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970 Rising Star of the Naming Industry

 "I have a pen here," said Wang Hong. He would always have a pen and notebook on him.

He tore a page off the notebook and passed it together with the pen to Wu Zhou. Next, Wu Zhou started noting down all the suggested names.

Mr. Wei even asked Wu Zhou which generation of the Wu Clan his child would be. After all, when naming, one had to follow the hierarchical system of the clan.

However, this was a difficult question for Wu Zhou as he did not even know his own generation within the clan, let alone his child.

"Wu Zhou, remember to tell me so I can visit after the baby is born. I will paint a painting as a gift for the baby."

While everyone was busy talking, a familiar voice rang out from outside.

That's right. Wu Hai who had fled speedily earlier had returned for an unknown reason.

And after leaving behind those words, he rushed away again.

If Zhou Xi saw this scene, he would probably get married immediately and start making babies. After all, he would be able to get a custom painting from Wu Hai with a baby.

Back to the topic, Wu Zhou was writing on the paper at a tremendous speed. As for Wang Hong, he took out another pen and started writing as well.

"I think I can use this name to write a story," Wang Hong suddenly said.

"Everyone has a limited amount of energy, and only by focusing on a single story at a time will one be able to write a good story," said a customer. "These were the words of a customer who is also a novelist. He is a genuine novelist, by the way."

In fact, two novelists had visited Yuan Zhou's restaurant before, Wang Hong excluded.

And from this baby-naming incident, something interesting was exposed. It turned out that the pretty girl, Wei Wei, was actually extremely bad at naming.

She named the boy Wu Kuai and the girl Wu Yuan. She was basically going to be blacklisted from ever naming anyone. [1. Basically, Wu Kuai = five bucks and Wu Yuan = Five RMB]

Today, the restaurant was much livelier than usual. Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu came today because like the couple that took their wedding picture here, they wanted to share this good news with everyone in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

They had never expected the customers to be so excited about their baby.

Both the people they knew or strangers, and both people that were close or not too close, everyone was seriously giving them name suggestions.

That was a rather magical feeling. It was like gifting some candies away only to receive an entire car of candies in return instead.

Toward the end, the paper was completely filled with names.

"Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions. We will go over them and carefully think about it," Wu Zhou thanked the others repeatedly.

Wu Zhou scanned the room, paused slightly before speaking again, "However, since we already finished our meal, we won't be taking up Boss Yuan's seats."

That was understandable. The dinner crowd waiting outside was quite huge.

When mentioning Yuan Zhou, Zhuang Xinmu's eyes lit up. She turned and directly asked, "Boss Yuan, do you have any good names to suggest?"

At that question, the customers were all hit with a realization that Yuan Zhou had been staying silent.

Yuan Zhou leisurely placed a plate of Yuxiang Shredded Pork on the table before answering, "I am not experienced in naming."

"It doesn't matter. We are simply gathering more opinions for us to work with," said Wu Zhou.

Yuan Zhou nodded, "Then I'll think of something random. If the baby is a boy, and you hope that he would be very successful in the future, you can name him Wu Jietao, Wu Bobin, or Wu Shengyun."

"If you hope the baby has an upstanding character in the future, you can choose Wu Guanlin, Wu Yao, Wu Junhao, Wu Yu, or Wu Jianbai."

"If you hope the baby will have a safe and happy life, Wu Xing, Wu Yongyi, Wu Leyu are all decent options."

No faults could be picked. Yuan Zhou blurted out over 20 names in a single breath. Next, the restaurant sank into silence.

All the customers stared at Yuan Zhou with their eyes wide in shock. As for Wu Zhou, his eyes were even wider. In his mind, he started wondering if Yuan Zhou's ex profession was a fortune teller specializing in naming children.

"Brother Zhou, did you get them all?" Zhuang Xinmu broke the silence.

Wu Zhou was startled awake from his daze and promptly spoke, "Boss Yuan, you spoke too fast. Can you please repeat?"

Yuan Zhou repeated, still at a rapid speed. Wu Zhou was only able to note them all down with great difficulty.

As an elite namer, Yuan Zhou was rather talented in terms of naming. Just look at Broth's name. It was such a nice name.

The character Mian could also be understood as face, symbolizing the head. Whereas the character Tang could be understood as soup, similar to a pool, symbolizing a moat. And in combination, the two had a meaning that Broth was the head protector of Master Chef Restaurant. [1. Mian Tang = Broth, while the character mian can be both face and noodles]

The more Yuan Zhou thought about it, the more satisfied he was at the name. He was confident Broth as also as satisfied with the name as well.

After writing down the names, the couple who enjoyed displaying their affection publicly took their leave. Next, Wu Zhou focused all his attention on Zhuang Xinmu as he carefully escorted her away.

Many people did not notice that the dishes on Yuan Zhou's menu had increased. After all, he now had the full collection of Sichuan Cuisine including the snacks. Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou kept his mouth shut and did not say anything.

"System, Sichuan Cuisine alone has already filled the entirety of the menu. It's about time we update the menu," said Yuan Zhou.

The system remained silent. Yuan Zhou continued, "I know it is very hard for you to think flexibly. Therefore, I already have a solution for this."

"Many restaurants have electronic menus, right? System, you only need to provide me several tablets. We can then save the menu in the tablets."

Then, Yuan Zhou waited. But even after half an hour when dinner time ended, the system still remained silent.

Since there was a light rain today, the pub was not opened tonight. It was time for BBQ.

Obtaining a complete Sichuan Cuisine had also affected Yuan Zhou's BBQ.

For example, the BBQ menu had expanded with dishes such as chicken wings, duck neck, taro, and so on.

Grandpa Jia could not afford Yuan Zhou's BBQ. Even with Ling Hong offering to treat him, he still insisted to leave.

In any case, the BBQ would end too late and would affect his rickshaw business the next day. Moreover, Grandpa Jia did not enjoy having Ling Hong treating him.

Fortunately, Grandpa Jia was now a person with an extra source of income. Perhaps the modern city dwellers were too lonely, or perhaps they had unique interests nowadays, but Grandpa Jia's rickshaw live streaming was doing quite well.

Each month, he would make an additional income of about 3,000 RMB from his stream. Thus, he started treating Ling Hong to meals instead, recently.

"There are BBQ chicken wings now? That's my favorite food. Boss Yuan, BBQ chicken wing for me, please," said Wang Hong.

As usual, for BBQ, the ingredients each customer got would be random. Wang Hong was staring at Yuan Zhou's hands longingly.

Chen Wei left after dinner as he was in a rush. As for Sister Wan, she would not eat after nine as she needed to take care of her figure.

As for the other customers, they came and left quickly.

Tonight, Wu Hai did not come down. He had probably fallen asleep. Even his windows were shut. Otherwise, he would definitely be here for something like a BBQ.

Wang Hong longed for chicken wings, yet reality would always disappoint. He was served with a set containing pork, beef, ham, and some vegetables.

In fact, no matter how one looked at it, this was quite a decent menu. Many of them weren't even served meat.

Alas, the chicken wing Wang Hong longed for was not there. On the other hand, Mr. Wei's set had the chicken wing included, but he only got a single wing with the rest of his set being vegetables.

Wang Hong's eyeballs shifted around as he started scheming...