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10 Deadly Nigh

 "The greatest fear as mortals which death shadows us is the fear of separation"

- Roger Troisfontaines

Day 1: 6: 19 P.M

Kirishima High School - 2nd Floor Hallway - East wing

Duration of the night rage: 12 hours and 41 minutes left


Madly dashing out of the room, Kyosei hold Chie's hand tightly to avoid slipping her accidentally that will cause unnecessary trouble. There are still a few undead madly dashing to them but Kyosei did not see them as threat and swings the sharp cleaver to every undead that tries to hit them. Knocking the undead is enough since they still stumble and will take a few time to get up again which is enough for Kyosei and Chie to get away. Kyosei did not need to kill the dead and he only need to strike them down. If they died, the better it is. They quickly arrived the staircase and Kyosei remembered that the undead around this place is not so troublesome and remembering the Home Economics room in the third floor, this will help them gather a few items to fend off the undead without wasting items.

"Let's go!" Kyosei run and Chie also followed. Even though Kyosei carried the duffel bag containing the heavy grenades, he is not slowing down. Chie only carried the bag with food and water supply inside a bag but she is slow in running and fatigue is clearly showing in her face.


Day 1 6:20 P.M

Kirishima High School - 3rd Floor Hallway- East Wing

Duration of the night rage: 12 hours and 40 minutes left


Peeking in the hall, Kyosei looked carefully and silently to avoid regretting his choice. When he looked in the other side, the hallway only contains three undead that staggers occasionally. Flipping the cleaver in his hands, he catches it and grimly looked in the hallway.

"Stay here," Kyosei signals Chie to avoid trouble. Chie nodded. She knows that she is only trouble in this area.

Crouching and approaching, Kyosei calculated the distance of each undead. All of them are far from each other but killing them is indeed hard. They run right now so he need to quickly kill to avoid wasting too much energy and to avoid producing too much noise. Its time for him to go to work.

Kyosei slid close to the first one and before it can react, the sharp cleaver met its demise. Of course, even the silence of the kill that he did, it didn't escape in the ear of the second one. Snarling, it rushes towards him and even the third give chase.

"F*ck..." Kyosei did not expect that the third one will also give chase. He need to act decisively.

Kyosei raises his cleaver and swings towards the second undead and he also kicked the third one on its chin and perform a somersault to evade the third slightly. It caused a knockback on the third undead. With Kyosei's reflexes, he rolled over and picked the cleaver that is attached on the second undead and quickly slams it to the third undead's forehead. After all of the undead died, Kyosei looted the pockets of these undead. The first one is a make up kit. It has a few make up left and it is most likely being used by the owner as a pocket mirror. He pocketed it down for he can use the make up for making something good since some of its components are rare to encounter. The second one has a pack of cigarette and a lighter. He also have some yen coins in his wallet. The cigarette is useless for him but he can use it for other purposes and can also be used as a tip for others if necessary. The third one is practically poor and has nothing to give in his pocket. The only thing he managed to loot on this one is the brass knuckles on its belt. He equipped the other one to his free hand. Even though he already have one, two is much better than one they say. He signed on Chie that it is safe to go. As Chie was about to go towards him, a pair of red eyes is looming behind her.

"Duck!" Kyosei shouted and throws out the cleaver.

Chie quickly responded and ducked, which caused the undead who tried to snarl out Chie to meet its demise. The cleaver struck the head and blood splat out. Chie was surprised by Kyosei's proficiency in weapons. Kyosei went to retrieve his cleaver without saying a word and looked downstairs. Its a bit inconvenient for them to have stairs in that floor on the first side and the stairs for the next floor on the other side. Its a good design but too much trouble for their escape.

Looking straight on the signs above the door, they saw the Home Economics room near the end side.

"Are you going to get some homemade weapons?" Chie asked.

Kyosei did not respond at all and instead, he opened the door and goes inside without uttering a word.

Day 1 6:23 P.M

Kirishima High School - 3rd Floor: Home Economics Room- East Wing

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours and 37 minutes


The Home Economics room is not well lit up and even the light switch is busted. The hallways are also dark but Kyosei has no time finding the switch and he is better on running to escape than to let them get a chance to prey on him and Chie.

Inside the Home Economics room, the place is full of useful items once used for construction. Even a few planks is here.

"This place is full of things that we can use! I usually see it in movies!" Chie cheerfully said as she scan the items using her phone's LCD light.

Kyosei did not respond but he picked up the gas powered Nail gun. He saw a similar anime about a high school getting dominated by the zombies and a student picked up the nail gun, modified it into a nail gun with scope and a modified rifle grip to use it similar to assault rifle. Kyosei lifted it up the nail gun and he quickly agreed that it really is difficult to aim using the stance used for pistols. Also, it is much heavier than a pistol so a proper stance is needed if you want to use it as a weapon. He is not crafty enough like that gun geek in the anime so he pack it inside together with a few nails. The others might have a good hands or brain to tinker it to a useful tool. He also put two gas cans inside the bag he is carrying for the food. Since the food is separated inside, its not a problem if a few things not meant to be eaten are mixed in. It will cause a big problem if he put it together with the grenades so he didn't do it. He also picked up a smaller hammer which can be wielded as a weapon and used for construction purposes. He also stuffed in his pocket a multipurpose screwdriver, which can be used as a flatscrew or a starscrew. Kyosei got interrupted when he heard a strange sound. He looked at Chie and he saw a confused Chie, scratching her head and holds a blowing horn toy in her hands.

