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14 Survive The Deadly Besiege

 "Men sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of patrimony"

- Niccolo Machiavelli

Day 1: 7:19 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 11 hours and 41 minutes left


Snarling and chomping their empty mouths into thin air and are showing their deadly nature, the dead surrounds the bottom of the school and keeps their hands held high in the building like they are trying to grab the unreachable people who keeps on destroying every undead being hurled towards them. Everytime they kill an undead, they throw it off the building and for some reasons, the undead below ripped the dead bodies and began on snacking them.

"Holy crap, they are eating their own kind!" Souichi looks disgusted as he peered on the dead he just kicked off. He saw how they ripped the dead bodies limb by limb and eat them.

Kyosei stares quietly as he keep his eyes on the undead that throws their kind towards them. In his mind, he named them as "hurlers". He have never encountered a movie and zombie apocalypse games with monsters like this guys. Its also the first time he heard about zombies eating their own kind unless they are not yet infected. Its another thing if the bodies they have thrown off the building are all not infected but those are all infected people killed by them and the head is smashed. This is somewhat impossible and a bit troublesome as he mentally noted that this undead are all getting the cannibalism trait. As the new music in his headphones booms on, the hurlers grabbed two more undead in their grips and throws them off towards them.


The undead that reached the clocktower landed in the ground. Kyosei and the group cannot let everything go wrong and let the undead get the advantage. They immediately smashed the heads of the dead before they rise. Nejima shouted once again for another wave of the undead but this time, the "hurlers" lifts up a few more after throwing a batch of undead towards them.

Kyosei nodded his head, those "hurlers" are the main priority to be killed to stop the deadly besieged of their base for now. But the problem remains and that is how to kill those guys off. Even if he tried throwing a grenade, its not really a big chance on killing them off and they might not be caught up with the blast. Their only way to survive is to persevere. Right now, the hurlers are getting more aggressive and deadly as they throw 4 undead in a single throw session and they throw in the interval of 10 seconds. This is not enough for Kyosei and the others to hold them off forever.

"Sh*t! Those guys are not stopping! What should we do?!" Souichi is in his wits end.

"I'm getting tired! How long shall we do this?" Even Miyuki is now groaning and she feels her body heavy to move due to the tiredness.

The fatigue are already showing their effects and the dead are not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.

"Persevere guys! If we stop, we will die! We cannot let the dead overpower us the living!" Sena furrows her eyebrows as she kicked a dead body off the building which the dead feasted on.

"We can't stop here guys! Let's go!" Nanami even got riled up as she also swings the baseball bat given by Kyosei to her.

Nejima and Chie did not falter either and also do their best to fight off the dead.

One of the hurlers picked up a stone with sharp edge and throws it towards them. Kyosei squinted his eyes and barely saw the stone.

"Dodge!" Kyosei shouted but he is a bit late. A casualty occurred.

"Miyuki!!" Kyosei rushes to Miyuki as he saw the forehead of Miyuki bleed and she also lost her consciousness.

"F*ck! Fall back guys or we will get hit by the stones!!" Souichi groaned as he was forced to step back along with the others.

Kyosei hands Miyuki to Chie as she examines her wound as Kyosei uses his phone to illuminate her bleeding forehead.

"She is in trouble. The wound is deep and it has a bit of rock fragments in her wound. I need to remove the rock bits and clean her wound to avoid infection. Since their is a med kit here and a few medicine, I can perform a normal aid for Miyuki but I need to be vulnerable for a while!" Chie explained.

Kyosei nodded and immediately pulls out the metal wire off the bag where he put the materials he got from the home economics room. He throws it on Souichi.

"Use it to surround the place with that metal wire. I'll fend off the dead, go!!" Kyosei focuses his attention once again against the undead that is thrown out by the hurlers and from time to time, the hurlers throw some stones towards him.

Souichi did not ask further and began his task to spread the wire around and guard the others from the undead. Nanami and Nejima helped Souichi do the task while Sena helped Chie treat Miyuki. Only Kyosei fend against the undead. He even got no energy left yet he keep on fighting out the undead being thrown to him. Even if Nanami and Nejima wanted to help Kyosei, he snarls on them and scolded them for not helping Souichi do the wire thing.

The bottom of the school is already in frenzy eating the dead bodies. Of course, they are not satisfied and wanted to eat more. This unstoppable hunger is a very bad trait that Kyosei hated. Greed of humans is one of the troublesome trait a human can possess and many usually cannot control the insatiable hunger for more. Now, even though they are dead already, that hunger did not stop and instead got worse. Kyosei did not care if they are human before or not. He never liked the humans anyway. He flicks the cleaver and the baseball bat to remove the blood and stares at the hurlers. The hurlers looks like they possess intelligence since they are also observing Kyosei from afar.

