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971 I Dont Like Chicken Wings

 "Brother Wei, I'm telling you, in truth, there isn't much meat on the chicken wings. It is all bones," Wang Hong said. "I have a skewer of streaky pork here. Brother Wei, since you have been taking care of me, I am willing to trade for your chicken wing with my streaky pork."

"You are too polite," said Mr. Wei as he lifted the BBQ chicken wing.

When Wang Hong saw that, he could no longer stop himself from smiling.

Wang Hong said, "You're welcome, you're welcome. I have always enjoyed helping others. In fact, I will help some granny cross the road on a weekly basis."

As Wei Wei was having a sore throat, she was not eating any of the BBQ food but she still waited there for her father obediently. When she saw the smile on Wang Hong's face, she mourned for him. What a naive young man.

At the instant when Wang Hong's streaky pork was about to switch places with Mr. Wei's chicken wing, Mr. Wei abruptly withdrew his hand.

"Alright, stop faking it. I know you love chicken wings," Mr. Wei went straight to the point.

"..." Wang Hong was petrified. How had Mr. Wei realized that?

Yuan Zhou was also rendered speechless by this scene. He had seen many natural schemers such as Meng Meng, but this was his first time seeing a natural fool.

How did Mr. Wei kick off his career? Sales. A good salesman would definitely have a keen sense of observation.

Under Mr. Wei's gaze, Wang Hong admitted defeat. He spoke frankly, "I really love chicken wings. Mr. Wei, can we trade? Streaky pork is very nice too."

"That is an unfair trade," Mr. Wei shook his head.

Wang Hong looked at the streaky pork and said, "How is this not fair? Boss Yuan's BBQ ingredients are all top-notch ingredients. Although I don't know what breed of pork this is, but it is definitely the best pork there is."

"That is not how things should be valued," Mr. Wei said. "You love chicken wings. That's your favorite food. But streaky pork is not my favorite. Therefore, if we conduct this trade, it will be a loss for me. Am I right?"

Wang Hong pondered and found the reasoning logical.

"Therefore, if you really want to trade, you have to show some sincerity and give me a satisfactory offer," said Mr. Wei.

"How about a skewer of ham on top of the streaky pork?" Wang Hong clenched his teeth and offered.

Mr. Wei replied with a question, "When doing business, it is important that the trade is one that both parties are willing to conduct. If I offered ham and beef for your chicken wing, will you agree to such a trade?"

"No... no, I won't," Wang Hong said after giving it a long thought.

"See, therefore, it is important to put oneself in someone else's shoes. When you made your offer, did you put yourself in my shoes?" Mr. Wei asked.

Wang Hong shook his head by reflex.

Mr. Wei continued unhurriedly, "But don't be ashamed. In reality, people that will actually put themselves in someone else's shoes are very few. Now, it is time to change the shame in your heart into compensation for me. Tell me again, what do you offer for my chicken wing?"

Wang Hong was already in complete confusion.

"I'm not trying to rush you, but you have to be quick about it. This is for the sake of you having a nice chicken wing, also for the sake of the quality of what I will get during the trade. If we keep talking, the chicken wing will get cold and won't be as delicious anymore," said Mr. Wei seriously.

"Father," Wei Wei whispered and said in a voice only they could hear, "Don't bully him too much."

Mr. Wei turned and looked at her daughter. He nodded in agreement with a smile on his face. When Wang Hong heard Mr. Wei rushing him, he immediately spoke, "Streaky pork, ham, and beef, and also a skewer of potato for your chicken wing."

"I can feel your sincerity," said Mr. Wei with a nod.

Joyfully, Wang Hong gazed at the chicken wing, waiting for the trade to be completed.

"But to thank you for your sincerity, I will only take the streaky pork, beef, and ham. You can keep the potato for yourself," said Mr. Wei as he handed the chicken wing over.

Mr. Wei showed mercy because of her daughter. Otherwise, Wang Hong wouldn't even have the potato left.

"Thank you, Mr. Wei," Wang Hong's wish was fulfilled. He finally got his chicken wing.

Yuan Zhou was trying his best to hold his laughter in. Wang Hong was actually thanking Mr. Wei after such a trade.

In truth, Wang Hong wasn't stupid. Rather, he was simply stubborn. It would be hard for a person like this to change his mind the moment he had his eyes set on something.

In the heat of the moment, he would only think of how to show sincerity. When he had the time to calm down, he would realize that he got tricked.

Of course, he would not calm down that fast. After all, Yuan Zhou's chicken wing was truly too delicious.

The skin of the chicken wing was glossy and fair, and all the feathers had been cleanly removed. The meat was fresh and springy.

After it was done roasting, the skin would be crispy and slightly burnt. No complicated condiments were required. Just a tiny sprinkle of salt to improve the taste was sufficient.

Before roasting, Yuan Zhou had already marinated the chicken wings. Thus, there was no weird smell left on it.

When Wang Hong bit on it, first, his teeth tore through the crispy skin before sinking into the tender and juicy meat.

The bones were chewed down by Wang Hong as well as they were similarly crispy. The addition of the salt also helped improve the flavor of the chicken.

Unfortunately, the wing was finished in a couple of bites. The remaining bones had been cleanly licked by Wang Hong.

"Delicious, too delicious. Boss Yuan, can you sell the chicken wing independently?" Wang Hong knew it was impossible, but he still tried asking.

Yuan Zhou was just done with another batch of BBQ. He proceeded to pass them to the other customers, not feeling like talking to this fellow.

When Mr. Wei was done eating, he stood up and gazed at Yuan Zhou. He obviously had something to say.

"Boss Yuan, I have something to discuss with you," Mr. Wei said.

He was good with his timing as Yuan Zhou had just finished with the BBQ. Before the present customers were done eating, Yuan Zhou had some free time.

"I don't like chicken wings," Yuan Zhou first reminded Mr. Wei before gesturing him to start speaking.

"Oh..." Mr. Wei paused slightly before he spoke, "My rival is getting promoted tomorrow. I wonder if a promotion fits the requirement to book an All-Fish Banquet here."

"Promotion? Definitely," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Then I'll trouble you tomorrow evening," Mr. Wei said.

Yuan Zhou nodded. Inwardly, he was feeling curious. Why was Mr. Wei doing this for his rival?

Mr. Wei did not continue bothering Yuan Zhou. He left the restaurant with Wei Wei.

Mr. Wei did not drive here. Thus, he called for a taxi. There were many taxis in the vicinity of Taoxi Road. Thus, it did not take him long to get one.

In the car, Wei Wei asked, "Father, is the rival Uncle Lin Jiao?"

Mr. Wei nodded. Wei Wei's curiosity was piqued as well. Lin Jiao and her father had a bad relationship. Why was her father arranging an All-Fish Banquet for his rival's promotion?

That was too confusing. Wei Wei thought for a long time but could not understand.

In any case, she would know tomorrow. Hence, Wei Wei stopped thinking about it for now.