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13 The Trouble of the Dead

 "Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death."

-Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Day 1: 7:00 P.M

Osaka Streets near Kirishima High School

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours left


A shivering guy keep on his vigilant looks outside his house. The undead are all barred outside the gate but they are still very active and are really willing to attack him any second. He hold his hunting rifle tight with him. His family is shivering and crying. The television is on and currently broadcasting the live events that are currently occurring in Osaka, Tokyo, Hokkaido and Kyushu. The streets are currently invaded by the undead and the SDF are currently working with the Armed Units of Japan to fend off the attacks. Also it is reported that similar events are occurring in other parts of Asia, America, Africa and Europe. The man holding the rifle peeks outside but all he can see is a big stone hurled in his window. Broken glasses fly out and the man got wounded in his face. Before he can even recover, an undead was hurled and thrown in the broken window, landing straight to the man holding the rifle, biting his neck and shouts filled the air. A new type of the undead appeared leading a horde of undead towards the gate of Kirishima High School..

Day 1: 7:00 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours left


Several weapons are gathered around the floor, only illuminated by the Lamps.

"Grenades, a cleaver, Colt 45 Pistol, calibre .48 Revolver, 5 baseball bats, a gas powered Nail gun, hammer, a crowbar and a few handy things. I guess surviving the streets at night is going to get hard. We need guns," Souichi scratched his head.

"Yeah, should we improvise something?" Nejima asked.

"What are you proposing," Kyosei looked serious.

"Why not try making a bow and some arrows? I always see these tricks in movies you know?" Nejima said.

"Rejected. That's just mere fantasy that is impossible to do," Kyosei shook his head.

"Huh? Are you saying his idea sucks?!" Sena frowned.

"What are you saying? I'm stating the truth," Kyosei shrugged.

Nanami sighed and stopped Sena on arguing further.

"Kyosei is right. Making one needs mastery and you can't just make it by normal means and if you make one, it won't be good enough to shoot anything at all. Arrows are also something you need to practice for many months or years to make a single one perfectly, not by mere things usually portrayed in movies," Nanami said.

The movies are all showing very impossible things that many are not really capable and one of them is the arrow and bow making. Arrows randomly made by a piece of stick won't fly normally. Some bow can't shoot a single arrow at all. Only those who have proper training on making one or those tribes in the mountains who know their job can manage to make one.

"Can I suggest?" Miyuki raises her hands.

"Speak," Kyosei looked at her.

"Should we use a slingshot instead?" Miyuki asked.

"Huh? A slingshot? That can't kill anything at all! Though it can kill a bird, it won't make any good to the undead!" Sena groaned.

"A slingshot huh... not a bad idea," Kyosei nodded on himself.

"What?" Sena is surprised.

Chie approached them.

"What's up?" Chie asked and looked on the floor with different weapons.

"We are discussing what weapons and tools that are good to use during the Night Rage. We can't keep holed up in here forever," Nejima answered.

"Oh, a slingshot is good though it is not really meant as a weapon against the undead," Chie immediately answered.

"You too?!" Sena frowned.

"What is the problem? Its not really used as a weapon but a tool we can use to distract undead away from us," Chie said.

"I don't get your point," Sena frowned.

"What I mean is, whenever we need to let a horde of those undead away from us, luring them is a good thing, no? That's where the slingshot will come in handy. Slingshots does not need proper training, just an aim and you can lure them to the spot where you just hit them. Their ammunition are also everywhere and these are easy to make! Ah, wait... if the undead can see, then it is useless," Chie frowned.

While they are discussing, Kyosei is busy doing on something. Miyuki noticed him and look.

"What are you doing?" Miyuki looked and she saw a slingshot. The slingshot is made from a piece of wood with a shape of "Y" and a rubber is attached into it.

"Its done," Kyosei said as he waved the slingshot. He even pull the rubber for a few times and releasing it. Even Souichi can tell that the slingshot is in a good condition. He uses a self made slingshot in the past and uses it to hunt birds.

"Do you all have any other suggestions?" Nanami asked.

All of them shook their head, Kyosei is in exception. He picked up the wooden baseball bat and gets the hammer and nails that are not possible to be used as an ammunition for the nail gun and started hammering the bat with nails.

"Oh! I almost forget that one! I always see these weapons in zombie apocalypse movies!" Souichi excitedly said.

"Yeah, I know that they are real stronger than the previous one but its more dangerous than the normal bat," Sena said.

"We won't keep them for a long term, its just a little weapon that will be broken soon," Kyosei said and show her the cracks appearing in the middle of the bat. These cracks have nothing to do with the nails being hammered, but these bats are used in beating a few undead.

