kinds of monsters in zombie games as one of the bosses and if it is a free roam game, he usually avoid this type of guys. Now, this is rather a ridiculous situation he got in. He only have a small amount of weapons and bullets are limited in his arsenal. What is more, this is rather going to be a dangerous one. He noticed that Souichi and the others are still stalled as they got shocked on what is going on.

"F*ck, what are you all stalling for?! Go!!" Kyosei growled as he dodges the attack of "Kaze".

Kyosei's headphones rang once more and Nanami is shouting on the speaker.

"Ichi, get out in there right now! Its dangerous!" Nanami warned.

"Yes, I know, I will stall this guy for a while, escape now!" Kyosei groaned.

"I classified that monster, I call it as a Juggernaut. If possible, do not engage it right now, killing it might take work and resources!" Nanami informed.

"Hmph, I am not that easy to kill! Just hurry up and go to the rooftop of the clocktower, lock the door and don't let the undead in, ride the elevator on the observatory and astronomy room and take refuge there! Do not go out unless its morning!" Kyosei shouted and while listening to what Nanami is saying, Kyosei keeps on dodging and rolling around to avoid the rampage of the so called "Juggernaut".

"What about you?!" Nanami's voice is filled with uncertainty.

"Hmph, don't worry about me, its not worth your time! Worry about yourself!!" Kyosei groaned. He has no time to attack at all. When Nanami stopped the transmission, the mp3 music rings out once more with an adrenaline feeling upbeat tone. Kyosei steeled his focus and quickly pull the trigger of the revolver repeatedly.


Bullets fly straight to the Juggernaut but Kyosei's aim is off as the bullet hit only the shoulders. Of course, the bullet just sinks in the flesh.

"KkkyoOOOOSSssseeeIIIII!!!" Juggernaut Kaze groaned and slams the ground as it starts on charging towards Kyosei.

"F*ck..." Kyosei rolled once more but he never expected to still get caught and slammed towards the wall as he collided with the Juggernaut.

Pain lingered in his body and he was forced to spat out blood. His forehead is wounded and the blood is slowly oozing out. The Juggernaut Kaze slams the floor once again and goes on a stance to charge and flatten Kyosei to smithereens. Kyosei moved away weakly as the Juggernaut charges and slams the wall where Kyosei once stood.

Kyosei aims the Juggernaut again and shoot the remaining bullet in the gun.


As usual, it never even hit the Juggernaut's head, only the flesh near its shoulders, ripping off a bit of it. Despite the strong power of the Revolver, once used against "Kaze", it failed to penetrate further on the body of the Juggernaut Kaze. Kyosei wondered how Kaze mutated into something like this.

Kyosei kept on dodging. He slid off the cleaver on the ground and opens the belt bag he attached on his belt and pulls out seven revolver bullets before closing it. He dispose the bullet cases, inside the revolver while continues on running around, trying to take more time before the Juggernaut Kaze can do harm to him.

With a slow but successful reloading, Kyosei once again saw the rushing Juggernaut Kaze towards him. Kyosei cocks and aim to the head.

"Die!" Kyosei pulled the trigger and the bullet directly hit the forehead of Juggernaut Kaze.

But for some reason, it didn't penetrate the skull at all and instead, got stucked on its forehead. Juggernaut Kaze groaned and pound its chest like a gorilla. Kyosei uses this chance to roll away and run, grabbing the cleaver once more that he currently unequipped earlier.

Low groans can be heard in the room where the Juggernaut Kaze emerge and the lackeys appeared. Seeing Kyosei, they immediately release their feral nature and sprint towards him.

"Even in death, you won't stop on chasing me," Kyosei shook his head and dodges the attack of the Juggernaut once again. He rolls and trip the first lackey nearby with a leg kick, kicking the weak point of the leg.

The undead fell, Kyosei raises the cleaver and embedded its blade to the rotting flesh of the skull and immediately moved away from the undead rushing towards him. He has a flexible and swift body trained to dodge and kill enemies. But even so, he has a hard time to escape. He quickly used his brass knuckles as a "lackey" tried to attack. With a full force punch, he embedded the fist on its head. Kyosei flicked his hands to remove the blood and once again fled to the other direction. He has a big problem now, how to defeat the Juggernaut. Right now, his friends are a bit farther from his location now.

Before he can react, the fist of Juggernaut Kaze landed on the body of Kyosei and hitting the wall, Kyosei spat out a mouthful of blood and his body is wounded as his consciousness is slowly wavering.

Day 1: 8:29 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Cafeteria

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 32 minutes left


Souichi and the others are panting on running, Kyosei is buying them enough time to escape and according to Kyosei, they need to go to the Clocktower rooftop to access the emergency elevator towards the ground floor. But to reach the rooftop, they need to pass the Cafeteria and access the rotating stairs to reach it. As usual, a few undead are loitering around. Nejima and Nanami are more gung-ho in being the vanguard of the group so they held the baseball bats. Sena holds the Colt 45 since she has a training in firearms with her grandfather when she is still a kid. Chie is supporting Souichi carry Miyuki and also watches the rearguard to avoid fatalities and casualties.

Of course, the undead are also on the move when they are spotted.

"Infected spotted!!" Nejima said and prepares to strike.

"Don't let them bite you!" Nanami reminded.

Nejima and Nanami did a good job on fending the feral undead ever since they saw how Kyosei fight against the undead without restraint. With a perfect teamwork, the undead that attacks are fended off and killed. They didn't dawdle in the cafeteria and rushes to the hallway to reach the staircase.

Day 1: 8:35 P.M

Kirishima High School - Staircase to Rooftop of the Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 25 minutes


The staircase is tiresome to climb and on top of that, the undead are also rushing down in them.

"Defend!! Don't let them bite any single of you!" Souichi groaned as he climb the stairs carrying Souichi.

Nejima and Nanami continues on attacking preventing any of the undead from passing through. Chie and Sena are also occupied in fighting the undead that tries to attack their blindspot. Good thing its not a horde that attacked them like the quantity that Kyosei and Chie that relentlessly attacked.

"Keep going! We can't let them chase us!" Sena gritted her teeth. She managed to kill a few undead and now is the first time of having her hands blood red in killing a creature but she did not let her humility to stop it. If she wanted to live in this new harsh world, she can't keep being a pacifist forever.

The staircase is really long and a single move can cause accidents and much worse, death. Souichi is having a hard time carrying Sumire in his back. Climbing up the stairs is a hard work and if not for the good endurance of Souichi, he might have given up on carrying Sumire up.

"Did Kyosei followed us, Nanami?!" Souichi asked sweating.

"I don't know! I can't check my laptop at all! The undead are just pushing us to die here, I have no time to look!" Nanami gritted her teeth as she keeps on attacking, acting as the aggressor against the undead while Nejima acts as a bit of support.

"Are we sure... this is a great idea? We are still in 8 P.M and morning is far. These undead will be our killers!" Sena sweats as she tries to calm herself down.

"We hope so, I am not really familiar in this clocktower and Kyosei is the first one to fully explore this place. If he told us to go here, then we should persevere and do it!" Souichi said, keeping Sumire on his back. They don't know what is the fate of Kyosei after they escaped. For now, their only struggle is to survive the troublesome night without getting killed.

They keep on pushing on, climbing up the troublesome spiral staircase. The outbreak is only beginning to get deadlier as the night continues to spread. Just around the Tokyo Bay a boat with 4 dead crews and a single undead is currently sailing to towards the land in another country...