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2 Return to the School of the Dead

 "Humans are the parasite of this world, therefore if the Earth is now parasite free, then the humans are extinct."



Day 1: 1:30 P.M.

Convenience Store in the side street of Osaka

Time before the Night: 4 hours and 30 minutes left.


As Kyosei is still wondering why police sirens are not heard at all despite the chaotic place, he saw a crowd crumpling and walking aimlessly in the street. During that time, Kato appears again and he is now holding a 9mm Pistol in his hand. He is calling Kyosei.

"F*ck! Kyosei get inside the store! The dead are going to swarm soon!" Kato returns inside the store and keep on waving to him.

Kyosei is confused but he didn't ask anything and runs towards the convenience store premises. As he get inside, Kato immediately pushes a shelf to the door blocking it. Kato immediately packs up food and other stuff inside a duffel bag.

"Hey, Kato! What the hell are you doing?!" Kyosei is a bit bewildered on Kato's action. Kato keeps on filling the duffel bag full of food. After quite a while, he goes inside the supply room and he brings a bag of weapons inside. It is holding lethal weapons and some of those weapons are weapons used during world war 2!

"Pick a firearm and a melee weapon Kyosei, you won't last long with house keys!" Kato spreads the weapons in the cashier table. Kyosei is not familiar much of the weapons. Even in his confused state, Kyosei picks out a revolver and a box of ammo but didn't get a melee weapon when a series of thuds and moaning outside the glasses.

"F*ck them! They are here!" Kato cleans up the table and panics on putting all the weapons inside. Kyosei looks outside through the clear glass which is now tainted with blood prints and he saw the people with mangled appearance, bloody and tattered clothes. Some even have their intestines hanging in their stomach and some of them have their eyes gouge out and blood is constantly flowing from their bloody faces. Looks like the zombie apocalypse begin that he only saw most in movies and games!

"Kyosei! Hurry!" Kato is now on the door of the storage room.

Kyosei didn't ask any question and rushes inside. The storage room is wide and spacious and Kyosei saw a hatch in the floor. Kato opens the hatch. Kyosei is still curious how he got those weapons since these kinds of weapons needs licences and most of them are illegal in Japan.

"Kato, how the hell did you get those illegal weapons?! Are you trying to become a mafia boss?" Kyosei looks at Kato but Kato didn't slow down from his actions but he answers his question.

"Owner Matsubara is an ex- SDF official and also a firearm and weapon collector. He got a piece of info from someone that a viral infection is on the prowl and sooner or later, an apocalypse will soon begin. He prepared some of his weapons inside the storage room and whenever the apocalypse begin, the employees will be able to arm themselves and fight against the dead!" Kato said and he finally opened the hatch successfully.

Kato climbs down the hatch fast. Before Kyosei can get inside the hatch, the glasses that temporarily holds the crowd didn't hold them any longer as they slowly gained more heavier and heavier that the glass broke into pieces and the crowd is able to get inside the store. Though they stumble from the items in the floor and the shelf slows their progress, they are very nimble and very fast that it only took them seconds to reach the counter where the storage door is located. Kyosei immediately climbs down the hatch and closes the hatch door before a dead person ravages them. Kyosei can hear the moans of the dead and they are very noisy.

Kyosei climbs the long ladders fast. Kato is nowhere in sight under him. Kyosei slides down the ladder and as he reaches the bottom, he landed on a small square room without much things and saw another tunnel up ahead. Before he proceeds on the tunnel, Kyosei saw a letter and a duffel bag. Kyosei examines the letter and read its contents.

"Kyosei, inside the duffel bag are bunch of landmines and grenades so handle it with care to avoid triggering explosion accidents. I decide to go first since I know you have business yet. I will wait for you in the entrance of Kirishima High School in 2 days and bring anyone you can find as long as you are still alive. Stay safe bro."

- Kato

Kyosei crumpled the paper and look at the landmines and grenades. He pull out 5 grenades and attached to the grenade holder belt and his it under his black uniform. He picks up the mines and it is surprisingly heavy. Kyosei decided to leave a few mines and only bring 3 with him to avoid cumbering that will affect his movement. He shoulders the duffel bag and proceeds to the dark tunnel. Kyosei used his phone to illuminate the area with limited light.


Day 1: 1:55 P.M

Underground Bunker - near Kirishima High School

Time before the Night: 4 hours and 5 minutes left


A few minutes walking, he saw the end of the tunnel and it was a sort of bunker. He remembered this place and it is just two yards left to reach Kirishima High School. Kyosei looks around, he saw a few of the dead roaming but they didn't notice him. He exits the tunnel and pulls out his house keys and the revolver out to defend himself. Kyosei is not sure about his melee weapon since they are so short range, has weak damage and needs the strength of the wielder to break a skull to pieces. But this feat requires real brute strength and needed to be very good at defending themselves. During his delinquent life, since weapons are prohibited, improvising is the only way to fight against enemies provoking you and his choice are the house keys he have in possession. He specifically choose locks with sharp keys which is easy to handle and won't damage his hand as a recoil for using the house keys.

