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4 Kill The Dead

 "In a world full of liars, the most important thing you can get is the truth."

- unknown

Day 1: 2:20 P.M

Kirishima High School - Ground Floor Hallway: East Wing

Time before the Night: 3 hours and 40 minutes left


Kyosei walks slowly without fear on his life against the "crowd" in front of him. The blood on his forehead slowly drips down to his face but he didn't bother wiping it. He attacks the nearby "dead" with a strong force. He is not that weak and he never care at all. As he closes his eyes, he thinks all of the things he did earlier that day. But why did he do it? He don't really know the reason. Rescuing the annoying Miyuki is troublesome enough and his life is on the line traversing the world of the dead. He opens his eyes again and smashes the "dead" who are all struggling to take a bite on his skin. Though they are trying to get a bite on him, Kyosei smacks all of them without effort. Since he already experienced countless of battles against delinquents and gangsters in the past, dealing with the dead is an easy feat.

With every swing, skulls crushed to dust. With every smack on the head, brain matter and blood splatters on the floor and the surface of the bat. Within a few moments, the "crowd" is successfully "dispersed" as all of the "dead" are all laying in the ground, truly dead without the chance of rising up. Kyosei swings his bat to flick off the blood and brain matter on his bat. Kyosei proceeds slowly, stepping the slimey matter which came inside the head and some are eyeballs and countless of tooth scattered in the area. Kyosei is not disgusted by this at all.

The hallway is really dangerous for people who are not adept in fighting others and sneaking past. Kyosei can identify some of the dead people gathered in the hallway as his tormentors in the past that hates him to the core. Now they are all walking aimlessly and are targeting normal people now. What a bunch of *ssholes that are all greedy, that greed caused their demise as Kyosei thought how the greed and selfishness of this people to turn themselves into a dead person.

"Bunch of sh*ts," Kyosei muttered and smashes their heads without hesitation. Their brains and organs inside their head are all squashed beyond recognition that Kyosei did not even throw a single look on the deceased he killed

Day 1: 2:40 P.M.

Kirishima High School - Stairs to 2nd Floor - East Wing

Time before the Night: 3 hours and 20 minutes left


Gasping for air, Souichi Honda is alert on his surroundings and he never drop his guard. He is looking for his sister, Nanami Honda and his girlfriend, Sena Yotsumishi after the outbreak happened without a single warning. He watched the news earlier and saw that Kyushu and Nagoya are now overwhelmed by the so called "Undead", wiping half the population of the two areas in a matter of minutes. The SDF or Self Defense Force are deployed to help the evacuation and quarantine of survivors but the virus gets past the quarantine zone and turn most survivors into mindless corpse. Well since he didn't believe it at first and thought it is only the making of a movie, so he ignored the news, only then he realize the truth of the things he watched earlier.

The dead has broken through the school gate when the gate opened after the principal entered the school. The first victim is the guard of the gate and the victims slowly escalated. During that time, the teachers are on an assembly and no one in the school has the time to announce the outbreak occurring inside the campus. The chaos occurred so suddenly that panic came across. His class was the first victim of the outbreak due to the accessible location in the ground floor. Located near the door, Souichi escaped the room with the chaos since the dead attacked the people near the window. Trying to escape, he decided to call and warn his sister and girlfriend but the call didn't get through due to the heavy traffic.

Souichi is forced to find a weapon and he luckily grabbed an iron pipe on the floor used by a dead student. He practically escaped the other undead and he kill the dead brutally. He is a karate club member and he has strong physique and can easily beat anyone. This time, he wanted to avoid any enemies to keep his strength.

He watches the surroundings carefully and he later concluded it is safe to go down the stairs. As he arrive the ground floor, the well known and feared delinquent is walking towards the stairs. Also, he is shocked by the corpses in his wake. The whole hallway is covered in blood, brain matter and corpses mutilated in a gory manner. Souichi is shocked. Kyosei is his old friend during elementary days and he suddenly changed into a delinquent when he reached high school.


Kyosei did not show any sort of emotion but he look at the source of the voice and remembered the face of this guy.

"Oh, its you. You are still alive?" Kyosei is nonchalant and has no emotion whatsoever.

"Hey, Kyosei, did you see Sena or Nanami in this floor?" Souichi is sweating. Ever since Kyosei turned into a delinquent, he stopped getting close to him and avoided him. This is the first time he speaks again to this guy.

Kyosei looked at his bloody trail and shook his head. Souichi sighed. He didn't expect to see them easily but he is slowly losing hope. Before he return back to the second floor, Kyosei speaks in a low tone to him.

"Have you seen that bastard, windy vice president?" Kyosei asked.

He was startled by Kyosei's question. Why does Kyosei looks for Kaze? Well, he saw this guy together with his lackeys earlier on the clocktower room. The school has a big clocktower that connects the east and west wing building. It is also used as a private room for Kaze and his lackeys to use.

