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8 Dead Night Rage Fever

 "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."

-Norman Cousins

Day 1: 5:50 P.M

Kirishima High School: Clocktower

Time before the Night: 10 minutes left


Kirishima High School. The building is divided into two which is the east and west wing. The East wing is the area where most of the junior classrooms are located while the West wing is the senior's turf. The two wings are divided by the clocktower so accessing the next wing needs to pass on the center of the clocktower which is the cafeteria. During the night, the school gets dark since the lights are not turned on during this time for the sake of conserving energy. Now that the apocalypse struck in the school, the gloominess of the school is now creeping around.

Kyosei and the others are staying in the clocktower engine floor since its spacious and the undead cannot access the floor since it is only accessible by Elevator. Looking at the time, Kyosei stands up. Everyone is getting hungry now since he heard some of them with a stomach growling for food. Also, he needs to take Chie up in the clocktower since her only weapons are the grenades that he leaved in her hands. Also, the food and water that he gathered is also in her hands. Its much dangerous for them to go so Kyosei decided to go down and fetch Chie. Nanami and Miyuki noticed him.

"Where are you going, Ichi-san?" Nanami asked.

"Fetch Food," Kyosei replied.

"I will go with you!" Miyuki stands up.

"No, stay here! You will be a dead weight for me so do not bother," Kyosei said and picked up the baseball bat on the corner which is still covered in blood of the undead.

Miyuki immediately shuts her mouth. She groaned as Kyosei said that she is just a dead weight for him. Nanami disregard her and gestured Kyosei to approach which he followed.

"Headphones," Nanami extend her hands.

"What for!?" Kyosei groaned.

"Headphones! Or else I will wipe all of your songs in that Mp3! Remember that I am the one who created that headphones and Mp3!" Nanami said in a mocking tone.

"Tch," Kyosei groaned and take his headphones off and placed it on Nanami's extended hand. Nanami immediately tinkered his headphones for a while and gives it back to him.

"Okay, here it is. I activated the transceiver, locator and microphone in your headphones. If your music halts for a while, then I will be communicating you so that I can inform you. I will monitor you via CCTV cameras and warn you against those things. I also send the map of the entire school in your phone to avoid you getting lost," Nanami explained.

"I'm not easily lost like a wishy washy person. And crap off, why are you putting unnecessary sh*ts in my headphone?" Kyosei puts his headphones back.

"Be grateful, dumb*ss! I already helped you avoid trouble and this is all I got? Bah, in exchange, bring me food particularly sweets since I am hungry," Nanami said..

Kyosei sighed. He reluctantly agreed and shoves the revolver back on his waist. He also brought a few bullets in case he will use it. Pulling out the Colt 45, he loaded it and put it on Souichi's hands.

"W-what?!" Souichi trembles when he holds the gun.

"Hold that gun, defend the girls against the undead. I already loaded the gun so all you have to do is to aim and fire, the bullets are in the bag," Kyosei points the bag that he stuffed food and water.

"Also, if anyone is hungry, just take the food in the bag, and remember to distribute it properly," Kyosei reminded everyone before taking his leave to the elevator. Miyuki sighed as she looked at Kyosei who enters the elevator and disappeared in sight..

Day 1: 5:52 P.M

Kirishima High School -

4th Floor East Wing

Time before the Night: 8 minutes left


Kyosei is vigilant. Normally, elevators are noisy once they reach a floor but this elevator is not equipped with a sound for the purpose of avoiding the ongoing classes to be distracted by the sound. He pulled out the revolver and goes into the stance of aiming in the door. When the elevator door opened, Kyosei is already prepared to shoot but luckily, no undead is near the elevator and most are wandering near the area where he and Souichi used the cellphone to distract them.

'Better circle around,' Kyosei thought and returned the revolver back on his waist.

He equips his house keys on the hands with gloves and griply hold the baseball bat on the other hand. Its more inconvenient in his hands to keep using the house keys but what choice he really have? The undead are more situated in the stairs to the left and the hallway is much more easy to traverse since only a few wandered off the horde. Most of the undead are still standing still in the cellphone that stopped on ringing. The right side stairs is more accessible but Kyosei remembered that the stairs is barricaded with tables due to the broken stairwell and its handles so its temporarily blocked and impossible for him to reach the third floor. If he tried the window, he is just a dumbass making himself do hard stuffs. While he is wandering where to go, the music from his headphones stopped and a familiar voice rings in it.