While they are discussing, Nejima noticed a few thump sounds. He peered outside and though it is really dark, he can see a few silhouettes of moving undead just outside the gate. They are thumping the gate repeatedly.

"Guys, check it out, those undead outside are trying to get inside the gate of the school!" Nejima urged everyone to look at his discovery.

They immediately peered outside and the gate is now violently being shaken by the undead and the other undead only stay where they are, staring at the gate like they are waiting for someone.

"What is going on? The undead are behaving abnormally!" Miyuki noticed the odd behavior of the undead.

"You think so too? They look like they are waiting for the gate to open, they didn't rush in the gate just like they use to do," Sena nodded.

The hinges of the gate cannot hold the heavy pressure of the undead on the gate and with another push, the undead successfully bring the gate down, causing a pour of the undead inside the campus. This makes Kyosei remembered something.

"Cover!!" he shouted.

The others are startled and before they can respond, three large explosions occurred in the gate.


The explosion causes a strong force to travel in the place and some of the glasses cracked and shards fall like sharp knives. The others immediately react and ducked to avoid the damage caused by the shards flying out from the glasses.

"What was that?!" Nanami frowned.

"Landmines!" Kyosei groaned.

"Crap, maybe this kid is a terrorist," Souichi smirked.

The explosions killed countless of the undead on the gate and limbs and guts are scattered like decorations in the school gate. Peering again outside, they looked at the aftermath and it is really devastating. The gate is blown to smithereens and a few undead lost some of its limbs after getting caught by the explosions. A few seconds after, five big bodied undead appeared in the gate.

"Hey, are you seeing what I am seeing right now? Its a bit dark so maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me," Souichi laughed nervously.

"No, I am seeing it too, five burly undead. From their shape body shape, they looked like those bouncers in clubs and discos," Miyuki said.

The big bodied undead looked more bigger than the normal one which are usually the students of the school. This is the first time they saw a big one like this. The center one picked something in the ground and steps back.

"Hey, what is it doing?" Nejima is confused.

"Did we just saw it pick something in the ground?" Nanami is also confused.

The other burly and big bodied undead also picked something in the ground and steps back. Kyosei immediately noticed their abnormal behavior and deduced it when they form a familiar stance.

"Duck! They will throw stones!!" Kyosei shouted.

This time they immediately duck and five fast stones penetrated the glasses.

"Sh*t! Take cover everyone or be blasted by them!" Kyosei shouted.

A few volleys of stones blasted the glass and shards drop. Kyosei and the others took cover in the couches and in a few minutes, the glasses are destroyed and their glass defense is gone. When Kyosei looked at the undead that throws a few volleys of stones, he saw that they picked a few undead in the ground.

"Sh*t, we are not safe in this clocktower anymore!" Kyosei quickly grabbed the baseball bat with nails and in a distance, an undead came flying towards the broken glass.

"We are breached!" Chie shouted when she confirmed an undead landed in the floor. The undead quickly stood up and snarls. Before it can bite someone, Kyosei immediately swings the bat, and sends the undead back outside.

The burly undead did not stop and picked up another undead. The others also did and with a step backwards, they throw the undead they are holding towards the clocktower where Kyosei and the others are.

" Take arms!" Kyosei did not flinch and swings the bat once more to the incoming undead. Like a ball in baseball, he hardly swings the bat, splatting the head of the undead like melon. The other undead that are hurled also stood up and the others also beat the incoming ones.

"F*ck, this is no longer something an apocalypse, this is abomination already," Chief holds the crowbar and swiftly crushed the head of the newly stood undead...

The night continues as the undead rages towards the survivors and the survivors struggling to survive the ordeal of a new threat that the night rage has given to them is just the beginning. The night is still long and far from the morning.


Hello, hello this is Kyosei here and welcome to Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic Corner! This corner will give a few info about the apocalypse the protagonist and his group are in right now! In this chapter we will discuss the Normal Undead!

<Normal Undead>

Danger Level:

Single: Level 1

Horde: Level 3

Night Rage Single: Level 3

Night Rage Horde: Level 7

Individuals before they became this creature: Normal Human

These creatures are the main threat in the story. They roam in the cities and walk. They are basically blind but has acute sense of hearing and will attack a human in their range. They are not that dangerous and can be defeated by anyone who knows how to fight one. Their skulls are deformed and really easy to destroy with a bit of force. They are easy to kill in single quantities but their danger level rises if they are in horde. These things will get more dangerous when night time comes around. They will regain their "human senses" and will attack on sight. Furthermore, they will run like an athlete so beating them up are hard and facing a horde at night is suicide. Just like the zombies in movies and games, the head is the weak point and striking the head can cripple and kill them forever.