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1 Outbreak of the Dead

 "The world is in chaos, and in the midst of chaos, fear rises that consumes even the strongest person"



The bloody hallway stretches out and a boy is holding a baseball bat covered with blood on his left hand and on his right hand clutches the house keys which he uses as a weapon. Like the baseball bat, the house keys are covered with blood. His footsteps are silent like a cat. The "crowd" didn't even notice him slowly approaching and just continue on standing doing nothing. His bonnet is keeping his shaggy hair from swaying. His headphones that resembles a pair of horns holds the dangling portable mp3 player that swings every time he walks. The grim look on his face remains and the blood from the wound on his forehead trickles down like water flowing down from the roof.

He stopped advancing and stopped nearby on the "person" who is the farthest from the "crowd". Before the " person" can react, the hard surface of the baseball bat landed on its rotten face. The strong swing he used to hit the "person" is very noticeable as the "person's" face is barely recognizable as it got crushed on his swing. The "person" sprawled on the floor lifelessly and blood flows from the broken face and forms a puddle. The noise triggered the "crowd" and turns in unison to the source of the sound like some sort of hungry beast. Their salivas flows out from their mouth and reveals the bloody and crooked teeth as they saw the boy. As the "crowd" rushes towards him, he closes his eyes and the memory from earlier flashed back which leads to his situation....


Earlier, Day 1: 8:00 A.M.

Kirishima High School - 2nd Floor Hallway

5 hours before the Outbreak


The busy and noisy hallway fall silent all of a sudden as a familiar boy wearing the black bonnet and a pair of horns which is his headphones that he keeps on wearing everywhere he go. His presence terrifies the students in the hallway.

"F*ck! The "little demon" is here already! Don't look at him or you won't be able to live until tomorrow!"

"I heard he singlehandedly beat up the whole gang and he didn't even have a single backup! What a terrifying existence...."

As the gossips of the students continues to loom over, the boy didn't mind them at all. He is used to that kind of gossips and just ignores them, hell, they are just annoying and wished they would leave him alone. He maximize the volume of the song to avoid hearing those gossips they throw to him. He stares at the students gathered in the hallway and as they see him, the students dispersed like fishes. The boy hopes that his stare can make them all disappear but those are mere fantasies of him. He arrive the classroom II- A and stops on the door. He slides the door open and all his classmates look on the door and immediately stops from doing anything and look away. He didn't mind it at all, instead he find it good for him to avoid annoying people flocking on him.

As he goes inside, the girl with a red armband which has a written word "President" on it is writing on the board who is the assigned person in charge of cleaning the room approached him nonchalantly with a smile on her face.

"Yo, Kyosei, good morning!" She waved on the him but the boy named Kyosei didn't even throw a look at her and ignore her as he goes straight to his chair near the window. The girl pouted but still followed him and continues her conversation to him.

"Its not good to ignore someone who is greeting you, you can't be rude!" the girl said to him pouting.

The boy with the bonnet and horned headphone creased his forehead and look at her sharply before he looks away and stares blankly outside the window. The girl didn't give up and waves her hands to the face of Kyosei vigorously. The boy squinted his eyes, lowers the volume of his mp3 and flicks her hand away.

"Stop being so friendly to me, you're so annoying," Kyosei said and glares at the girl.

"But we are frie-"

"No. Stop being so close to me. We are not friends, are we clear about that? So scram, President Miyuki Tamehara. You're ticking me off," Kyosei said without considering anything at her feelings.

The girl named Miyuki felt like she was stabbed in her heart and felt an invisible pain on her chest. She slowly backs off and looks on him longingly.

"You are not like this back then," Miyuki said.

"I have changed. So shut up and scram away," Kyosei wave his hand to get rid of her.

Miyuki continues walking and quietly sits on her chair. She was really hurt by his words and she felt crying hard. Kyosei, on the other hand, just stares off to space and his classmates started murmuring and gossiping again.

"That guy is so heartless, if he isn't so scary, I have beaten him to death by now," one of his classmate said.

"Hah, maybe in your dreams! Maybe before you can approach him, your face will be deformed already full of craters."

Hours passed by and the bell rings loudly throughout the school. Their homeroom teacher gets inside and takes the attendance. His mind wanders and before he know it, it's already time for Physical Education and they will use the field. His classmates excitedly exclaims their desire to go out and play sports. But for Kyosei, it is a big pain in the arse and totally troublesome for him. As his classmates proceeds to go out, he took his bag and goes to the opposite direction his classmates are going. Miyuki saw him separates from the class and helplessly watches him go.


Earlier, Day 1: 10:30 A.M.

Kirishima High School, 1st floor hallway; Shoe rack-entrance

2 hours and 30 minutes left before the outbreak


The hallway is silent except for the people with club activities, no one except for Kyosei is wandering around the entrance. He picks up his shoes and swaps his indoor shoes with his black rubber shoes. As he prepares to leave he saw three figures of guys blocking his exit. No other than the Vice President of the school, Kaze Tsukiyama with his lackeys. He hates this four-eyes the most and he want thrash his face when he gets his chance.

"Where are you going, "Little Devil"?" Kaze smirked.

Kyosei looks at him indifferently and clicks his tongue.

"None of your business, four-eyes," Kyosei said and walks to the available space that the three didn't block and tries to get out but the three moves and blocks him again.

"You are a common troublemaker in this school. If not for your great mind, you won't be here and the principal will throw you out of the school! Miyuki always hangs around with you and I really hate your guts! She is mine! Unfortunately, she favors you because your friggin' intelligent! I need to find a proof to kick you out of school, just like now! You are performing cutting classes!" Kaze grumbles.

