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15 Hope Against the Dead

 "How can we know death is, if we do not yet know what life is?"


Day 1: 7:45 P.M

Kirishima High School - Gym Storage Room

Duration of the Night Rage: 11 hours and 15 minutes left


The last piece of the biscuit is savored slowly by the three teachers like this is the last food they will ever eat. What's more, they even savor the crumbs of biscuits left inside the wrapper and didn't leave a single tiny crumb wasted. Haruna sighed as she licked her fingers even though it doesn't have any residue of sauce. She felt satisfied and in the same time, disappointed since the biscuit lasted only a few minutes for them. They even have no water available to drink. If they stayed holed up here, they will end up dead in dehydration.

"I'm thirsty. Do you have some water?" Haruna asked.

Sendo shook his head. Its normal since in panic, he didn't get anything valuable with him except himself and his phone along with the biscuit.

"Me either. I don't think we know that this would happen anyway," Leo groaned.

Haruna sighed.

"I hope my family is alright in Kyoto. I hope the outbreak did not reach that far," Haruna said as she looks in her phone.

"My family is in the Philippines. I am also worried on my Wife and my children," Leo said sighing.

Sendo nodded. He is alone in Japan since his parents died early due to sickness so he strived to live alone and survive with the help of the neighbors and friends. Leo is a Japanese who got married in the Philippines after meeting his wife in a fortunate day while Haruna is living originally in Kyoto and her family is living there.

Sendo picked his phone he put in the crate and he saw the connecting image like something is forcing to enter his phone.

"What?" Sendo tried most of the things but nothing happened. He then noticed that an answerable question with choices appeared in the his phone screen.

As he confirmed it, Sendo heard a familiar sound.

"Hello? Is this Mr. Takumi? I hacked the network and did not expect someone to connect on my SoS call," the voice which he heard on his phone is none other than Nanami.

"Is this Honda-kun? Thank goodness we are not alone. How did you contact me? There is no signal in cellular networks you know?" Sendo asked.

"I hacked the network using the internet connection of the school and since your phone is also one of the phones connected in the school's IP address, I sent an SOS call to determine who are still alive. And luckily, you picked it up," Nanami said.

Sendo nodded. He didn't expect that the literacy of Nanami on gadgets and stuff will be really useful for now that the cellular network is down during the time of need.

"How are you holding up in there?" Sendo asked.

"Not good sir! We are barred with wire here in the clocktower's gear room and Kyosei is currently defending us by killing the undead. We have one casualty and she is currently fainted so we do our best to help her since a stone wounded her," Nanami reported.

"Who are you with? Your saying you are with that brutal delinquent, Kyosei?" Sendo is shocked. Of course, he have heard the name Kyosei since it is famous in the faculty as a very good student in academics but really troublesome since he keeps on going through fights which is really hard for teachers to stop. Many said he is ruthless and if possible, he will kill if needed.

"Big bro Souichi and his girlfriend Sena Yotsumishi, Nejima Mirai, President Miyuki Tamehara, Chie Mutsuki and of course, Kyosei Ichinose," Nanami said.

"Why are you with that delinquent kid? He might bait you all on those dead people eating others!" Sendo warned.

"Sir, we are grateful to him. He saved us when Vice President Kaze Tsukiyama hostages and tried to **** us. Kyosei is much more trustworthy than the honor student who is really a bullsh*t person!" Nanami protested.

Sendo is flabbergasted. He never expected that the Kaze he is approving on anything is a very bad person hiding in a clothing of a good person. And the person who saved them is the Kyosei Ichinose who is a delinquent that causes trouble and headache to the school.

"Sir, if you are hiding somewhere safe, do not let the undead get in especially at night. They will be chasing you running nonstop. Also, prevent the mosquitoes bite you, they are carriers of whatever causing the dead to rise. Stay safe sir, we will try to locate you all when the morning comes. Stay where you are sir and whoever you are with," Nanami said and cut off the call.

Sendo sighed as he heard the beep sound which indicates that the call ended. Haruna and Leo got curious and snoops around.

"What's up? I thought the network cannot connect?" Haruna asked.

"Its Nanami Honda. She hacked and contacted my phone that tells us that her team will go and find us. She also warned us to never leave this place or else we will get chased and killed by those dead people. Our hope for surviving the day is still on the way," Sendo smiled.


Day 1: 8:00 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 11 hours left


Kyosei groaned as he flicks the cleaver and the baseball bat together and blood splats off from its surface. He is now so tired as he struggles to stand and swing his weapons. The hurlers are not ceasing on throwing the undead and Kyosei defended the place with swift and precise attacks. His attacks are getting weaker and weaker and he forget how many kills he did during the timespan he defended. He looked back on the group inside the wire and he saw Miyuki is still fainted. He sighed in relief seeing her wound is now bandaged. Souichi, Nanami and Nejima are looking at Kyosei and in their faces marks the worry and they are planning on helping him.

"Back off, you are all not needed to do this troublesome thing and I am enough on this," Kyosei said.