"I saw them on the stairs to climb the clocktower earlier before lunch ends earlier," Souichi said.

Kyosei grits his teeth and slowly walks up to stairs. He grips the baseball bat firmly and continues on.

"Hey! Why are you looking for him?" Souichi is intrigued.

Kyosei's eyes turned grim and looks on Souichi.

"That guy must be trying to build a gangbang kingdom" Kyosei said in a straight face," Kaze and his lackeys must be taking advantage the apocalypse to get girls. Curse that *sshole," Kyosei said.

"Gangbang Kingdom?" Souichi then knows what Kyosei is talking about. Despite being a student council committee official, he is one of the worst scum in the school. He is a pervert man usually trying to f*ck women and satisfy his needs. He is spoiled due to the fact that he is rich and can buy anything he wanted. Knowing this, Souichi gritted his teeth.

"Kyosei! Can I follow you? I need to find Sena and Nanami and the clocktower must be the place they are located!" Souichi said.

Kyosei shrugged and didn't much pay attention to him but answered him anyway.

" Suit yourself," Kyosei proceeds to climb the stairs. Looks like Kyosei is going to take the elevator shaft of the clocktower which is only accessible in the fourth floor. Souichi nods and follows Kyosei.

Day 1 2:45 P.M.

Kirishima High School - 2nd Floor hallway- East wing

Time before the Night: 3 hours and 15 minutes left


The hallway is congested with undead this time and traversing the second floor hallway is much harder than the ground floor.

"Holy crap, looks like the door in the first year classroom is already down!" Souichi said.

Kyosei creased his forehead but he continues on walking towards the undead walking around. Souichi frowned seeing Kyosei continues to proceed the hallway.

"Hey, what the actual f*ck are you thinking?!" Souichi whispered but it is clear in his voice the irritation.

Kyosei clicks his tounge.

"Shut up and follow close to me, or else I will throw you to them and use you as a bait," Kyosei snarled at him angrily.

Souichi gulps hearing Kyosei. Of course, he is afraid on Kyosei's attitude. But what Kyosei do is really absurd and dangerous! Who in his actual mind will dive in a pool full of piranhas? Kyosei is doing this right now! Not a single undead noticed them and Kyosei put his keys back on his waist and grabbed the head of the nearby undead and breaks the neck of it fast that the head rotated, killing the unfortunate undead. Kyosei repeated what he did silently and it is present in his movements the expertise on breaking other people's neck like nothing. And despite killing dozens of undead now, no one noticed them yet. What the F*ck? Is this even possible to do? This guy can kill without even using the baseball bat he is holding and uses his arms to kill!

Kyosei continues his silent kill streak until only a few of them can't be killed in the same method. Kyosei looked at Souichi and nods at him.

"Help me purge the dead, if you want to pass this hallway, do not just dawdle and leave all this sh*theads to me," Kyosei grips the baseball bat and swings it on the nearby undead. The attack causes the other undead to show their wild and feral nature.

Souichiro can't complain, besides this is already the apocalypse, why is he going to be choosy about? Killing is going to be a normality in this era now. The era of the dead is here and survival is the top priority of every people.

"Tch, Fine!" Souichiro uses the iron pipe and strikes the head of the undead that Kyosei left for him. Despite strong and agile, the undead has unbelievably soft heads. Maybe due to the mutation and since the head is also the main target of the thing that caused the apocalypse, the cranial spaces of the skull might have loosen a bit and reduced like it is much more fragile than the baby skull. So smashing heads is easy. A few minutes of endless and brutal killings, Souichi and Kyosei rests after the fight.

"Dang, I never expected this to make me so tired to death! This zombie things are a handful!" Souichi sighed.

Kyosei did not speak. Instead, he opens the classrooms that are closed inside and looks inside the bags randomly, looking for something. Souichi follows Kyosei on what he is doing in the bags.

"What are you doing?"

Kyosei did not respond, instead he just raise the bottle of water on Souichi's face.

"If I need to last long, I need to replenish my liquids and rest, but this time, resting is hard so I need to drink water a lot. Scrounge around those bags and find what you can, if you want to find those people you are looking for, then keep your liquids inside your crappy body," Kyosei opens the bottle and drink the content. He pulls out a lollipop on his pocket and peels off the wrapper and put it on his mouth. Souichi pulls out his phone again after drinking some water. He meddles a bit on his phone but he failed what he really needs to do.

"It's useless, the network is down and you can't call anyone. That always happen during the apocalypse. Most likely those girls you are looking for might be around here somewhere, killed by the dead or on Kaze's dirty hands. We need to find them fast, so don't dawdle anymore," Kyosei goes outside the room. Souichi sighed. Kyosei might have changed his attitude but he is still the same caring Kyosei. He follows closely to Kyosei as they plan to confront Kaze and find the whereabouts of the girls that they are looking for.