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6 Russian Roulette of the Dead

 "If a war broke out in your neighborhood, will you fight like a hero? Or will you run away like a coward?"


Day 1: 4:39 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower

Time before the Night: 1 hour and 21 minutes left


Kyosei is nimble and silent on his movements as he calculate every movement of his enemies. To avoid attraction from the lackeys of Kaze, he stayed low looking for chances. Unlike the undead who don't have any intelligence, these guys are troublesome but Kyosei is expert in dealing with them. He analyzes and he counted 5 people patrolling the place. The clocktower is alright and a good base against undead since it's main entrance is the elevator only. Though the undead might still have a chance to climb up here using the elevator, it is unlikely so Kyosei is not worried against the undead problem and the lackeys are also not considered as threat to him. He slowly crept on a lackey who is resting on the side who didn't notice his presence. In just a swift move, Kyosei grabbed the head and neck of the lackey and uses a head lock to make the lackey from moving. Also he covers the mouth and nose of the lackey with his hands firmly which is similar on gripping its mouth and nose.


In just a few seconds, the lackey's eyes dilated and fainted. Kyosei lay the lackey slowly on the ground.

"One down," Kyosei wiped his sweat and he crept again to ambush the lackey nearby. This guy looks like a professional guard but he is still a lackey. He is still wearing the uniform same as Kyosei. Like earlier, Kyosei uses the headlock technique and the lackey struggles. Despite the struggles, it cannot make a sound and he can't overcame this guy. Just like earlier, he successfully take him down. The third guy is the same since they are patrolling the area separately so he also fell from Kyosei's headlock and nose pinching. Kyosei is very familiar on this one and he frequently use it when he is in a pinch during an infiltration on a gang base. Since he is a lone wolf, he uses many tricks to bypass a tight security. In Kaze's base however is not so tight and his lackeys are all idiots and easy to beat up. When the third one fell down, Kyosei scanned around and the. two remaining guards are now chatting as they are shuffling something on a pile of items in the corner. They didn't even notice the other lackeys missing as they are engrossed on looking something on the corner. Of course, Kyosei crept closer to them and in a split second, he grabbed both heads of the lackeys and smacked them together. The surprised lackeys did not even get to react in the pain from being smacked by each other when Kyosei push the two down on the floor head first with a strong force. If the two are already undead, their heads might be smashed to smithereens. He then looked at the thing that the two are busy on. He saw that it is a magazine or in other words, a porn magazine with girls deliberately showing their private parts. Kyosei is not easily aroused and he quickly disposed it back to the items and picked the rope underneath the magazine and drag the two to Souichi. He didn't even looked back on the porn mag that he crumpled earlier.

All of the lackeys are gathered near Souichi. They are all tied up and impossible to escape without the intervention outside. Kyosei made sure that whatever they do, unless they can cut the thick rope they are bind on, they cannot escape. Souichi is totally amazed by Kyosei's ambush against the enemies. He didn't expect that Kyosei did beat up his enemies without triggering any sort of alarm against him! A true assassin! This guy is truly dangerous and will serve as a one man army!


Day 1: 4:50 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower - Kaze's Base/ Secret Room

Time before the Night: 1 hour and 10 minutes left


Souichi is instructed to use the baseball bat as a weapon for silencing the lackeys once they wake up. Kyosei fiddled his portable mp3 player and choose a song with a fast beat. He didn't raise the volume much and he can hear the voices and random things around while listening to a song. Armed with a revolver and his house keys, he slowly approached the door that is guarded. Based on his estimation, this room is big enough to house a few people inside together with supplies. He looked at the door knob and he finds it locked up. Kyosei is good in fiddling doors and breaking locks. Kyosei uses the picklock that he keeps on his key holder that usually can open any kind of doors as long as it is not so complicated to break in. He slowly fiddles on the door knob and just a few seconds, he finds the right part to open the door and he inserted the picklock inside to forcefully open its lock which gave in after a few tries.

The lackeys inside the room did not even noticed since they are immersed on their poker game. Miyuki got beaten up earlier after a lackey finds out that she is slowly slipping on the rope. She currently fainted and the lackeys had a very dirty look on their eyes on Miyuki's thighs and breast and even though she is still wearing her uniform, the sweat on her body drenches the white uniform slowly taking form on her voluptuous body.

