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16 Kaze is Dead

 "Death is not the worst thing that can happen to man"

- Plato

Day 1: 8:15 P.M

Kirishima High School - Gym Storage

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 45 minutes


The distance did not hinder the sounds of growling and explosions in the distance. The sounds of that explosions are shocking on the ears of Haruna and Sendo. As explosions occur, Sendo and Haruna will cover their ears. They are not used to it.

"Oy, do not panic, those are obviously the sounds of grenades," Leo said without a sign of fear and panic.

"Wow, your so tough Leo-san, we are not used to the explosions yet," Sendo nervously laugh.

"Nah, I'm not tough, its that, I am used to the sounds of explosions. In the Philippines, especially the Mindanao region in the mountainous areas, rebels usually do that and we live in fear whenever the rebels and soldiers clashed. Later, we moved to the city of Davao to avoid the battles and lived there until I decided to go abroad as a teacher in Japan. I just hoped that this outbreak didn't reach yet in the Philippines," Leo sighed.

"I'm sure they are safe, Leo-san. This problem is not yet in the views overseas so you can rest assured," Haruna said.

"Nah, that is just a wishful thinking, I think the trouble is spreading fast like a wildfire. Many people will try to evacuate via boats and planes. But even so, a few infected people will get onboard and they will become one of them once they reach the next country. I usually see this events in movies and computer games so I think, not only Japan might be infected but also the other countries," Sendo explained.

"This lad is right. We still have no idea what caused this problem at all. It is the first day and yet, many are dying already in real life and widespread already in Osaka. The government will keep on hiding the fact on there involvement on this incident," Leo said.

A few more explosions occurred until it became tranquil once more, only the moaning and grunting noises of the undead. Sendo, Haruna and Leo decided to shut up and rest for the night to avoid attracting the undead that might kill and rip their bodies once they are discovered....

Day 1: 8:18 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower's Secret room/ Kaze's room

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 42 minutes



The voice of Kaze echoes in the room but not a single thing answered him back. The whole room is quiet and not a single person moved except the struggling Kaze. Kaze gritted his teeth as he tries to endure the pain of the bruises in his body that felt more like he is in the oblivion of death. He grunted and struggled, only to find out that he is tied upside down. He keeps on moving but he can only swing back and forth. He can't really do anything and only by swinging back and forth is his only chance to escape. He gritted his teeth and cursed.

"F*ck you, Kyosei! Once I get myself out of this predicament, I will kill you!" Kaze shouted.

Silence lingered once more. Kaze is sweating and since he can't do anything except by swinging back and forth and looking his surroundings, he decided to look around him and find anything that can help him escape. He then noticed his lackeys tied up in the corners of the room. They are all not moving at all.

"Hey, motherf*ckers! Untie me! Stop dawdling!" Kaze groaned as he tried to move his body the best he can but he can't wriggle out. The ropes are very tight. Seeing that nobody is budging at all, a vein popped out from his forehead as his temper rose. His blood already accumulated inside his head due to the fact that he is hanged, upside down for a long time.

"*ssholes!! You better prepare if I get down in here! I will put your dicks to your mouth once I get down here!" Kaze shouted.

He wriggled his body once more to escape the tight rope, tied in his body.

"Come on.... come on!!!" Kaze continued his futile struggle.

Suddenly, one of his lackeys who is tied up near the window is a bit illuminated move and raised his head.

"Oh for f*ck sake, why did you only the wake up now....." Kaze felt his throat go dry seeing the face of the lackey.

The lackey looked like he is dried up, devoid with blood and has no signs of being a healthy person. He is really pale and he didn't look like a living person with a rather deep and tired eyes, he looks like a corpse right now. In Kaze's perspective, they are rather scary to look.

"F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! What the actual f*ck!!" Kaze felt the air turn cold and every sound he makes echoes in the room.

The "lackey" snarled and tried to pounce Kaze. Luckily, the "lackey" is tied up and has no means to escape, left only to snarl and drool on Kaze without stopping. The red eyes of the "lackey" pierces through the darkness and this made Kaze sweat seeing the other "lackeys" raise their heads, showing their piercing red eyes to Kaze. Base on these characteristics, they are no longer human and rather they are already one of the dead.

"Kyosei!!!! I will kill you a thousand times once I get myself out in this predicament!!"

Kaze groaned but he didn't see the big flying insect buzzing in his back. The next thing Kaze knew, something sipped his consciousness and energy away like being vacuumed. His power to prevail disappeared and his eyes are devoid in life as his life slowly got sapped by a mosquito...

Time of death: 8:21 P.M

Victim: Kaze Tsukiyama

Killer: Mosquito

Time before he turn: 3 minutes

Infection Rate: 100%

Day 1: 8:18 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 42 minutes left


Kyosei is looking for a few changes in the place. He can't really say much since the undead stopped their throwing assault on the clocktower after his barrage of grenades on them. Souichi is now sitting in the corner, fiddling with his glasses, Miyuki is asleep, Sena is attending and helping Chie do the work and Nejima is helping Nanami do the hacking work even though Nejima has no expertise in the hacking field.

Kyosei sighed and look flicks the blood on his cleaver and baseball bat. This battle really cost him a lot of grenades and energy to use. He only have two grenades left and he is getting sleepy. Fatigue kicks in his body and his eyes are slowly getting heavy.

"No, not now," Kyosei groaned as he slap himself.

He have already taken much more severe sleepless nights in the past but this is the most severe all in all. He look at the door that he locked up Kaze earlier. For some reason, he has a curiosity that he wanted to know. If Kaze is dead....