"Hey, hey, still alive? If you wanted to go down to the third floor in the East wing then give up. You should go to the West wing instead and go down to the ground floor of the west building since it is interconnected to the East Building Ground floor, I know that you are going to rescue someone from the Chemistry lab in the ground floor right? Then quickly go! I see a horde outside the ground floor. Don't forget to get me the food I told you in the cafeteria! Remember! A sweet food!" Nanami shouted and stopped speaking before the music resumed.

Kyosei nodded and rushes to the door beside the Elevator since it leads to the cafeteria...

Day 1: 5:54 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower Cafeteria

Time before the Night: 6 minutes left


The cafeteria is a huge place with tables and chairs necessary for the students here as they order food in the canteen. Before, many people are eating food here, now the undead are eating their food here. Blood and guts of humans are splattered everywhere, dead bodies and severed limbs are scattered which is a very revolting sight to see. Most of the undead are busy eating while some are standing idly. The undead are all scattered around so it is easy to beat up the dead without getting surrounded. Kyosei shakes his hands and his face looked serious.

"Its time to get working"

He immediately crouched down and approached the nearby undead in the adjacent table busy eating their "meal". Holding the head, he snapped the neck of the undead quickly and effortlessly without a sound. Killing the undead, he crouched once again. He luckily spotted a bag nearby, maybe the bag used by a student since it contains school supplies. Carefully pulling all of the school supplies out of the bag, he emptied everything without attracting the undead's attraction and sneaked through the kitchen of the canteen. The kitchen is in a messy state and most of the food and utensils are scattered around the floor. Kyosei spotted a cleaver in the chopping board, used for chopping meat and vegetables. This is a good replacement in his house keys. Putting his house keys back in his pocket, he picked up the cleaver and looks around the kitchen. Seeing that the place is not available with supplies, Kyosei decided to take the food displayed in the cabinet and some compartments. He also found some twinkies in which he remembered Tallahassee, a character of the movie " Zombie land" fights zombies in a department store just to find a Twinkie. He stuffed all of the food inside the bag and slowly sneaked through, going outside the cafeteria. The music stopped again and Nanami's voice sounded once again.

"Good job, now go forth and find that woman. She is still clutching a duffel bag in the chemistry room. Hurry! The whole school will get dark and you need flashlight! Go before it is too late!" Nanami rambles again and the music once again started.

Kyosei immediately exits the cafeteria without attracting them and run to the next area.

Day 1: 5:47 P.M

Kirishima High School - 3rd Floor West Wing

Time before the Night: 3 minutes left


Kyosei did not waste his time and dashed the hallway. He dodged most of the undead and if they are undodgeable, smacking them with the baseball bat or the cleaver is enough. He didn't stop his running session and quickly run to the next floor and repeated what he did on the second floor reaching the ground floor in the span of 2 minutes...

Day 1: 5:59 P.M

Kirishima High School - Ground Floor East-West Wing Hallway

Time before the Night: 60 seconds


Running frantically, the undead are chasing Kyosei. Sweat is now flowing out from his forehead and he opened the door of the chemistry lab forcefully.

Day 1: 5:59 P.M

Kirishima High School - Chemistry Lab: East Wing

Time before the night: 30 seconds


Chie is startled and prepared her test tube rack and calms down seeing that it is Kyosei. The only thing is that, Kyosei drags her out of the chemistry lab and kicked the other side of the door.

3 seconds

2 seconds

"H-hey! Wait!" Chie is startled but she didn't get to react. She then realized the countless of undead following them.

"Run!" Kyosei runs very fast and drags Chie. Just then, the clocktower bell loudly rings in the whole school.

1 second...


Kyosei and Chie didn't stop running but the undead stopped on moving. Kyosei's headphones transmitted Nanami's voice once again.

"Hey! The undead are acting abnormally! Use this chance and run to the elevator! Bypass the undead in the stairs near the 4th floor with some sort of explosive!"

Kyosei and Chie did not stop moving.


The undead around them suddenly flashes their eyes and they all growled loudly like beasts. In the darkness of the hallway, the eyes of the dead glows bright red and are now snarling at Kyosei and Chie. Even Kyosei's companions in the clocktower feel the pressure of Kyosei right now. In a sudden, the undead that are snarling at them made their move and dashed like an athlete towards them like a madman.

The Night Rage has only just begun.