" Hehe, the president sure has a good body. I will make sure to treat myself in between her legs," a bald lackey grinned.

" Heh, if you win this poker game then you can taste her first. I heard she is still a virgin!" a sinister looking lackey said.

" Oh, I am more excited to pop her cheery!"

Kaze grinned hearing what the lackeys are talking on. He is sure to violate her since the Apocalypse begin. Now he is trying to make his own kingdom. The slutty girls grabbed Kaze again. Kaze did it to these girls earlier and he is ready for another round. Kyosei perceive everything and he didn't think up anything else as he open the door open, which makes the lackeys startled. Kyosei did not wait any longer and pulled the trigger on his gun on the bald lackey and shoot his leg, crippling him. The other lackeys are

shocked as they saw the blood on the bald lackey flowing on his leg!


Kaze is startled and he picks up the colt 45 on the table and points it on the intruder. Kyosei quickly shifted his aim to Kaze's hand holding the gun and with a bang, he shoots at the handea precisely and Kaze writhed in pain. The sound of the revolver is strong enough that the hostages who fainted earlier woke up on the sudden loud gunshots.

Kyosei did not waste his time. He quickly performed a roundhouse kick on the nearby lackey. The kick hits on the face squarely and blood spurts out on the lackey's nose. Kyosei grabbed the metal chair near him and throws it to the remaining lackey. Unprepared by the chair, he was knocked out heavily and bled. Since the bald lackey is suffering from severe pain on his leg caused by the revolver earlier, he is considered by Kyosei as small threat. Kyosei looked at Kaze who is writhing in pain because he was shot by Kyosei earlier, knocking the colt 45 on his hands. The slutty girls are slowly creeping out towards the door while Kyosei is still focused on Kaze. Without looking, Kyosei kicked the table used for poker earlier to the door, making the slutty girls who are focused on the door sweat profusely. Kyosei aims the muzzle of the revolver on Kaze and he stares with demonic eyes on the slutty girls.

"Release the hostages, or this pitiful guy's head will burst like a melon," Kyosei said with a cold voice. Kaze shot Kyosei with an incredulous glare.

"Like you can kill a human, don't listen to him girls," Kaze smirks on Kyosei. Despite Kyosei labeled as a ruthless delinquent, her didn't kill people, so he is very confident that Kyosei is only bluffing. Hearing the words of Kaze, the slutty girls sighed in relief.

Just as they disregard Kyosei's words, a loud gunshot rang in the room and the muzzle of the revolver is emitting smoke. Kaze frozed and the pain he originally felt earlier dissapeared without a trace. He felt numb. The bullet that the revolver spit out earlier is only millimeters away from him. Luckily, the bullet hit the wall and it created a hole. Even Miyuki who clearly saw what Kyosei did is getting shivers. But she is getting the warmth in her heart after seeing Kyosei coming in to her rescue.

Kyosei cocks his head while looking at Kaze coldly.

"Who said I can't kill a person? I killed countless of undead earlier and killing someone is just as easy as killing a bug for me, don't misunderstand me girls, I'm merely just giving you all a warning. Release all hostages or the next bullet of this revolver will hit the forehead of the stupid vice president," Kyosei did not even change his cold look. This guy is really a "little devil"!

The slutty girls quickly untied Miyuki, as well as Sena, Nanami and Nejima on their bindings. Miyuki quickly rushed towards Kyosei and hugged him. She cried and shivers on Kyosei while Kyosei looked at Miyuki's injuries. It looks like she recieved a severe beating. Even Sena and Nanami has injuries too and Nejima has a black eye which is the earlier result of his rescue attempt. Kyosei hugged Miyuki close to him and whispered to her ears.

"I'm here, dumbass, don't do that again," Kyosei gives Miyuki a light tap on her back and release her in his arms and looked at Kaze with fire in his eyes.

"You motherf*cker, you dared to beat women?! And you even dared to add them to your orgy? You are the worst," Kyosei approached Kaze and gives him a punch in the face. Kaze felt his surroundings spin around after receiving Kyosei's punch.

Kyosei saw the slutty girls who looked at him with fear in their eyes. Kyosei shot them a glare.