"S-sorry," Chie awkwardly smiled at Kyosei.

Kyosei returned to his scavenging business and saw a grease oil, metal wires which is so thin, usually seen in movies with mysterious dismembered bodies. He also saw a pliers. Looking on the blowing horn on Chief's hands, Kyosei thinks up a good way to reach the fourth floor safely. Holding the pliers and the metal wires, he faces Chie.

"Help me on this"


Day 1 6:27 P.M

Kirishima High School - 3rd Floor Hallway East Wing

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours and 33 minutes left


Kyosei and Chie laid out a few metal wires across the hallway and also spilling the floor with oil grease, they positioned themselves in the center of the hallway, barricaded with the metal wires in the hallway.

"Are you sure this is safe??" Chie is hesitant.

"Let's see," Kyosei nodded and sounded the horn.

In just a second, growls can be heard and a few undead rushes towards them, Chie looked on the outcome and now understood what Kyosei really want to do. As the undead are running, Kyosei uses this trait to kill them. As they run towards them, the undead that will pass on the oil grease will slip off from their running momentum and will result in falling over the wire, and since it is a quick movement, the wires act as a blade that dismember every unfortunate slipping undead. Kyosei did not stop blaring the horn and the undead kept on dying in the wires. If a few undead manages to survive, Kyosei leaves the undead to reach them and if they are almost there, he will finish them off. In just a few minutes, the hallway experienced another bloodbath that night. Blood is everywhere and the dismembered corpses of the dead are all littered on the floor. The oil grease is also tainted by the blood. Kyosei kept on blowing the horn and seeing that no more undead is going downstairs, he throw the blowing horn in the floor and touched the horn of his headphone.

"Hey, geek, can you check the 4th floor of the east wing?" Kyosei whispered.

Kyosei waited for a response and in a few seconds, the music from his headphones paused and the familiar voice echoes.

"The undead in the fourth floor is gone and no more undead are loitering around so its not a problem to proceed," Nanami answered.

Kyosei looked at Chie and nodded and pulls out the pliers in his pocket and carefully cut the wires in the hallway. The grease are basically useless now due to the stickiness of the blood that covers the grease surface. Chie is carefully stepping the floor to avoid meeting the same end as those undead. Kyosei carefully walk in the hallway and cut the metal wires with pliers with quick succession. Even though it is a bit invisible if you take a quick glance, looking in it with a light will illuminate the wire and now good to be avoided. In just a matter of time, the threat of the wires disappeared. There trip to the 4th floor is now safe.

Day 1 6:30 P.M

Kirishima High School - 4th Floor Hallway- East Wing

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours and 30 minutes left


All that is left in the 4th floor are stragglers which are still trying to crawl despite their lacking legs. Kyosei looked coldly on them and ended up their lives. Chie on the other hand gets a syringe, and gathers some blood samples on the stragglers that Kyosei have just finished killing up. Kyosei didn't care what Chie will do to those things but he already have thought of something but he is still not that sure yet.

Looking in the window, despite the moonless night, he can still see the reddish dots moving around the campus. He looked near the front gate and there are a few of them standing around but still not near enough to blow the landmines that he planted on the area. Many of them are still walking but for sure, if the undead saw them, of course they will attack. Some of the undead are seen staring towards them and snarling like a rabid dog. If any sane person will see these, they will feel the stench of death in the air.

"Umm, Kyosei? Are you sure you really need to rescue me like that? I am just useless in combat and all I do is but fascinated in experiments," Chie asked.

Kyosei did not hesitate to talk at all.

"Yep, you are useless, you keep on slowing me down. I only wanted to get the duffel bag I left on you that time but since I'm already on it, why would I stop it?" Kyosei groaned and continued on his way towards the elevator.

Chie is dumbfounded. It really hurts the truth and all she can do is agree since it is real that she is slowing him down. She felt real cold on it and if not for the grenades that Kyosei left for her, then Kyosei will not rescue her at all and she will die. She sighed and stayed silent after that.

Reaching the front of the elevator, he pushes the clocktower button on the elevator and waited. Just a few minutes before the elevator will open, a buzzing sound is heard behind them. That is when Kyosei's headphone rings again and Nanami's voice transmitted again.

" Incoming hostiles! Do not let yourself get killed by them! Those mosquitoes are one of the infection carrier!" Nanami shouted.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Kyosei and Chie stepped inside and Kyosei pushes the button repeatedly to close. As it was about to close, the elevator door suddenly stopped closing and it feels more like it is about to stop moving.

"Sh*t not now!" Kyosei groaned. The elevator stopped moving and the door did not even close, making the mosquitoes free to reach them.

"What are we gonna do!? We are going to die here!!" Chie felt her sweat fall from her face like it rained over her.

Kyosei acted calm despite the incoming danger and looked around the 4 corners of the room. He stopped his gaze over the elevator shaft that is usually used by many people in action movies and right now, they are going to do what is really needed.

"Climb up the shaft while I defend! Go!" Kyosei pushed the elevator shaft using the baseball bat and let her climb up by supporting her up.

" Kyosei! What about you!? " Chie groaned.

"Just go or else we will die together inside!!" Kyosei shouted and aims his revolver on the nearby Mosquito.

"Live or Die!!"