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5 Rescue from the Dead

 "Humans are all interesting creatures, they all prevail whatever disasters happen"


Day 1: 4:00 P.M.

Kirishima High School - 3rd Floor East Wing - Infirmary

Time before the Night: 2 hours left


Its only half a day since the beginning of the outbreak in Osaka compared to the other district of Japan and other parts of the world but its already chaotic enough. The black hawks of the sdf, jet fighters and tanks are deployed alongside with soldiers wielding high caliber guns. The outburst of guns and mad undead all roared out in the air.

Souichi turned off his phone after watching videos in the internet about the undead. Kyosei is attending on his wound that he got due to the assault of Chie earlier. After disinfecting the wound, he put a bandage on the wound to avoid blood from flowing. Kyosei is a veteran in terms of the first aid since he is always engaged in gang fights and delinquent rumble everyday and as usual, wounds cannot be avoided and applying first aid is necessary. After that, he replenish the kit with bandage, disinfectants, antibiotics, and other necessary items during this time. Also, water bottles are plenty inside the infirmary fridge so Kyosei also gathered 10 bottles and stuff it on a bag they grabbed when they are still on 2nd floor. Unlike 2nd floor, third floor is not flooded with undead and they take a break in the infirmary not too long ago.

Souichi was grateful to Kyosei because of his fighting capabilities. Despite his brutal way of dealing the undead, it proved effective as they don't have much problem against "crowds". Souichi is also fighting together with Kyosei, though he knows more descipline in hand to hand combat than Kyosei, Kyosei is more on street fighting that aims more on making your opponent down whatever method it is so he didn't compare himself to Kyosei. He stood up after seeing Kyosei packs up the sharp edged instruments used by nurses like the scalpel.

"Are we going now?" Souichi picks up the iron pipe in the table. The iron pipe is already showing its usage and its bad state. A few more fight and this pipe will surely be unusable.

Kyosei did not speak, probably he didn't hear anything due to the headphones he keeps on wearing since earlier and he didn't remove it a single time. Kyosei peeks on the door to see any danger but in a sudden when he tried to peek, someone or rather "something" is already peeking towards them!

"F*ck!" Kyosei was startled but gained his composure as he struggle against the undead that is trying to bite him and enter the doorway of the infirmary. Souichiro panics seeing Kyosei struggles on closing the door. Since the corpses rises into an undead, they suddenly gained stronger power than the normal and has a power to contend against a normal person and can even overwhelm a human.

Kyosei is struggling but he orders Souichi this time.

"Hey, four eyes! Kill the crap out of this sh*t! Once I let go of the door, swing as hard as you can, d*mnit!"

Souichi"s face twitch hearing the "four eyes" but he didn't mind it much and readies himself to beat the undead.

"Once the countdown reaches to one, I will let loose and you do the beating! Got it?!" Kyosei's sweat is now flowing on his creased forehead.

Souichi nods. He steels his mind, if he failed this attack, they are doomed to be a happy meal and they will fail the rescue operation!


Souichi grips the iron pipe, Kyosei is struggling still and the dead is still very ready to pounce Kyosei.


Sweat flows on his face, Souichi's heartbeat is very fast and he can't compare this nervousness to the nervousness he felt during a karate tournament! This is going to deal their survivability in his action! Failing to do it will seal their trip to the afterlife!


Kyosei rolled away from the door, releasing it for the dead to open! Souichi did not flinch at all and swings to the undead who see him as food. Though the iron pipe is not that sturdy in terms of fighting undead, it can cause blunt trauma and an undead is not an exception to that. The undead staggers and Souichi uses it as a chance and kick the undead to the floor. Kyosei is fast and deal the final blow by swinging its head like a golf ball using the baseball bat. Souichi knows that his iron pipe can't deal enough damage to enemies but enough to stun them while Kyosei deals the final blow since baseball bat is wider and used for is swinging unlike the thin but hard iron pipe.

Kyosei inspects the pocket of the dead he was able to retrieve a broken phone and a pocket knife. Kyosei throws the pocket knife to Souichi. Kyosei keeps the broken phone on his pocket. Souichi noticed Kyosei keeping the broken phone.

" Why are you keeping the broken phone?" Souichi keeps the pocket knife and looked at Kyosei.

"Don't bother asking me, I won't answer. Let's get out of here, the dead will soon flock here," Kyosei strolled out without looking back in the infirmary.

Souichi frowned but he follows Kyosei slowly. He can't get used to Kyosei's cold behavior as always.