" Get out of my sight, slutty b*tches!"

Hearing that, the four slutty girls scurries away out in the room. Kyosei looks again on Kaze who is sweating profusely but still has the savage look in his face after he realized that Kyosei is looking at him. Kyosei turns his look on Miyuki who is comforting the three hostages.

"Hey, did this guy did something horrible to you? What do you want to happen to this guy?" Kyosei coldly asked Miyuki.

Miyuki showed her angry face on Kaze with killing intent in her eyes.

"I want him to suffer!"

Kyosei nodded and kicked Kaze again. The face of Kaze is twisted and he really wanted to beat Kyosei up and violate Miyuki a thousand times! Kaze is writhing in pain and crawls in the bloody floor tainted by his blood. The bald lackey is looking at Kyosei with killing intent. Noticing this, Kyosei smacked the face of the bald lackey with the revolver and punch him knocking him out cold. Looking at Kaze, Kyosei proceeded on pulling out the remaining bullets loaded on the revolver.

"What are you doing?" Miyuki asked seeing Kyosei unloading the revolver.

Kyosei looked at Miyuki and pulls out the last bullet on the gun. He slowly bend down to match Kaze's face and grabbed his hair and let Kaze stare at the bullet on his hands.

"Let's make this thrash feel how the grim reaper enjoys taking lives with a popular trick. Hey Vice president, let's play Russian roulette," Kyosei put Kaze down again back on the floor.

Russian roulette is common in circus. A performer or a volunteer is tied up on a roulette and an expert knife thrower or a marksman will throw knife or shoot guns on the person tied up on the roulette. This is a very dangerous stunt and with a bad marksmanship, the performance may lead to death. Russian Roulette is also a popular trick on revolvers for torturing a victim. A revolver loaded with a single bullet is used to test a luck of the victim. Usually, it causes the tortured person to give up and will most likely get a trauma and turn into a crazy man. The bullet is randomly placed and only luck is associated in this. Despite the revolvers used in Russian Roulette is loaded only with a single bullet, the fear of the bullet is very hard to endure and will constantly think on the bullet on the gun being fired in them despite only having a single chance of getting the bullet in eight rounds. Hearing the fate of his, Kaze squirmed around wanting to escape. He is afraid to die.

"F*ck you Kyosei! I will kill you! I WILL KILL YOU!!!" Kaze struggles as Kyosei pulls out the rope used to tie Miyuki. This rope is hard to cut and hard to untie by a hostage.

Miyuki grinned and with a deadly killing intent emitting in her glare, Kaze felt cold running down his spine. He never expected the girl he is chasing for many years, hates him that she wishes him to die! Kyosei looks at Miyuki and sighed.

" Do you want to deal the final blow to your boyfriend?" Kyosei handed the revolver to Miyuki.

Hearing the word "Boyfriend", Miyuki felt a sharp pain in her heart and in the same time, disdain on Kyosei's question. Who the heck would want this person as a boyfriend?! And Kyosei's even think that Kaze is Miyuki's boyfriend? Why does Kyosei turns out to be a dense person?

" No thanks, he should not be a a person worth of my precious time," Miyuki coldly watch Kaze trembling in fear.

" Then, I am free to do whatever things I wanted to do on this guy?" Kyosei switches his attention back to Kaze and he cocks his head. He proceeds to tell the famous nursery rhyme.

" Who killed Cock Robin?" Kyosei creaks his fingers, one by one and slowly approach the shivering Kaze.

" No please, I beg you Kyosei! I don't want to die!"

Disregarding the words of Kaze, he shot a glare on Kaze with killing intent. Kyosei grabbed a handkerchief on the bed and blindfolded Kaze. He also put the cold muzzle of the revolver on Kaze's temple.

"I'm giving you seven chances. I will be pulling the trigger, and you count up to seven. Let's try your luck on roulettes, vice president," Kyosei said menacingly, clear in his tone the cold and mockery words.

"No, please! I beg you!" tears roll on Kaze's eyes and the handkerchief is soaked wet.

"May the lady luck guide you, Kaze," Kyosei whispered.

Kaze heard a click and he felt the movement of Kyosei's finger slowly but surely pulling the trigger!