Kyosei was not intimidated and stares at him with a mocking look on his face.

"Then, what are you doing right now? You are scolding a cutting classes student but you yourself is doing it. You are not in your class and you are talking to me right now. Does that mean you are also a troublemaker?" Kyosei said with a poker face.

Before Kaze can respond, Kyosei kicked his balls real hard that Kaze felt everything spinning around. He fell down and clutches his balls and he thought that his crotch crack.

"Vice Leader!"

The two lackeys of Kaze immediately helps him get up but he still struggles. Kyosei finds the opportunity and runs away by exiting the entrance door and sprints off very fast away from them.

"Sh*t! Don't...let him..... get away!" Kaze struggles to say what he wants to say as he squints due to the extreme pain he felt down his crotch.

But it's already too late as Kyosei is already far away from them and already climbed the wall and escape the school ground..


Earlier, Day 1: 12:00 P.M

Convenience Store on the side street of Osaka

1 hour left before the outbreak


Kyosei arrives on a convenience store where only a few people are buying things inside. He gets inside and the boy who is managing the store looks at him and nods. Kyosei nods as well and grab 10 melon bread and 2 cans of soda and goes to the counter to pay. The attendant of the store processes his transaction and Kyosei pays the amount without saying a word. The attendant didn't put the groceries inside a plastic bag as Kyosei picks his merchandise and goes outside the store. He leans on the wall of the store as he opens the can of soda. As the can was opened, the soda produces a fizzing sound which Kyosei is already familiar. He opened the packaging of melon bread and slowly nips the bread slowly as he drink the soda on a slow pace. The remaining customers leave one by one and leaves the store attendant alone inside the convenience store. Kyosei remained in his spot, listening to a song in his headphones while drinking the soda slowly and biting the melon bread.

The store attendant goes outside the convenience store, sets up a small table and put two Styrofoam lunchboxes. Kyosei looks on the guy who put the lunchboxes with a confused look.

"Hey, not eating properly leads to ulcer you know? Melon bread and soda is not enough food for lunch bro," the attendant smiled.

Kyosei snorted. He lowers the volume of his headphones. He turns the mp3 around and reveals its solar panel and it recharges slowly. He put down the can of soda and picks the lunchbox and glares at the attendant who is still smiling.

"Tch, you never change, Kato," Kyosei sighed.

Kato Shunta is a drop out kid in Kirishima High School as he don't have enough money to support his school fees. He is living alone and his living expenses are already a pain to him, what about if the school fees are added? His parents died a long time ago which Kyosei is in a similar situation since he was also an orphan. The only thing is Kyosei got the street smarts and can earn money by doing some underground fights where Kyosei always emerge victorious. He isn't like Kyosei so he needs to work in the usual way and the hard way like he is doing now.

"Dude, you ditched class again? Miyuki will scold you again!" Kato said. They are both classmates in elementary until first year high school so they are friends.

"Hmph, she has no business with my life," Kyosei begins to wolf down the food in the lunchbox and in a few minutes, nothing is left inside except the residue left. Kato also finished his lunch. Kyosei decides to leave the convenience store vicinity when all of a sudden he gets a phone message. As he looked towards the screen of the phone, he saw that it is from Miyuki. He frowned a bit as he open the mail.

"hELP Me KyOSEi! PLS!"

The message is a mess especially the capital letters. But he frowned further because it is Miyuki asking for help! Impossible! She is a strong willed girl! As Kyosei was about to call her, a car driving very fast is running out of control and crashed in the pole just opposite on Kyosei's location! Furthermore, the car crashed a woman and she stumbles down. Kyosei just looked at the person that is directly hit by the car as he has no intention to help at all. Why would he do it if it will involve him in another person's affair? Just as he was about to leave more explosions occurred in the nearby streets and may screams filled the air! Kyosei looked at his watch. It is 1:00 P.M already. What is really happening? He was startled when the person that got hit by the car stands up! Kyosei didn't expect that the victim of the car accident is still alive and able to stand up without support to others! Kyosei saw the woman was mangled beyond words and blood is already splattered on her clothes and body but she isn't in a state to be able to stand!

The bloody woman slowly walked towards Kyosei with hunger in her eyes. At first, he thought that the woman is trying her best to ask help from him since he is the nearest person but Kyosei do not trust a person that easily. He have seen this kind of sh*t in movies and he can't let it happen to him. The woman slowly looks up and reveals her mangled face, enough to say that she is already not a person who will keep on walking despite those injuries that already kills a person! Kyosei has a bad feeling and directly kicked the woman in her face. The woman was knocked down but she came back up again and approached him continuously. Kyosei pulls out his house keys and equipped it as a brass knuckles putting the sharp edges of the keys in between his fingers. The woman only groans as it staggers to approach Kyosei hungrily. This woman is no longer a person.


Kyosei is already familiar in fighting and this isn't the normal human he always encounter and he sense danger on this woman. When the "woman" slowly reach his vicinity, he focused his strength on his kick and hit her in the head again knocking her face down. Kyosei did not let her stand and steps on her and brutally punched the woman's head. Despite hitting her head, the skull feels oddly smooth and soon, Kyosei burst the "woman's" head like a watermelon. He gets straight covered in blood. What the hell is happening?! Soon, some people are being chased by similar people that has hungry looks in their faces looking at normal people and when the hungry ones grab the victim, she was getting eaten by a bunch of them. The blood is now splattered everywhere and what is weirder, the police sirens that always rings whenever crime exists, did not ever blare at all.