Day 1: 4:00 P.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower: Secret Room

Time before the Night: 2 hours left


On the other hand, Miyuki is struggling to break free from the role she is tied in. Its hard for her since the rope is attached to the ceiling and she is standing in the floor. She can't move much due to the injuries she got from Kaze's slaps. She was humiliated as Kaze is trying to caress her legs and squeeze her breast but she kicked him causing the rich kid to pop a vein and slap her many times. She is not the only one tied, she recognized Sena Yotsumishi, Class B Year 2 and Nanami Honda, Class A Year 1. Also a few girls who are infatuated on Kaze are clinging like slugs on him. Sena and Nanami are both not awake after being beaten earlier by Kaze's thugs. She also saw a young boy tied up on a chair and totally beaten up. From what Miyuki remembers, this boy is Nejima Mirai, same class with Nanami. He tried to rescue Nanami earlier but beaten up. She heard Kaze say "dispose" on his thugs towards Nejima once the clock strikes at 6. Also once the clock strikes at 6, the orgy will begin. Thinking about makes her shiver and lose hope. It is still 4 and she hopes Kyosei will be there soon. She would rather become an undead than become a sex toy for the bastard Kaze. While Kaze is sleeping with his girls and his lackeys are playing poker on the table while the others are keeping watch, she is trying hard to escape and reunite with Kyosei.

Day 1 4:30 P.M.

Kirishima High School - 4th floor East wing, Elevator to Clocktower

Time before the Night: 1 hour 30 minutes left


Kyosei and Souichi is having a hard time reaching the elevator due to the dead on the hallway. To avoid pointless fighting, Kyosei used the pink phone he looted on a dead girl on the third floor which is functioning still.

"Are you going to distract them?" Souichi wondered.

Kyosei nodded. He played games with zombies before and watched movies of Apocalypses which involves the zombies, and the main triggers of these dead people are the sound. Though he don't know if they can see, their hearing senses are much more sharper than a normal human. Kyosei and Souichi enters an empty room and Souichi opens the pink phone. He frowned when he saw that the phone has password.

"Sh*tty phone! There is a password! What the f*ck are we going to do?!" Souichi cussed softly to avoid being detected by the undead.

Kyosei grabbed the phone and Souichi is right, the phone is locked with password. Luckily, its just a pattern password and not a complicated one like numbers and letter password or face recognition stuff. Kyosei quickly tries some possible passwords and in a fourth try, the phone opened, and Kyosei press the mp3 player function of the phone and give it back to Souichi.

"Throw the bloody phone after playing a song on the end of the hallway!" Kyosei ordered.

Souichi nodded and played a song. He maxed out the volume before he slides the phone to the end of the hallway. Since the floor is shiny, the phone slides flawlessly and bump to stop on the wall. The phone rang a song, attracting the undead without fail. A few minutes later, the undead all flocked on the source of the looping music. Kyosei and Souichi quickly goes outside the door after distracting all of the undead on the hallway and rushes to the hallway to reach the elevator. There are still several undead loitering on the hallway but enough for Kyosei and Souichi to eat up.

After a few struggles, they arrive on the elevator of the clocktower. Kyosei and Souichi operates the elevator and and opens up. A foul stench of blood and a dead person lingers out. Souichi frowned and almost puked up his lunch. Kyosei did not feel a slight disgust and inspect the guy. He was not an undead but somebody killed him by bashing his head repeatedly with a blunt object causing wounds and bruises. Looks like this unfortunate guy died during the time after the outbreak in the school begins.

"Requiescat In Pace," Kyosei drags out the guy in the elevator and pulls out a coat from the bag and covers the face and enters the elevator with Souichi who still tries to hold his barf from going out from his mouth. Kyosei did not feel much anything but he look at Souichi this time around.

"Four eyes, you can't come with me in confrontation against Kaze," With a serious and cold face, Kyosei said that to Souichi who was startled by what Kyosei said. Will he abandon the rescue operation?!

"What do you mean, Kyosei?! I can't abandon Sena and Nanami! You can't be serious!"

Kyosei did not speak but he suddenly pull out his revolver and pin the muzzle to Souichi's forehead. Souichi felt the coldness of the gun on his forehead and the coldness of his sweat.

"Shut up, four eyes, if you want to die, I will let you do the honor in charging Kaze's base, if not, just stay outside the base of that sh*thead,"Kyosei stares coldly on Souichi without much reaction. Souichi imagined his brain bursting. But he sighed in relief when Kyosei retract his arm and put the gun back to its holster.

"Don't worry, dying is just another realm in this world, you think I will shoot you for real? I'd rather pull the trigger on Kaze's forehead," Kyosei said.

The elevator reached its destination and stops with a ding. Kyosei and Souichi looked around and when there are no undead in sight, they still kept their guard up. Aside from the undead, Kaze's lackeys might be around.

"Should we split-" Souichi did not finished what he wanted to say when Kyosei covered his mouth and they hide on a nearby gear of the clock since they are near the mechanism of the clock.

"They are here," Kyosei peeks along with Souichi and saw the lackeys patrolling the area.

"Stay here, do not let yourself be seen, I'm going to charge in. Do not go out unless I appear with the people we need to rescue," Kyosei taps Souichi's shoulder and goes out with the baseball bat and the house keys on his hands. He confidently walk slowly to the lackey who is currently not aware of his impending doom.