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3 Hallways of the dead

 "Knowledge can be useful or useless in situations, the only thing needed is to adapt to that situation and use it to your advantage."


Day 1: 2:05 P.M. Kirishima High School - Near the Sports Shed Time before the Night: 3 hours and 55 minutes left


Kyosei is in a bit of trouble getting the weapon since the undead wearing the football uniform is standing near the entrance. Approaching carelessly will only lead to trouble and puting the former football captain down to its final rest is much more difficult. The helmet of the football undead is still in its top shape and only specks of blood is visible on it's surface. Kyosei will have a very bad time beating this guy up especially that he didn't possess a smelee weapon. His house keys are much more difficult to use in this situation because he need to remove the helmet before giving this guy a proper beating but it also increases the chances of getting bitten by the guy. He is trying to avoid that from happening since he watched movies of zombie apocalypse and usually, it all ends with a bite.

He also tried to think a good solution to get a weapon in the shed. Using the revolver will not guarantee him killing this guy and might even cause the dead to beattracted to the noise and might tear him to shreds so easily. Using the grenade is also a wasteful tactic due to the limited supply and he can guarantee that the dead will flock the explosion site. The other one is much easier, which he needs to distract the dead by sounds and attract it to that direction. After thinking for a while, he decided to use the latter technique as it is more practical and much easier and much more resourceful than the former choices he thought. Revealing himself from his hiding spot, he snaps and breaks the neck of the undead nearby silently and he slowly creep towards the football captain but he kept his distance. He looks a round and whe he is sure that only the football undead is nearby, he picks up a stone and throws it to the nearby metal sheet scattered in the ground which caught the attention of the football captain and some nearby undead and they slowly flock the sound.

Successful from his attempt, Kyosei creeps faster towards the sport shed and goes inside. He quicly scans the shed very fast to avoid the dead finding him in case they wander again. As he scans the place, he spotted the baseball used by Miyuki whenever she plays hardball. He didn't think twice and picks it up without much hesitation and goes outside the shed. As he goes out, the dead already dispersed from the sound Kyosei made earlier and wanders around. Kyosei immediately detours towards the school. As he run , the dead immediately detected him and they started snarling as they dashed forward to quickly reach him. Kyosei is not interested being eaten by them so before they could even touch and eat him, Kyosei gets inside the school building and swings the bat to the nearest pursuer. He put his energy on the baseball bat and swung it on the undead's head that causes it from destroying its face due to the strong swing he did to the dead. Kyosei repeated this and in a few more time, he spotted the football captain charging him, he can't help but frown. Football is not his thing and he don't really like to play it and now he is getting chased by it's own leader. Well to be exact... its their undead look. Though not ready to beat this guy, Kyosei held his baseball bat and the dead slowly approaches.

10 meter....7 meter....5 meter.....1 meter

As he saw the dead reaching his range. Kyosei immediately swings the baseball bat hard that it causes the dead football player to be dead yet again. The helmet got some damage as it deform the surface of it however it is not enough and it only stagger the football player a bit. Kyosei already knows that this guy won't go down that easily. He swings the bat again before the dead can recover. This time around, the impact of the helmet is enough to remove the helmet. Kyosei calmly swings the bat again, this time, the impact of the swing hits the bare head of this guy which is enough to deal a huge amount of blunt damage. The head deformed in a nasty way, eyeballs removed from their sockets, and reddish-black blood flows out.

Kyosei did not waste much time and picks up a stone and throws it on an intact window of the school and breaks it and the sound of breaking glass echoes in the area. The dead growls and hastily proceeds to the area where the window is broken. Kyosei on the other hand climbs up on the window that he broke and dashed out on the hallway to avoid a horde which are bound to reach the area in a few seconds.

Day 1: 2:10 P.M

Kirishima High School -Ground Floor: East Wing Corridor

Time before the Night: 3 hours and 50 minutes left


In the east wing, the chemistry lab, the home economics room, music room, kitchen area and some of the club rooms. Kyosei is crouching whenever he passes a window of a room to avoid unnecessary detection of the dead. His stealth is top class and no one can sense him traversing an area full of obstacles and he has a very small chance of being detected. He mastered the stealth ability of his during chase events of his enemies when he is still a delinquent. When gangsters seeks out to beat the crap out of him, Kyosei is creeping out and looking out for an exit. During this time, Kyosei didn't expect that his skill on stealth is going to help him during the apocalypse.

He gets inside the chemistry lab and he only saw blood and some guts hanging on the tables. Some of the apparatus of the lab are broken and shards of broken glass are scattered on the floor. Kyosei slowly stepson the floor avoiding the sound of the shards to make a noise. Stepping on the shards, it slowly break into pieces again as his shoes steps on them. Kyosei is listening to the place and he slowly close the door of the lab slowly.

