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12 Quantum Theory Of the Dead

 "While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die."

-Leonardo da Vinci

Day 1: 6:50 P.M.

Somewhere in Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours and 10 minutes left


Kato is staying on watch in the Humvee that his boss uses. He is using the binoculars to scope the surroundings. His binoculars is a bit high in tech due to its night vision function. A 35 year old guy is holding a M4 with a night vision scope and looks at Kato.

"Did you find a good place we can use as our base for now?" the guy asked Kato who continues on his duty.

"Yeah, it is a big blue mansion," Kato responded, " However, a few of those undead are gathering in the gate."

Stretching from his seat, he hold his M4 tight.

"Let's get near and prepare the sniping platform for me," the man said.

"Yes, boss," Kato returns to the steering wheel of the Humvee and started its cold engine. Despite starting the engine, not a sound escaped on it. Kato stepped the gas pedal and the drive away.

The Humvee droved in a few meters away from the mansion that Kato mentioned and positioned their place in a vantage point which is also a safe place against the undead. The guy poked out his head outside the Hunvee and look towards the location of the mansion.

"Oh, its a huge mansion alright, it has a good gate but only left out open, causing the undead from getting in. From what I can tell, the place is overrun by the undead so most of those people who have stayed alive inside the mansion might be a happy meal already," the guy cocks his head.

Kaze appeared again and reported on the guy.

"Boss, the sniping platform is ready!" Kato reported.

The guy got off from the humvee, and loads his M4 with a new magazine. He also attached a compressor and sets his scope with a x16 magnifying sight in night vision mode.

"Kato, prepare the bullets and magazines and hand it out once I am out," the guy said.

"Okay boss," Kato nodded and goes inside the humvee to fetch the bullets.

The guy positioned himself in the sniping platform and scoped the first one that appeared in his scope.

"Load it, cock it, let it blow..." a song by NerdOut for the game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Seige muttered out its lyrics on the grinning man and with a pull in the trigger, the undead's head burst like a melon. With the help of the compressor, the sound is muffled and the undead are not attracted in their location.

Kato returned carrying a crate of magazine of the M4 and put it near the guy. The assault continued and when the bullets run out, he extend his hand and Kato automatically handed the magazine of the gun and the guy loaded the gun and once again, continued his killing...


Day 1: 6:50 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours and 10 minutes left


On the other hand, Miyuki, Nanami, Souichi, Nejima, Chie and Sena rested enough and saw Kyosei wiping off the blood in the baseball bat. They also noticed the pool of blood nearby with several mosquito limbs floating on the pool of blood.

"Did those things appeared again?" Nanami asked Kyosei.

Kyosei looked at her with a tired face and returned on his wiping business without answering.

"Figures..." Nanami frowned and open her laptop again.

Sena looked outside and she still see the wandering undead, they still snarl at them from time to time.

"Nasty creatures. I don't understand why but this guys are so vicious tonight," Sena groaned.

"Those guys is too dangerous and venturing is really hard for us to do," Miyuki said.

"Maybe this caused by the clocktower bell earlier?" Nejima wondered.

"Maybe not, if that is the case, why they didn't change when the clock strikes at 3? The clocktower will ring whenever the three hour interval is done," Nanami explained.

"Then, does it have something to do with their behavior?" Souichi scratched his head.

"Probably. I have seen movies like this and many call them the ferals. They are really dangerous since they run and much more brutal than the normal ones. Their behavior is really similar," Nanami said.

Chie stands up and push her glasses in the bridge of her nose like she is a genius.

"Allow me to explain my theory," Chie said.

Chie is a very well known and a promising student due to her mind blowing theories and her contribution to science is really huge. Give her a material and an instrument for experimenting and you will get astonished.

"Let's hear it," Miyuki nodded.

"From my experience, the undead changed their behavior when the clocktower rang earlier. It is true that they changed but it is not due to the ringing sound just like what Nanami said earlier. But why will they change on that timespan? My theory is simple, they will berserk and go feral once the clock strikes six or to be precise, when the night settles in," Chie explained.

"Really? Why do you think so?" Sena asked.

"Simple, this is just a theory but I think something connects. The time where many people call it nighttime is when the clock strikes at exactly 6 P.M. Earlier, that really happened, so when the clock strikes at 6, the bell rang and the changed occurs. I also remembered that the whole school turned silent for a while before the school's clocktower strikes at 6. Its possible that this is the case. I call this phenomenon as Night Rage. Night Rage due to the fact that those undead rages when the clock strikes at 6," Chie explained.

"I see. That really explained it. No wonder they chased you and Kyosei really hard," Souichi said.

"That is not all," Chie continued.

"From my observations earlier when I killed one of those undead, I noticed that their glands are all non functional except their ears. Their eyes and nose are no longer functioning but when the night came, I was a bit stupefied when those undead attacked us, despite the silent motions we made earlier. My theory is that, those undead gets "dead" in the morning and " alive" in the evening," Chie said once again.

"Huh? What do you mean? Sena creased her forehead.

This time, Kyosei answered.

"She said that those undead gets their senses back that once make them alive at night and lose them in the morning," Kyosei simplified.

Chie nodded on this statement.

"Yes, its correct. The reason why they run in the evening must be the cause of their newfound power to regain their human senses in the evening. Also I noticed that the mosquitoes we we encountered earlier is really big. Are those really dangerous?" Chie asked.

"Yes, we witnessed earlier the death of those lackeys that Kyosei tied up earlier. The lackey is unlucky enough to get bitten by the mosquito. We didn't get to respond much since it is rather rare to see mosquitoes here in Osaka. According to Nejima, those mosquito breed are called Aedes Aegypti which is common in the tropical countries, mainly in Philippines as the carrier of Dengue. When these mosquitoes bit one of the lackey, they almost drained the blood of the lackey and when the lackey died, he turned into an undead," Miyuki said.

"I see, a dengue carrier huh? Looks like the Night Rage is not that easy as it looks," Chie shook her head.

"Why is that?" Souichi is troubled.

"From my guess, they only appeared at night and we didn't spot a single mosquito in the morning," Chie explained.

Everyone except Kyosei nodded.

" Then, why is that? In my theory, they will only appear at night," Chie concluded.

Everyone is silent. Nobody wanted to say anything. Only Kyosei breaks the silence.

" So the Nighttime will get more dangerous than in the morning? Sounds troublesome," Kyosei frowned.

They all stood in silence. If this is true, they needed to be more vigilant at night and sleeping will be very hard to do now. And if the morning came, fatigue will overwhelm and they will need to sleep in the morning. This event really is a game changer for them that they need to study further or their survivability is tested.