'Just how sharp are their eyesights?' Kyosei wondered. He looks at the revolver in his belt and he is sure he cannot hit them since they are a bit 90 meters far and despite the darkness, he cannot really sight to kill them since they are all the same sizes and distinguishing them is troubling for him. Same with the Colt 45 that Souichi has right now, its just wasting bullets against unhittable undead. He is not a master marksman so this is a really troubling thing. Grenades is a bit good but its trajectory is not precise and in Kyosei's perspective, it holds a bomming trouble he didn't get to control and it has a chance of backfiring in which has 70% certainty of getting into accident. Before he can comprehend once again, he have seen the hurlers throw an undead towards him. He looks at Chie and the others. The barrier made of the metal wires are all placed and Kyosei's left outside the metal barricade. As he saw that all of them are tending on Miyuki, Kyosei did not bother anymore and steeled his will as he saw the incoming undead being thrown towards him...


Day 1: 7:40 P.M

Kirishima High School - Gym Storage

Duration of the Night Rage: 11 hours and 20 minutes left


Amidst the chaos in the clocktower, three surviving teachers are currently locked and barricaded themselves inside the Gym Storage as the undead are currently surveying the whole gym, looking for them. The first teacher is a big bodied teacher, about 31years old known by many students in the school as the gym teacher. He looks strict but he is not what he looks like and known by many of his students as one of the most friendly teacher in the school. The second one is a shy but charming teacher about 23 of age and wears a small glasses which complements in her cute face. Her body is slender but not to the point you can call as skinny. She has a sexy body and many of the male students has a crush on her and many are motivated to go to class since she is a good teacher and she has a nice attitude that many students finds as an example of an ideal teacher. The third one is a bit of normal and has no definite features that can distinguish him from being unique. He is really normal and he never excel in many and they treat him as a normal teacher with no distinguishing features and usually, many of the teachers forget him. The gym teacher is Leo Mako, the pretty teacher is Haruna Mutsushi and the normal teacher is Sendo Takumi.

Their faces are filled with anxiety and fatigue and they really have no idea on what to do. Sendo is currently wielding a cricket bat he casually found scattered around the gym and used it as a weapon when the beginning of the outbreak begins inside the school. He still shivers as he remembers the teacher next to him, get mangled to death by the undead who attacked. He was lucky to escape the slaughter but he is struggling to fight as many of the undead are vicious as he run for his life. That is when he saw Haruna struggles as she got trapped in a table with undead trying to get her while she keeps on throwing things she can grab and throw in them. That is the time he picked up a chair and smacks it to the undead harassing Haruna. He saved Haruna and they run away but the situation got worse and instead of going out the school, they did not do it since the undead are more scattered near the gate. They ran away until they reached the gym where Sendo saw the cricket bat and used it as a weapon against the undead while protecting Haruna. That's when they manage to saw Leo currently clearing the undead in the gym with a baseball bat. That is the time they holed themselves inside the storage in the gym when the undead are getting worse and worse as they slowly saw a few of the undead are now wearing gears and are fully armored.

"I'm getting hungry," Haruna rubbed her stomach as it sounded her hunger.

"We can't help on that. Even I is now getting hungry too. We can't risk going out right now or we are going to be their food instead of finding food," Leo said.

Sendo did not speak as he look at his phone. The signal strength of his mobile network shows no bars at all and only the mark X appears on the phone screen.

"Just what will happen to us now?" Haruna is now helpless.

"We will wait for help. I am sure we will get one sooner or later," Sendo said.

"That is unlikely, Sendo- sensei. If the rescue already arrived, then we should be safe already and look at our situation right now. If we can't go out in here, we are going to die in hunger and thirst sooner or later," Leo groaned.

Sendo frowned but he knows that it is true. There is no point in reaching the nighttime danger if the rescue already commenced. Their situation might not be as troublesome as this. He put his hand in his pocket and he hold something hard in a wrapper. He quickly pull it out and it reveals the cracker biscuit he specifically saved during the meeting earlier in case he got bored. He felt like crying as he look at the biscuit in his hands and never felt anything like this before. Haruna stares at the biscuit and she already drools over the biscuit. Sendo bitterly smiled.

"I never felt this grateful in a pack of biscuit ever in my life," Sendo said as he open its packaging and shared the biscuit to Leo and Haruna.

"Haha, me either. This is the lifesaving biscuit I have ever eaten in my whole lifetime," Leo wipes a bit of his tears as he eat the biscuit.

"I hope that we can survive this," Haruna said and chews the biscuit slowly in her mouth to savor it.

"We won't die and we will definitely live," Sendo nodded.

They are busy eating the biscuit that they didn't notice Sendo's phone resting on top of a crate glows showing the connecting image...