Day 1: 2:11 P.M

Kirishima High School - Ground floor: Chemistry Lab

Time before the Night: 3 hours 49 minutes left


As he slowly sneak inside, he heard a sound of someone chewing and moaning inside. Kyosei can identify that it is an enemy eating its unlucky prey. He didn't dawdle anymore and he slowly venture the way to the predator. He saw a woman in a lab gown crouching on a dead body and this woman is not the one moaning but the dead body. The woman is busy pulling out the intestine of the dead body. Kyosei didn't think much of her and thought that she is one of "them" and slowly hold her head to snap it but he didn't expect the woman to retaliate. The woman is swift and locks his hands holding her head with a bloody hands wearing gloves and with a sudden twist, Kyosei felt that his arm hurts. The woman struck her with a nearby test tube rack and Kyosei's forehead bleeds.Kyosei backs away using brute force to escape the lock of the woman and successfully break free.

"Not bad, boy," the woman in the lab gown flicks the bloody test tube rack and put it on the table.

Kyosei remains his poker face even though he saw that the woman he tries to kill is still alive. Based on her uniform and the year level emblazoned on her uniform collar, she is a Senior.

"Oh, you are Kyosei Ichinose right? I didn't expect you to be alive! I thought you already fell and became one of the " undead"!" The woman chuckles.

Kyosei slowly stands up and wipes the blood on his hands due to the bloody gloves of the woman and he also wipe his blood on his forehead but it is flowing down slowly. Kyosei didn't feel any pain since he is already used to any kind of pain that he developed a natural resistance to pain. He didn't speak at all and instead, he approach the undead wriggling on the floor. He only discovers that this guy is attached on the floor with adhesive tape. Even its head is attached on the floor with adhesive tape and it is struggling to escape. Its a bit unnatural to look since the guy's guts is dangling outside of its stomach. The heart, lungs stomach and other parts of the guts is piled near him. Despite that, this guy is still moving and it is struggling to escape. The woman scratches her head as she noticed Kyosei observing the dead.

"Wah, its a lot of pain to gut him out alive you know? Ryuto is very stubborn even when he became a dead person. Even his guts and intestines are removed inside him, this guy is still moving and tries to bite me every chance he gets! That's why I smashed his mouth with hammer and destroyed all his teeth," the woman rumbles on and on.

Kyosei looks at her and the dead person. Looks like the apocalypse happening is the same as the apocalypse he usually see in movies and games. The dead person will keep on moving even when all of its parts that makes it alive when it was still a person is removed. Unless the head is destroyed, the dead will continue to move.

The woman is now relaxed and removed the lab gown she is wearing.

"I haven't introduced my name yet, I'm Chie Motsuki, aspiring doctor and scientist! What are you doing here Kyosei?" the woman named Chie leans on the table.

Kyosei looks at her and he looks again on the dead person that is still struggling to get off.

"To find someone," Kyosei pulls out his phone and open the message Miyuki sends him.

"Oh? That will be hard since the school is struck real hard and most of the students here are killed by the dead that gets inside accidentally," the woman shrugged.

Kyosei didn't like what she said and pulls out the revolver and points the muzzle on Chie. Chie pales out seeing the gun.

"Woah, woah, chill bro, I only said that it will get hard to find that someone you are looking for. I didn't said that the person you are looking for is already a walking dead!" Chie raises both of her hands in the air. Who won't be afraid of guns especially if it is loaded and aimed at you!

Kyosei sighed and slowly retracts the gun back to the holster. Chie sighed in relief.

"Woah, I thought I will die today, I'm still a virgin and I wanted to be laid down before I die!" Chie shrugged and sighed in relief.

Kyosei is surprised but he didn't care what Chie wanted. He sighed and looks on his phone and tries to dial the Miyuki's number. Unfortunately,

"The line is experiencing a heavy traffic and cannot process your request, please try again later."

Kyosei looks at the signal and it still shows a full bar signal. Kyosei understands it since the apocalypse is just beginning and people are trying to dial people on phones. He sighed and ended the repeating voice of the operator in his phone and looks on the Voice mail inbox. There, he saw a new message from Miyuki. He selected it and play the mail.

"Hello! Kyosei if you are listening to this please help me!" the voice mail begins. Kyosei listened to the voice of Miyuki. It is clear on Miyuki's voice that she is scared. The voice mail continues to play.

"The school is getting dangerous! Aahh! What was that?.....

(Voices of screaming and terrified students)

Anyway! Please I know you survive the chaos since you are outside the school but I hope nothing bad happened to you! I overheard Kaze's plan earlier that he plan to abduct some of our pretty classmates! I need to stop that guy from getting advantage on this place since we are close, but if I can't give him any sense in his head, please help! I will wait for you!"

The voice mail ends. Kyosei felt a bit angry hearing the plan of Kaze but he felt a bit annoyed on Miyuki's plan. It feels like she is throwing herself to danger. Chie drink a mineral water from her backpack that is resting on a table with apparatus. Kyosei look at this nonchalant woman and sighed.

"Stay here, woman, its much dangerous outside," Kyosei put the duffle bag on the table.

"Oh, don't worry, I can handle myself alright," Chie shrugged.

Kyosei nodded. She really have skills and he knows that she can handle herself quite well. Chie is curious and looks inside the bag.


"Holy Sh*t! Bunch of wakabombs! What the hell? You will be arrested by the police!!" Chie said trembling in excitement.

Kyosei looks at her again with a poker face and opens the door.

"There are no more laws now. We are basically on our own," Kyosei equipped his house keys and baseball bat and closes the door of the chemistry lab.