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973 Declaration of War

 Zhao Yingjun's reaction was as good as giving no reaction.

"A pampered and spoiled rich kid like you can never endure any hardships. It's good that you finally get to endure some hardships. Hardships help one grow. These are the life lessons spoiled rich kids lack," said Zhao Yingjun like he was some ancient old man.

With a loving look on his face, Fang Heng replied, "Do you dare repeat these words to Ling Hong?"

"Do you think I'm stupid? In any case, his father is still fine," Zhao Yingjun replied.

What Zhao Yingjun did not say was Ling Hong had a much worse temper compared to Fang Heng.

"Normal people will talk nonsense when drunk, but for you, you will only say some nice things when drunk," Fang Heng replied frankly.

They had only seen each other two times while drinking at the pub. They were both great drinkers and would usually buy more liquor after finishing Yuan Zhou's quota.

Some liquor lovers only needed to drink a couple of mouthfuls per day and would be satisfied.

And some people would drink for the sake of enjoying the atmosphere rather than the liquor. Evidently, Zhao Yingjun and Fang Heng were the latter type of drinkers.

"But to be honest, everyone should try being in a decision making position. That is how a person will grow," Zhao Yingjun said. He then added, "Moreover, I feel like I don't even need to be drunk to start saying nice things."

Zhao Yingjun was a perfect example of one who had no awareness over oneself. He was Wu Zhou's colleague, and not only was his character unlikeable, even the way he spoke was also unlikable. All of Yuan Zhou's customers knew this.

But Fang Heng had never expected that when he was not drunk, Zhao Yingjun would be this unlikable.

"Sure, sure. I don't need you to worry about my growth," Fang Heng replied. "Today, I'm here to say goodbyes to my fellow drinkers. I might not be able to drink here for a period of time."

"Remember to tell the others about this," Fang Heng reminded Zhao Yingjun who nodded in agreement.

Fang Heng did not stay long. After chatting with Zhao Yingjun for a bit, he rushed away.

Everyone had their responsibilities. Of course, being able to shoulder those responsibilities did not necessarily signify that a person had grown up, and likewise, not being able to shoulder those responsibilities did not necessarily signify that a person had not grown up. After all, responsibilities would come regardless of one's maturity level.

An example would be the current Fang Heng. He was no longer as mischievous as he was last time, but he was still far from true maturity.

As usual, the Queuing Committee was there maintaining order.

This time, someone broke the rules. A person who, in Meng Meng's words, looked like a bad person at a glance had arrived.

The newcomer had thin eyebrows, tiny eyes, bulging belly, and a goatee on his chin. He had the look of a crafty merchant. He was Chef Li from Shrimp And Crab Gathering. Looking at the neat line in front of the restaurant, he sneered.

"Things won't be so good for you anymore after your defeat," Chef Li thought inwardly.

Although something as stupid as the Anti-Yuan Alliance wasn't formed, the whole operation against Yuan Zhou was planned by Chef Li. Thus, one could say that Chef Li was the person in charge of this operation.

Chef Li was here today to issue a declaration of war. Why was he here alone? Because he was afraid that if there were too many of them, Yuan Zhou would be frightened off the challenge.

After all, anyone would feel intimidated after finding out they were up against an alliance of 28 restaurants. Thus, Chef Li came alone.

This strategy was called appearing weak when you're strong. Instead of looking at menus, a chef was looking at Sun Tzu's Art of War. What was this?

He was trying really hard to screw himself.

"The masses only know to follow the trend," Chef Li murmured and continued on forward.

He walked past the line to enter the restaurant directly. After all, he was here to issue a declaration of war. He would not wait in line for that.

More importantly, he wasn't here to eat.

He squeezed himself to the front and was about to reach the door. It was fine for him to squeeze past others. People with good temper would at most glare at him. But his mistake was squeezing past Wu Hai.

Wu Hai immediately lost his temper, "Why are you squeezing? Are you trying to get in a pot to have yourself cooked? You're behaving like a headless turtle. Don't you know how to line up?"

And seeing his idol angry, the loyal fan Zhou Xi stood out as well.

Zhou Xi berated loudly, "Uncle, have your parents never taught you moral values? Have your teachers never taught you what lining up is? And at your age, has society never taught you how the real world works?"

"In the real world, when there is a line, you have to stay in line as well. Don't cut the line as you wish," said Zhou Xi ruthlessly.

Chef Li was about to talk back to Wu Hai but before he could speak, he was scolded repeatedly by Zhou Xi. This infuriated him so much he was gasping for breath.

After all, Zhou Xi was a person who was nearly beaten to death when he was abroad due to his mouth. Naturally, he was great in terms of scolding people.

"How can you easily scold the parents of others like this?" Wu Hai was the one who felt that Zhou Xi was going overboard.

Wu Hai felt a sense of responsibility as Zhou Xi was his fan. Thus, he offered his guidance, "Even if you want to scold, you should just scold him. After all, his parents are the saddest ones to see him growing up into someone like this."

When Zhou Xi heard that, he realized his mistake. He immediately corrected himself, "It was my bad. Eaves Wu is indeed Eaves Wu, having such a comprehensive line of thought."

Chef Li had no intention of wasting his time here with the two. Thus, he took a deep breath and took a wide stride into the restaurant before saying, "I am the head chef of Shrimp And Crab Gathering..."

But Chef Li did not get to finish his sentence. Right after his first foot stepped into the restaurant, before his second foot could step into the restaurant, he was pulled back by Wu Hai.

"I am the first in line. Why are you rushing inside?" Wu Hai was furious.

Wu Hai would never joke around when it came to food.

"Do you know who I am? I am Head Chef Li from Chengdu Shrimp And Crab Gathering..."

"Who cares?" Wu Hai pulled Chef Li back into the line and said, "Let me tell you. Even if Wu Lin is here today, she still needs to line up. I will be the first to eat!"

Chef Li did not know who Wu Lin was, but he wasn't here to eat.


"What? Go, go, go, wait behind the line," Wu Hai pushed Chef Li to the middle of the line. And with other customers helping out, Chef Li was pushed repeatedly until he finally ended up at the back of the line.

And thus, Chef Li who was here to issue a declaration of war waited in line until it was his turn about 40 minutes later. He stepped into the restaurant and finally got to see Yuan Zhou.

As usual, Zhou Jia stepped forth and asked what he wanted to order.

"I'm not here to eat. I'm here to issue a war declaration," said Chef Li, still filled with anger.

"Sure. Sir, if you are here for some business other than eating, please come and look for Boss Yuan during non-opening hours," said Zhou Jia calmly.

There were all kinds of fish in the sea. After working for a while at Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Zhou Jia had seen many types of people. She still remembered the last customer to come to challenge Yuan Zhou. He was directly pulled to the side by Master Cheng.

Master Cheng was not here today. He was away with Zhou Shijie on some Chef Alliance business.

Chef Li was infuriated. He was treated like this even though he was here to issue a challenge, "How can this be? How can this be? All of you..."