"Kyosei! Don't try everything in solo! That is suicide!" Souichi shouted.

"We can defend together!" Nejima seconded.

"F*ck off! If I say no, it is a no!!" Kyosei gritted his teeth. He faces once again, seeing the incoming undead and despite Kyosei's weak attack, he didn't stop his assault.

The rest helplessly watched him as he continued his defense. Sena is rummaging around and found the slingshot and the grenades together.

"Souichi, give this to Kyosei, he needed this!" Sena said as she handed the slingshot and grenades to Souichi.

Souichi trembles seeing that it is a legit grenade in his hands.

"Grenades?! And Slingshot? Are you serious?" Souichi felt troubled and he is really having a hard time touching the pin of the grenades. He knows how devastating it will be if he pull the pin off the grenade.

"Hand it out, dumb*ss, Kyosei is much smarter than you if you handed the grenades and slingshot to him," Sena groaned.

"F- fine!" Souichi reluctantly holds the grenades and slingshot and as the grenade touches his hands, his heart trembles and pounded so fast like it was about to explode.

"Kyosei!" Souichi put his hands out on the wire.

Kyosei turns around and he immediately noticed Souichi's trembling hands, holding the slingshot he just made and the grenades.

For some reason, he find it too dangerous to do and it might kill him in accident. Kyosei shook his head and grab the grenades and the slingshot. He didn't use it and just put the slingshot around his neck and put the grenades on a safe distance in the floor. A new wave of assaulting undead came flying straight to him.

"F*ck off, b*tch!" Kyosei performed his roundhouse kick with a strong force, slamming the undead to the floor, head first. Kyosei is now clouded with death aura on his mind.


He swiftly make his work as the newly arrived undead starts to rise back up.

"Kiss the floor!!" Kyosei performs a slam kick, breaking the head of the undead like watermelon, he also used his baseball bat to do the work of breaking the heads of the undead. As he striked the last undead, he saw another horde arriving. What is more, two hurlers are spotted in the area since they are only far from the normal ones and they have muscled bearing bodies.

"So persistent," Kyosei wiped his sweat and backs off near the area where Souichi and the others are.

"Hey, four eyes, does the wire still have a bit left?" Kyosei asked while still focused on the broken glasses.

"Ah? Y-yeah, it has a few rolls of it yet," Souichi said and beckons on Nanami to bring the wire.

Nanami did as he says so and brings the roll of wire to Kyosei.

Kyosei received the wire but he did not say anything.

"So ungrateful..." Sena frowned.

Souichi just sighed as he cannot even understand Kyosei at all.

Kyosei gets the slingshot off on his neck, stretch it a bit and when he tested that it was fine, he nodded and picked up a grenade on the floor. Grenades explode with a set amount of time after the pin is pulled on it. Kyosei did not hesitate or he won't got another chance.

"Let's gamble on this," Kyosei sighed and immediately pulled the pin and put the grenade on the slingshot and quickly released it to the horde as he quickly targeted the part where the hurlers are.

It quickly fell and a split second after landing on the ground, the explosion caused a good blast of smoke, dust, flames, guts and blood altogether. A few of the hurlers are caught up with the blast, killing the hurlers with ease. The horde got attracted by the blast and this causes Kyosei to furrows his eyebrows as he quickly look for the hurlers in the horde. Picking up the grenade, he also pulled the pin, put the grenade in the slingshot and letting the grenade go to the direction he intended it to arrive.


A loud, booming noise shakes the ground and blasted the undead on the ground. Kyosei did not waste his time and immediately picked up the wire and barred it on the broken mirrors with the help of tying skills to secure the opening for the undead. He didn't stop and quickly used all of the wires just to bar the undead being thrown by the hurlers. In a few minutes, he successfully barred the undead from entering and can kill them safely without having the trouble of being scratched or bitten by one especially that the undead that he is facing alone is much more vicious than the morning version. Wiping his sweat that keeps on flowing from his forehead, he stares down seeing the massive amount of the horde still trying to have a taste on them. He did not feel a single thing, not a single hatred appears on Kyosei's face. Many are hopeful that this is just a dream and once they wake up, everything will be alright. Hope is always a cruel way of clinging the truth.


Hey, hey, Kyosei here again! Another creature is now in the highlights! We are talking this time about the enemies known as "Mosquitoes". Of course it is a common thing for us seeing a normal mosquito, but in this novel, mosquitoes are being used as dangerous monsters!


(Appears in chapter 9: Dead Bites)

Danger Level: Level 5

Normal Level: N/A

Night Rage Level: Level 5

Individuals before they became this creature: Normal Aedes Aegypti

This mosquitoes are very troublesome. They can be seen easily and produces a buzzing sound but once they bite, they are silent killers. Unlike normal mosquitoes, they will drain your blood causing the victim to look more like they are rotting. Their bites are also infectious and once bitten, you have no chance to live as a human anymore, your only choice is to die or become one of the undead.