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17 The Dawn of the Dead

 "Kill a man, one is a murderer; kill a million, a conqueror; kill them all, a God"

-Jean Rostand

Day 1: 8:18 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 42 minutes


Kyosei calmly walk towards the door without the others noticing him. Looking at the door barraged with things, he felt something is odd but he can't tell what it is and he didn't pry much longer near the door. He didn't want to see Kaze once again as he might be doing something like beating him up to death once he meet his face.

Kyosei returns his gaze once more, the hurlers are throwing a few stones but they cannot throw it very far now so the upper part glasses are safe from the hurlers attack. Even if they managed to attack and destroy the glass, it is impossible to throw an undead towards that broken glass. Trajectories of the undead being thrown are random and Kyosei noticed that some of the dead being thrown cannot reach the clocktower at all and ended up dead by falling straight back to the ground and getting ripped to shreds by the fellow undead.

Kyosei occasionally find a few Mosquitoes in the area and he destroys them. The corpses of the lackeys being killed earlier are dragged by Kyosei towards the broken glasses where Kyosei put a barrage of wire to stop the advance of the hurlers. He still put a small gap, enough to fit a body of a person. Kyosei did it purposely to dispose the bodies. While he is dragging the bodies, naturally, Souichi noticed him.

"Hey Kyosei let me help!" Souichi exclaimed and grab the pliers next to him.

Kyosei did not respond but he shot a cold glare with a look of "don't you dare" in his face towards Souichi. Souichi can only frown. Kyosei coldly stopped his help once again and if he persisted, Kyosei might get angry and a revolver will be directed right into his head if he keep on doing it.

"I don't trust you yet, four eyes, so shut the hell up," Kyosei coldly retorted once when he tried to help Kyosei in the past. He felt like someone who is really disregarded by all. Souichi can only sigh and return to his idle position once more.

Seeing Souichi return to his spot and turn idle, he silently nodded and continued doing the disposing of the bodies. Throwing the bodies off feels like a small baggage. The corpses already smells rotten but for some reason, even though Kyosei directly holds the rotten lackeys who are killed by the mosquitoes, the rotten smell did not get attached to his skin and his clothes did not smell rotten.

Kyosei continues the dead body disposal. If he didn't do it, they might die from these. The bodies are diseased and are deemed to be known as the "infected bodies". If the rotten bodies continued to linger once more in the area, the rotting smell might affect the health of everyone including him.

As he continues on the disposal of the dead bodies, his headset stop the music once more and Nanami's voice rings out.

"Don't push yourself too hard, Ichi," Nanami said.

Kyosei stayed silent and continues on his body disposal job.

"Hey, moron, listen to me! You are overworking yourself!!" Nanami protested.

"Hmph, it's not your freaking business," Kyosei said as he disposed the last body.

"Its our business! If you die, we can't do anything to save you!" Nanami retorted.

"Heh. Death is the inevitable destination of every human being in this world. If I die, then so be it," Kyosei answered as he fix his uniform's necktie and wipe the blood in his sleeves.

"You have changed a lot, you are not like this before," Nanami groaned.

"Hmph, you only noticed it now?" Kyosei coldly retorted as he slowly sits down on the worn out sofa.

Nanami couldn't do anything on Kyosei's rebuttal so she decided to cut off the communication and return the music on Kyosei's headphone. He holds the letter he got from Kato which is now a bit tattered in his pocket. According to Kato, he will rescue whoever he brings together with him in three days but for Kyosei, it is rather long since the dead are rather aggressive and deadly at night. It's only the first day but for some reason, he felt that the outbreak still have a few surprises hidden within and no one can predict it yet. Once they survive this day, Kyosei plans on surviving along with the others in a safe place and meet up with Kato if possible. The first thing he need to find is a vehicle capable of bringing everyone together without splitting in separate vehicles.

As he goes on contemplating, a loud knock echoes in the silent atmosphere of the Clocktower. Everyone resting got startled and are looking for the source of the noise.

"What was that?" Nejima felt goosebumps in his body.

"It sounds near and it is like a loud knock for some reason," Chie said.

Another knock is heard, this time, they are now aware where the knock is located.

"It's in the room where Kyosei locked up Kaze and some of his goons!" Souichi said as he is most sensitive in the sound and he focuses on looking for the source. He didn't want another kind of surprise which occurred earlier like the appearance of the hurlers and the mosquitoes.

Kyosei stood up. He stretched his arms and shakes his head as he grips his cleaver and baseball bat in his hands tightly. The others also picked up their weapons resting in the pile of things in the corner and despite being locked in the area where the wire is circled on, they can't be too careful. Chie lay the sleeping Miyuki to avoid making her suffer needlessly.

"Ichi, don't rush too quick! We don't know what that is," Nanami said to Kyosei.

Kyosei nodded but he still continued his advance towards the doors barraged with different things that a normal person will take time to push it forward.

A series of knocks are heard once more and this time, they don't feel like a knock but more like it is trying to break the door. Kyosei did not step back, he readies his weapons, the brass knuckles on both hands, the revolver on his waist, the cleaver and the baseball bat. He is ready to do a series of attacks if necessary to ensure his and the survival of others.

The knock is getting stronger and a few things are getting pushed back like it is nothing.

"Kyosei! Careful! Whatever is behind the door, you can't engage it!" Souichi said and grabbed the pliers and quickly do a quick cut on the wires to make an exit for everyone. Kyosei did not obstruct what Souichi did since he also agrees on what he did. He is not sure what is the danger going on the other side of the door. He can't let his team to get killed in the first day. Souichi carried Miyuki by piggyback ride style as they back off away from the door.

"Four eyes, back off to the nearest door away from here, take a grenade with you. If it looks dangerous here, run away!" Kyosei ordered.

"What about you?!" Souichi panicked.

"Don't worry about me yet! You need to do it!" Kyosei gritted his teeth.

"Alright..." Souichi nodded as he lead his other companions near the stairs to the rooftop of the clocktower. It is much safer upstairs if the enemy is not that dangerous.

Rumbles and tremors are making the whole place shake. Kyosei is sweating. He already readies his body and consciousness to do a swift action immediately.

The door blockaded by different things got blasted away. Kyosei rolled away to avoid the debris flying off from the door. It is rather violent and not a normal undead under the influence of the Night Rage can do that.

A huge and tyrannical body emerge out in the destroyed doorway. It's whole body is enormous but it is rotting as seen with different kind of flesh emerge out of its body. The clothes are ripped off but Kyosei can still determine that the clothes is a uniform of the Kirishima High School.

The others got startled. This no longer an apocalypse. This is rather a troublesome monster emerging.

"KyyyyyOOOOOOssssssssEEEiiiii!!!!! Killllllll!!!"

Kyosei is a bit stunned but he didn't let it hinder him. In the head of the humongous undead is a similar sunglasses that a certain person he hates keeps on wearing. Kyosei pulls out his revolver immediately, throwing off the baseball bat in the other side as he also readies the cleaver in his right hand.

"So you won't even die peacefully huh? Maybe I should have killed you earlier than spare you.... Kaze," Kyosei cocks the revolver and aims it to the head of "Kaze" who is growling with a pair of red eyes bulging out of his big head...