He slowly crept on the building that has an open door and slowly traverse the area. The building is a small eatery which is a bit busy everyday. Now, the area is full of blood and the dead are around. Guts and splattered blood are all around the floor. Kyosei even saw a finger with a diamond ring on the floor. He pockets the ring and throws the finger away, who knows it might be useful to him. The eatery is guarded by three dead guys which is standing idly in different direction. Kyosei scampers on the kitchen area and saw a chef standing near the knife rack eating a dismembered arm. He silently crept slowly and the dead didn't even notice him get closer. When he gets close enough, Kyosei grab the hair of the dead and slams it on the knife rack where knives are positioned where the blade is not the concealed one but the handle. The chef dies instantly as the three knives on the rack pierces the skull of the poor b*stard.

Kyosei picks a knife and picks out a few cans of food and put it on the duffel bag's pocket area. He stealthily sneaked on the nearest dead and stabs its head cleanly and he slowly lays it's body to avoid detection of the dead. He targets the next guy and repeated his sneak attack. When he disposed the dead, he shook his hands and he keep his firm grip on the knife. As he slowly saw the last guy, Kyosei knew that the guy is tall and he still need to tiptoe to reach his shoulder. He is not panicking at all, in fact he is calm and composed and the enemy he is facing right now are not the similar enemies he fought in the past. These enemies can be killed..

Kyosei stopped sneaking and stands straight before he kicked its back causing the dead guy stagger to the table. Kyosei grabbed his chance and quickly charged his strength and stabs the head which result to blood spurting out on the dead's head. Clearing the dead on the store, he liberated the dead inside. He left the knife embedded on its head as it is bloody enough and he doesn't need to equip a bloody weapon. He quickly traversed the street and continues to maneuver around and sneaked around when necessary.

Kyosei has developed the proper way to sneak without getting spotted by his enemies in the past. If his enemies are just too many, he needs to sneak in and conceal his presence to avoid detection and today, he can fully utilize it to his whim and combined with weapons that is fatal with only one strike is the most necessary. Now that the apocalypse occurred without warning, Kyosei has to keep his abilities on fighting thugs in the past into fighting undead person. Soon, he reached the pedestrian street and the Kirishima High School gate is close. All he need to do is to climb the wall and sneak inside the school, survive the dead on that area and last for two days and wait for the extraction point which Kato said in his letter. If the extraction plan failed, he will find an alternative way to get away from the place together with the people he will manage to rescue. He is sure to survive the dead for two days and dying is not a part of his plan.

Day 1: 2:00 P.M

Kirishima High School - School Ground

Time before the Night: 4 hours left


He didn't struggled on climbing the wall, in fact he is much more agile and fast in terms of climbing and traversing obstacles. He is always good at finding secret paths that will get him an easy in and easy out without risk. This time around, he is going to be silent and he purposely climbed the wall to reach the sports equipment shed. He needs a melee weapon. He is going to avoid the revolver unless necessary since he still didn't know if these bloody cannibals are sensitive to light, sound, heat or perhaps these bloody cretins are able to retain their eyesight. He slightly put volume up the mp3 and an apocalypse song from an anime he watched in the past rang within the headphones. As he was able to cross the wall, he saw that the school he left earlier is now a bloody mess and a few mangled corpses of the students are scattered all around the area and the bloody stench lingers in the air. Even the flies are now gathering. These mangled corpses are already broken and most of their parts are already dismembered. Even the skull of these dead students are open and their brains are scattered on the floor and they are no longer going to rise as undead. If they rise up, it only has a small possibility on happening.

Kyosei lays all the landmine near the entrance of the gate. In case a horde gets inside, these will thin the thickness and the amount of undead. This is a good strategy as he is saw movies doing a land mine damages a horde thinning it out. He lays the landmines vertically and a bit farther to each other to avoid the explosion to chain. Now that his plan to thin the horde that might attack is settled now, Kyosei has another problem and that is to find a suitable melee weapon and rescue Miyuki on the undead assault hoping she is still alive. Even her being an annoying person, he values this person the most even the cold shoulder he gives. As he is now going to the sport shed, he saw the team captain of the football team wearing its football vest and helmet standing idly on the front of the sport shed. Kyosei already know that this guy is already dead since the surrounding dead students ignores him. Now this is not what he really like to happen in a real life apocalypse, the appearance of an armored undead.